Asgard BRAGI RGB DDR5-6800MHz 32GB Memory Kit Review

April 11, 2024

In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, the importance of hardware selection cannot be overstated, especially for tasks like gaming and graphics design. Every component, from processors to graphics cards to memory kits, plays a crucial role in determining overall system performance. Among these components, memory stands out as a critical factor influencing both gaming experience and work efficiency. As technology evolves, the transition to DDR5 memory has become increasingly attractive due to its tangible improvements in memory frequency and read/write performance over DDR4 counterparts.

Recently, I had the opportunity to delve into the BRAGI Series memory by Asgard, an offering that epitomizes the advancements seen in DDR5 technology. Boasting a default frequency of 6800MHz (with XMP activation required on the motherboard), this memory module utilizes Hynix A-die, endowing it with exceptional overclocking capabilities. Compatible with both AMD (EXPO) and Intel (XMP) platforms, the BRAGI Series memory ensures versatility and reliability, backed by a lifetime warranty service.

Beyond its impressive technical specifications, the BRAGI Series memory from Asgard presents an aesthetically pleasing design with its mirror finish. Furthermore, enthusiasts will appreciate its potential for manual overclocking, with stable performance achievable at speeds reaching 7800MHz for those with the requisite skills. With such promising features, it’s time to embark on a comprehensive testing journey to evaluate the real-world performance of this cutting-edge memory module.

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About Asgard Brand

ASGARD emerges as a newcomer in the RAM market and the broader technology solutions industry. Over the past few years, the company has diligently focused on delivering standout hardware products, ranging from RAM modules to storage disks, along with other essential components sought after by gamers. This strategic approach positions ASGARD as one of the standout companies, offering products that excel in performance while maintaining an attractive price point in the market. With a commitment to quality and affordability, ASGARD is poised to make its mark in the tech landscape.


The intricate design of the Asgard BRAGI DDR5 memory packaging captivates attention with its stunning visual elements. Embracing the essence of Norse mythology, the outer packaging features a depiction of BRAGI, the god of music and poetry, son of Odin, at its center. Complementing this mythological imagery, a strip of RGB lighting inspired by piano keys adorns the packaging, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Printed with the brand names “BRAGI” and “Asgard” on either side, the packaging exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Furthermore, the packaging offers a blend of functionality and style. While the left side showcases the product’s features in English alongside a symbolic row of piano keys, the right side provides essential information such as the brand name and memory specifications.

The back of the packaging introduces the product’s functionalities in various languages, catering to global sales regions. With its attention to detail and global appeal, the Asgard BRAGI DDR5 memory packaging stands as a testament to superior craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

The inner packaging still adopts an all-black design, with the Asgard red bronzing logo designed in the middle. Open the inner packaging of the memory and you will find an upper and lower two-layer design. At the top, You will find a handmade design drawing included with the memory design process, with great attention to detail.

Although there is no text description, it can be seen from the drawing that this is a design manuscript of BRAGI’s memory. The appearance design of BRAGI Memory is derived from the black and white keys of the piano. After later polishing, it finally became the style of BRAGI Memory.

It’s rare to see today’s memory come with such generous gifts and It has the look of a high-end product. A pair of anti-static gloves, a cleaning cloth, and a bottle opener. The size of the anti-static gloves is on the small side. For a tall and tall boy like me, these anti-static gloves are a bit tight to put on. The cleaning cloth is for users to wipe fingerprints on the surface of the memory heat sink, because the memory heat sink has a mirror appearance, and the mirror appearance is really easy to attract fingerprints.

It is worth mentioning that this memory does not include the serial number. The number and memory parameter labels are affixed to the memory. After all, if they are affixed, they will affect the overall beauty of the mirror. This is very thoughtful.


The BRAGI DDR5 maintains the timeless aesthetic of its DDR4 predecessor with its signature mirror craft design, featuring the Asgard logo elegantly positioned in the lower right corner. This design exudes a sense of simplicity and refinement. Thanks to the mirror-like properties of the vest, the memory module, when installed inside the chassis, not only adds a touch of sophistication but also has the capability to reflect and enhance the RGB lighting of other hardware components within the system, creating a mesmerizing interplay of light and color.

