TEAMGROUP T-Force Siren GA360 ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler Review

May 1, 2024

TEAMGROUP, renowned for its storage solutions, such as SSDs, memory modules, and flash drives, has quietly expanded its repertoire in recent years with the introduction of gaming-centric products under the T-FORCE brand. Notably, T-FORCE has ventured into cooling solutions and gaming PC cases, marking a significant shift from its traditional offerings. Among its latest innovations is the T-FORCE Siren GA360 ARGB All-in-one liquid cooler, developed through a collaboration between Team Group and ASETEK Designworks, marking a pivotal moment in the brand’s evolution.

In partnership with ASETEK Designworks, TeamGroup has crafted the T-FORCE Siren GA360 AIO Liquid Cooler, designed to cater to the demands of enthusiasts and gamers alike. Boasting features tailored for extreme performance, including CPU overclocking capabilities and rock-solid stability, this cooler incorporates cutting-edge technology for optimal cooling efficiency. With a sleek infinity mirror design adorned with multi-layer RGB lighting, the Siren GA360 offers not only superior performance but also a visually stunning addition to any gaming setup.

Equipped with the latest ASETEK V2 pump, high-efficiency motors, and smart control PWM technology, the Siren GA360 Liquid Coolers ensures precise real-time adjustments to maintain optimal cooling performance while minimizing power consumption. Compatible with a wide range of Intel and AMD motherboard platforms, including the latest LGA 1700 and AMR sockets, this cooler promises to elevate the gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide. As we delve into its performance, particularly with the Intel Core i7 12700K, let us embark on a comprehensive review of the T-FORCE Siren GA360 and uncover its prowess in enhancing gaming rigs.

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The packaging for the T-FORCE Siren GA360 AIO liquid cooler features a sleek black backdrop infused with T-FORCE’s signature style, showcasing a vivid image of the product. Prominently displayed, it’s evident that the T-FORCE Siren GA360 AIO boasts RGB lighting both on the water block and fan. Positioned in the lower left corner is the LGA 1700 slot mark, indicating compatibility with Intel’s 12th/13th generation processors. Meanwhile, the lower right corner highlights support for motherboard lighting effects, emphasizing TEMGROUP T-FORCE Siren GA360’s ability to synchronize lighting effects with motherboards from leading brands such as BIOSTAR, ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI.

The specification of the TEAMGROUP T-FORCE Siren GA360 AIO liquid cooler is conveniently listed on the side of the box, providing a clear understanding of the product’s features before making a purchase. On the other side of the box, reveals a straightforward depiction: a blueprint detailing the cooler’s design and its anticipated dimensions. The radiator is slated to measure 276mm by 120mm, while the accompanying fans are set at 120mm each.

The back side of the T-FORCE Siren GA360 box vividly showcases the primary product attributes, accompanied by technical specifications highlighting the components of the AIO. As of the review, the T-FORCE Siren GA360 ARGB is available in black only at the review time.

The T-Force Siren GA360 ARGB package includes all essential components for easy installation of the CPU cooler. Inside, you’ll find three fans, an Asetek mounting kit compatible with both Intel and AMD processors, fixing screws tailored for short and long fans and the radiator, as well as cables for fan and lighting connections. Additionally, there’s an optional MOLEX cable for lighting integration and comprehensive documentation to guide you through the setup process. This package ensures a hassle-free installation experience, complete with everything you need, including thermal paste, eliminating the need for additional purchases.


The TEAMGROUP T-Force Siren GA360 ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler epitomizes cutting-edge design and engineering in PC cooling solutions. With its sleek and modern aesthetics, it seamlessly integrates into any gaming rig, elevating both performance and style. Now is the moment to delve into each component with meticulous attention, examining its intricacies and functions with precision.


The T-FORCE SIREN GA360 ARGB distinguishes itself by its sleek all-black design, a departure from previous T-Force SIREN liquid coolers. From the CPU Head to the water pipes, radiator, fans, and wires, every component sports a uniform black color, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Compatible with both Intel (LGA 2066/2011-v3/2011/1700/1200/1151/1150/1155) and AMD (sTRX4/sTR4/AM5/AM4) platforms, it boasts a standard tube and radiator configuration, measuring 394x120x27 mm. This thin 27 mm radiator is a common specification in integrated water cooling setups, ensuring efficient heat dissipation.

The radiator is made of aluminum as it is a lightweight material with high thermal conductivity, featuring reinforcing edges where the double-sided installation holes are situated. The radiator features aluminum intakes welded directly onto its surface at a 90º angle. The side of the Radiator boasts electroplated T-FORCE words, adding a sleek and sophisticated touch to its design.

