ALLPOWERS S1500 Review: Affordable Portable Powerhouse

March 10, 2024

Energy storage systems are gaining popularity as people seek cost-effective solutions for their energy needs. With rising energy costs, more individuals are turning to these devices. As we embrace the delightful summer days, many consider generating their energy to save on utility bills. Allpowers, a Chinese brand known for manufacturing and marketing portable power stations, has recently expanded its product range to include foldable solar panels. This presents an exciting opportunity to explore the Allpowers brand in greater detail as we test one of their products.ALLPOWERS S1500

This article will review the Allpowers S1500 battery and the Allpowers 200W solar panels. You can find the ALLPOWERS S1500 at the official UK online store, priced at $699. However, it’s worth noting the special offer available for purchasing the power station and the 200W solar panels together, priced at $759.99 We will delve into how this combination functions in the following review.

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The power station comes in a twin pack. You’ll find a sturdy, textured cardboard box in a gray-brown shade with perforations on the exterior. It is in a white box adorned with labels, specifications, and a plastic handle for easy carrying. Internally, the station is safely nestled within a protective foam polymer holder. The package includes a spacious charging unit in a flexible case, a power cable, and a user manual printed on paper.

Main Features of ALLPOWERS S1500:

Battery capacity: 1092 W×h / 295200 mAh×h (Li-ion)
Output: AC input (300W)

Solar panel input 500W (MPPT 12-65V 300W Max)

DC input (12-65V 300W Max)

USB-C input (PD 100W max)

AC input + USB-C input (400 W max)

Input: 4× AC output 1500 W (peak power 3000 W)

100/110/220/230/240 V – sine current

3× USB-A output 5 V 2.4 A

USB-C output 5V 5A, 9V 5A, 15V 5A, 20V 3A (PD 100W)

2× DC output (5.5×2.5 mm) 12V, 5.5A

1× Car socket 12 V, 10.5 A

Size: 320 × 220 × 190 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Characteristics: Bluetooth to connect with smartphone, mobile app

2× LED lamps

Car charging


The design of the ALLPOWERS S1500 power plant exudes simplicity, featuring a sleek parallelepiped shape complemented by a convenient folding handle.

While some competitors may boast futuristic aesthetics, the ALLPOWERS S1500 embraces a more minimalist approach, prioritizing compactness for easy transport. By incorporating a folding handle, this power plant optimizes space utilization, allowing for seamless assembly with other items in a car. This proves especially valuable in situations requiring swift evacuation, as limited trunk space often challenges accommodating essential belongings. Even reflecting on past car trips to Crimea with tents before 2014, I vividly recall the constant struggle to fit everything inside the vehicle. Hence, from a practical standpoint, the simplicity of its form renders it the optimal choice.

The choice of materials for the ALLPOWERS S1500 power plant is exceptional, catering to the needs of hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Its robust case is crafted from thick, durable matte plastic, ensuring resistance to scratches and shocks. The power plant exudes a visually appealing aesthetic with a predominantly black and gray color scheme accentuated by vibrant orange inserts.

The handle, designed for sturdy functionality, incorporates an orange rubber insert at its base, facilitating a secure grip during transportation. Moreover, this insert keeps the hold securely locked in its folded position. Overall, the construction of the power plant exhibits a high level of craftsmanship, instilling confidence in its reliability.


At the forefront, we are greeted by four AC sockets that accommodate a wide range of household appliances, supporting up to 1500W and 230V. Whether it’s a microwave, vacuum cleaner, fan, toaster, or electric beater for creating delectable sweets, this power station has you covered. Simply open one of the four protective covers to plug in your device. It is compatible with both Italian and Shuko plugs.

Moving down, you’ll notice two large LEDs emitting powerful illumination, proving immensely useful during outdoor trips or in low-light conditions. Adjacent to the LEDs, a user-friendly display intuitively provides valuable information. Additionally, three buttons allow you to power the battery, activate the DC sockets, and enable the AC sockets.

All the input systems are conveniently located on the left side, comprising various ports for recharging the battery. You can use the electrical outlet in your home, the cigarette lighter in your car or camper, or even solar panels (sold separately) to replenish the power supply.

On the right side, you’ll find three USB-A ports and one USB-C port, a noteworthy feature as only a limited number of batteries currently offer direct access to USB-C ports. Furthermore, there are two 12V DC outputs available.ALLPOWERS S1500

Weighing in at 10 kg, this battery boasts a square design with gently curved edges. Its dimensions measure 32x22x19 cm, with an impressive capacity of 295,200 mAh. Transporting the battery is a breeze thanks to a retractable handle that seamlessly blends into the body when not in use. The handle is coated with rubber in the area that comes into contact with your hand, providing a secure grip and preventing discomfort. This attention to detail showcases ALLPOWERS’ commitment to excellence.


Seamlessly establish a wireless connection between your device and the battery, effortlessly pairing them via WiFi or Bluetooth in a matter of moments. In just under two minutes, you can easily download the intuitive app, enabling you to connect with and manage your battery effortlessly.

Experience unparalleled convenience as the app empowers you with a seamless user interface. The app will instantly detect your device without any further action required by simply holding down the Bluetooth symbol for a mere 3 seconds. Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated setup processes. All the essential information typically provided by the battery display will be conveniently showcased on your phone screen within seconds. Discover vital details such as the current charge level, output energy consumption, and input energy intake, all at your fingertips.

But that’s not all. The app goes above and beyond to provide exceptional control over your device’s functionalities. With just a few taps, you can remotely activate or deactivate modules, granting you unprecedented convenience and efficiency. Furthermore, take charge of your device’s LED lights, effortlessly adjusting them to suit your preferences and needs. With the app’s comprehensive features, you hold the reins of your device, empowering you to tailor your experience exactly to your liking.

My Experience

Opting for this alternative is not cost-effective and needs to be more sound regarding energy conservation. A significant amount of energy is squandered due to using extension cords, power adapters, and the conversion from DC to AC power. As an illustration, I operate my Mini PC alongside two Dell 24-inch monitors and a UPerfect 15.6-inch portable monitor, all connected to a Kiiboom Phantom 81 Keyboard and a Logitech mouse. Additionally, I utilize a Homnava Air Purifier and Yeelight Light Panels in my setup.

Given the upcoming moon soon season and the potential for prolonged power outages, I would undoubtedly resort to this setup. Consequently, my objective in conducting this test was to ascertain the power plant’s maximum load during operational tasks and determine its endurance in a similar mode.

The results obtained from the test are as follows:

  • Test initiation at 12:15 PM with the power station fully charged at 100%.
  • The total power consumption when the equipment was activated averaged around 40-50W.
  • Test conclusion at 21:00, with the power station still retaining 30% charge, resulting in a total test duration of almost 9 hours.

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The ALLPOWERS S1500 charging station offers diverse possibilities for consumers, presenting many options to cater to their varied needs. Despite its moderate power output, this charging station is more than adequate for many tasks. It efficiently caters to the charging requirements of a wide range of devices for a family comprising 2-3 individuals, making it an ideal choice for households. Moreover, the ALLPOWERS S1500 is a reliable backup power source for compact living spaces, such as small apartments or cozy cottages. With its versatile capabilities, this charging station ensures users have the convenience and peace of mind they desire.

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