The high-looking mirror vest stands out as the most captivating piece. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this memory cooling vest boasts a construction utilizing 1.8mm thick anode aluminum alloy, skillfully processed through high-precision CNC technology. Enhanced with a double-sided full-mirror electroplating surface treatment, it radiates a striking mirror-like glossy texture. The fusion of the full mirror metal shell with the golden fins creates a harmonious and visually stunning ensemble, elevating both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The BRAGI memory boasts a distinctive visual appeal reminiscent of the harmonica toys from our childhood. Its side profile bears a striking resemblance to those fond memories of musical play. This memory’s engineering prowess lies in its PCB design, featuring up to 10 layers. This intricate architecture not only expands its design possibilities but also fortifies its resistance against interference. Despite its high-performance capabilities, the BRAGI memory operates with remarkable energy efficiency, prolonging its service life and ensuring users a consistently stable and dependable experience.

At the forefront of innovation, the BRAGI memory introduces a cutting-edge approach with its utilization of a jelly-textured RGB light guide layer. This layer, imbued with vibrant hues, adds a dynamic visual dimension to the memory module. Its trapezoidal design, accentuated by a sleek black mirror, not only enhances its form but also imbues it with a sense of depth and sophistication. Moreover, the memory’s compatibility with leading motherboard lighting synchronization technologies like ASUS Aura Sync and MSI Mystic Light ensures seamless integration into diverse gaming setups. With its division into 8 independently controllable areas, the light guide layer offers unparalleled customization options, catering to the demands of enthusiasts seeking advanced lighting configurations.

Looking from this perspective, it becomes evident that the vest securing the memory is firmly affixed by screws on both sides, providing users with the convenience of disassembling it without causing any damage. This design consideration also opens avenues for users to make heat dissipation modifications, such as implementing water-cooling solutions or utilizing all-copper plates. Such flexibility demonstrates a thoughtful approach tailored to cater to the needs of players. Additionally, the memory’s overall height is measured at approximately 46mm, which places it in the realm of decently sized RGB memories.

My hands were so itchy that I even took off my memory vest. It can be seen intuitively that this memory adopts a single-sided particle design, with 8 Hynix original A-Die particles neatly arranged above the gold finger. The particle model is H5CG48AGBD. What needs special mention is that the memory also uses highly conductive and anti-oxidation gold fingers with a gold plating thickness of 30 microns. Together with the PMIC power management chip between the two rows of particles, it can enhance the stability of memory overclocking. At the same time, the On-Die ECC automatic error correction function built into the particle can also effectively reduce the impact of digital errors on memory.

RGB Lighting Effects

Asgard’s BRAGI DDR5 6800MHz light effect is also great, supporting various light effects and synchronization. It has also passed the RGB protocol standards of the four major board manufacturers, so there is no problem with the light effect. At the same time, the cool dynamic RGB lighting effects are perfectly integrated with the fashionable and high-end full mirror metal vest, presenting a breathtaking visual feast. Under the illumination of this memory, the light is as beautiful as an overflowing light, highlighting the extraordinary taste of this memory series.

Performance Test & Experience

This test platform adopts the mainstream Intel platform, the CPU is Intel® Core™ i7-13700K, the processor is in the default state, without any overclocking settings, and the motherboard is MSI MPG Z690 FORCE WIFI DDR5, which has a total of four memory slots. Asgard BRAGI DDR5 memory is inserted into the second and fourth slots respectively. After being inserted into the Asgard BRAGI DDR5 memory, there are two, Piano keys, lifelike. The full-mirror metal vest displays all the components on the motherboard as if the capacitors are looking in the mirror and whispering.

Test Setup Specification
CPUIntel® Core™ i7-13700K
GPUASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3080 OC Edition (10GB)
SSD StorageFor Win10 Silicon Power US70 1TB NVMe SSD
RAM For TestingAsgard’s BRAGI DDR5 RGB 32GB (16GB*2) DDR5-6800

Let’s first take a look at Asgard’s BRAGI DDR5 memory particle supplier. The official stated that the particles it uses are specially selected A-die particles from Hynix.

Through actual measurement by software such as Thaiphoon Burner Software, CPU-Z, AIDA64, etc., the particle version is confirmed to be Hynix particles. Open the Thaiphoon Burner software and verify the memory information. It uses Hynix A-Dies with the part number H5CG48?EBDX014. You can also see that the memory not only supports XMP 3.0 but also supports EXPO one-click overclocking.