The length of the SIREN GA360 ARGB water pipe measures 400mm and is strengthened with nylon braiding to minimize the risk of bending and damage to the pipeline. SIREN GA360 ARGB adopts reinforced double-layer pipelines and uses fine nylon casing to strengthen the rubber tube to act as a protective layer to improve the overall wind resistance and greatly reduce the risk of damage.

Rubber studs connect the hoses to the radiator, ensuring a secure attachment. The radiator’s fins are designed with folded fins between the water channels, facilitating even heat distribution through the middle fins.

CPU Water Block and PUMP

The T-Force Siren GA360 ARGB boasts a sleek square CPU block design, measuring 74mm on each side and a mere 38mm in height. This compact form factor ensures compatibility with a wide range of motherboards, including compact ITX models. Utilizing a trusted Asetek mounting system, the cooler features a meticulously crafted circular copper cold plate, complete with pre-applied thermal paste for easy installation. With dimensions of 64 x 64 x 38 mm and construction featuring copper block plates and aluminum casing, it promises efficient and effective cooling performance for your system.

The Water Block’s upper part primarily comprises plastic, featuring a transparent ABS outer cover. This cover allows for complete illumination, encompassing both the sides and the top, courtesy of the internal RGB system. As a result, it will present a highly eye-catching appearance when integrated into the chassis. However, it’s important to note that the head bearing the T-Force logo remains fixed in position and cannot be rotated. To ensure proper installation, it’s imperative that the system be mounted with the tubes oriented downward.

The Water Block features a Micro-USB port primarily designed to facilitate the output for the lighting system, enabling seamless connectivity with the fans or direct connection to the board. However, it’s essential to note that this port does not support software control functionalities; its sole purpose lies in facilitating the linkage between the lighting system and the fans. Conversely, the opposite side of the device is equipped with hose intakes featuring elbows that offer unrestricted rotation capabilities, allowing for easy adaptation to various system positions.

The T-Force SIREN GA360 ARGB CPU Water Block stands as a pinnacle of advanced cooling technology, boasting remarkable specifications that ensure peak performance and efficiency. With a formidable rotation speed of up to 2800 RPM, it swiftly dissipates heat with precision, delivering optimal cooling for high-performance computing needs. Its impressive water flow of 850 ml/min ensures rapid heat transfer, effectively maintaining low temperatures even under heavy workloads.

Despite its powerful performance, the pump operates with a maximum noise level of just 20 dBA, ensuring a whisper-quiet computing environment. Consuming a mere 4W at maximum load, it exemplifies energy efficiency without compromising on performance. Moreover, the integration of adaptive AI control enhances its responsiveness to temperature variations, intelligently adjusting its RPM to optimize cooling efficiency. Once operational, the pump settles into a remarkably silent operation, providing an ideal cooling solution for discerning users seeking both performance and tranquility in their computing experience.


The T-Force SIREN GA360 ARGB Liquid Cooler offers an enticing blend of aesthetics and performance, featuring 120 mm ARGB fans with both 5VDG and PWM connectors for power and control. However, the reliance on classic wired connections could be seen as a drawback, especially in a market increasingly inclined towards wireless solutions and advanced routing systems. Nevertheless, the cooler boasts efficient airflow enhancement with wide propellers and an external stabilization ring, housed within a sturdy chassis crafted from rigid plastic with anti-vibration rubber covers.

Manufacturer specifications reveal a robust motor compatible with PWM control, delivering a variable rotation speed ranging from 600 to 2200 RPM. Despite its formidable performance, the cooler operates relatively quietly, emitting a maximum noise level of 39.5 dBA. With an impressive maximum airflow of 70.07 CFM and static pressure reaching 3.88 mmH2O, these units excel in dissipating heat efficiently while offering BIOS-based manageability, ensuring optimal performance without excessive noise during normal operation.

Mounting Bracket

The T-Force Siren GA360 ARGB boasts the widely favored Asetek mounting system, renowned for its versatility and compatibility with various motherboard models. While maintaining this popular system, slight adjustments to the lifting screws have been made to enhance performance. Ensuring seamless integration with contemporary Intel and AMD platforms, the cooler includes a dedicated backplate for Intel boards, whereas for AMD platforms, users need to remove the serial adapters and utilize a set of modified lifting screws. These modifications involve the addition of an intermediate plastic adapter, meticulously designed to optimize height adjustment specifically for AM4 and AM5 sockets. Installation requires careful attention to the slots on a narrow part of the cylinder, ensuring proper orientation based on the socket type.