The default frequency when XMP is not enabled on the memory is DDR5 4800MHz (CL 40-40-40-77). The frequency of the memory when XMP is turned on is DDR5 6800MHz (CL 34-45-45-108).

It can be seen from CPU-z that the memory uses Hynix original particles. The memory has an initial frequency of 4800MHz, an operating voltage of 1.1V, supports XMP and EXPO, and can achieve a frequency of 6800MHz at a voltage of 1.4V. After consulting the data, it was found that the memory uses Hynix A-DIE particles. Most high-frequency strips on the market currently use this particle. At the same time, this memory uses Hynix A-DIE particles. The particles also have very good overclocking potential. I will also release overclocking parameters and tests for your reference later.

In terms of performance, using AID64 to test Asgard BRAGI DDR5 memory read and write, at its default frequency of 4800MHz with timings set to 40-40-40-77, impressive results were observed. The read speed reached 72,364MB/s, while the write speed recorded a substantial 66,132MB/s. Moreover, the copy speed achieved a notable 66,366MB/s, showcasing its efficiency in data transfer. Notably, the latency was measured at a commendable 89.8ns, reflecting the responsiveness of the memory module.

When XMP mode is turned on, there are two options: 6400MHz and 6800MHz.

First, let’s test 6400MHz in XMP mode. The timing is 34-45-45-108. At this time, the reading speed reaches 96,040MB/s and the writing speed is 85,282MB/s. The copy speed was 86,661MB/s, and the latency dropped to 72.2ns.

Then the XMP was changed to 6800MHz for testing, and the results were even more surprising. At this time, the reading speed reached 99.193MB/s, the writing speed was 89.345MB/s, the copying speed was 89,413MB/s, and the latency dropped to 70.5ns. Comparing the test results, it can be clearly seen that when this pair of memories is running at 6800MHz, the reading, writing, and copying performance is greatly improved, and the latency is further reduced. There is basically no pressure when running software and playing games.

Don’t think that 6800MHz is the limit of Asgard BRAGI’s DDR5 memory. After continuing to manually overclock to 7200MHz, the performance is fully improved again, with the reading speed reaching 102.41GB/s and the writing speed reaching 91.969MB/s. Copy The speed is also 93,993MB/s and the delay is reduced to 68.1ns, which fully achieves the performance of D5 and the delay of D4.

During the AIDA64 test, activating XMP mode instead of using the default settings results in substantial enhancements across various performance metrics. Memory read, write, and copy speeds experience significant improvements, while latency is notably reduced. These observations underscore the exceptional performance of the Asgard BRAGI DDR5-6800MHz.


9.2Expert Score

In conclusion, the Asgard BRAGI DDR5 memory packaging and memory module itself represent a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality. The outer packaging, adorned with captivating Norse mythological imagery and thoughtful design elements, sets the tone for an exceptional unboxing experience. Not only does it exude elegance and sophistication, but it also provides essential information in multiple languages, catering to diverse global audiences. Moreover, the inner packaging unveils meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, accompanied by thoughtful additions such as anti-static gloves and a cleaning cloth, ensuring users have a premium experience from the moment they unbox their memory.

Moving beyond the packaging, the BRAGI DDR5 memory module itself boasts an exquisite design that seamlessly integrates into modern gaming setups. Its mirror craft design, coupled with the vest’s mirror-like properties, not only adds a touch of sophistication but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the system. Furthermore, the memory’s performance capabilities are equally impressive, with notable enhancements observed through various tests and overclocking experiments. From improved read and write speeds to reduced latency, the BRAGI DDR5 memory sets a high standard for performance and reliability, ensuring a seamless computing experience for enthusiasts and gamers alike.

In essence, the Asgard BRAGI DDR5 memory series exemplifies innovation, craftsmanship, and performance excellence. From its visually stunning packaging to its cutting-edge memory module design and impressive performance metrics, it leaves a lasting impression on users. Whether it’s the captivating RGB lighting effects or the seamless integration with leading motherboard technologies, the BRAGI DDR5 memory series raises the bar for what enthusiasts can expect from their memory modules. With its combination of style, functionality, and performance, the Asgard BRAGI DDR5 memory series stands as a testament to Asgard’s commitment to delivering premium-quality products that exceed expectations.

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