The T-Force Siren GA360 ARGB’s utilization of the Asetek mounting system underscores its commitment to compatibility and ease of installation. By incorporating minor alterations to the lifting screws, the cooler ensures a snug fit for current Intel and AMD platforms. Notably, the inclusion of a dedicated backplate for Intel boards streamlines the installation process, while accommodating AMD sockets necessitates the removal of serial adapters and the use of specially designed lifting screws with an added plastic adapter for precise height adjustment. This meticulous attention to detail ensures a hassle-free installation experience, allowing users to seamlessly integrate the cooler into their systems with confidence.

ARGB Effects

TEAMGROUP has truly mastered the art of ARGB lighting, evident in its remarkable execution. The captivating ARGB lighting effect showcased in both the water block and fan is nothing short of mesmerizing. Each individual LED on the fans contributes to the overall allure, while the CPU and SSD blocks boast a pristine and uniform illumination. TEAMGROUP’s attention to detail and craftsmanship in its ARGB lighting design sets a new standard for visual appeal and sophistication.

Testing and Performance

After the Appearance and Visual effect of RGB, let’s look at the performance. The most important thing about AIO Liquid cooling is to be able to suppress the temperature of the CPU. We use an Intel 12th generation Core i7-12700K Processor and a Z790 motherboard to verify the strength of T-Force Siren GA360 ARGB and All testing is done at a room temperature of 23°C.

As mentioned before, T-Force Siren GA360 ARGB is very powerful in terms of installation support. It can support both the latest Intel LGA 1700 pin and AMD AM5 pin.

Build Specification

Benchmark Testing

The performance evaluation of the TEAMGROUP T-Force Siren GA360 ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler began with stress testing on an Intel Core i7-12700K processor, running at default frequencies with a core voltage of around 1.2V and a power consumption slightly exceeding 200W. Adjusting the CPU fan speed to 2000 RPM, an audible wind noise was perceptible but tolerable. Following a rigorous Stress FPU benchmark via AIDA64 for 10 minutes, the recorded core temperature of the CPU was a mere 71°C, a commendably low figure. Additionally, the CPU package temperature mirrored this reading, indicating effective heat dissipation by the liquid cooler.

Transitioning to real-world scenarios, the cooler’s performance was further assessed through gaming sessions featuring demanding titles such as “God of War 2018” and “Cyberpunk 2077.” Across multiple gaming sessions, the CPU temperature consistently remained below 50°C, demonstrating efficient cooling under load. Given the user’s preference for aesthetics and light gaming rather than intensive AAA titles, the observed temperature management suggests that the cooler’s capabilities align well with their requirements. This practical evaluation underscores the cooler’s ability to maintain optimal operating temperatures even during extended gaming sessions, enhancing both performance and longevity.

For those considering the TEAMGROUP T-Force Siren GA360 ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler, the graphical representation of temperature suppression provided offers a clear visual indication of its effectiveness. With core temperatures remaining well within acceptable ranges during both stress testing and real-world usage scenarios, the cooler proves itself as a reliable solution for users seeking efficient cooling performance without compromising on aesthetics. Whether engaged in intensive workloads or casual gaming, this liquid cooler emerges as a dependable choice, offering an appealing balance of form and function.


9.2Expert Score

In conclusion, the TEAMGROUP T-Force Siren GA360 ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler stands as a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge design and robust engineering within PC cooling solutions. From its sleek and modern aesthetics to its meticulously crafted components, this cooler offers seamless integration into any gaming rig, elevating both performance and style to new heights. Delving into the intricate details of its radiator, CPU water block and pump, fans, mounting bracket, ARGB effects, and testing and performance, it’s evident that this cooler excels in every aspect, promising efficient heat dissipation, whisper-quiet operation, and remarkable temperature management under various workloads.

With its all-black radiator design, reinforced water pipes, and sophisticated CPU water block and pump assembly, the Siren GA360 ARGB showcases meticulous attention to detail and functionality. The inclusion of ARGB lighting effects further enhances its visual appeal, setting a new standard for sophistication in PC cooling solutions. Moreover, the comprehensive testing and performance evaluation underscores its reliability and efficiency, ensuring optimal operating temperatures even under demanding conditions. Whether engaged in intensive workloads or casual gaming, this liquid cooler emerges as a dependable choice, offering a perfect balance of form, function, and performance for discerning users.

In summary, the TEAMGROUP T-Force Siren GA360 ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler not only meets but exceeds expectations, delivering unparalleled cooling performance while adding a touch of elegance to any gaming setup. Its innovative design, advanced features, and impressive performance make it a compelling choice for enthusiasts and gamers alike, reaffirming its position as a leader in the realm of PC cooling solutions.

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