Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO XL Full Tower PC Case Review

May 3, 2024

Lian Li reaffirms its reputation for innovation and excellence in PC cases with the release of the O11 Dynamic EVO XL. A successor to the highly acclaimed O11 Dynamic, this latest model redefines the gaming experience. Catering to enthusiasts, it presents a refreshed design and an array of versatile features. From the option to display the graphics card upright to the customizable clear tempered glass side panel, users enjoy unparalleled flexibility, enabling them to personalize their setup precisely to their liking.

Today, we’re delving into the world of XL cases with Lian Li’s latest addition to the O11 Dynamic series – the EVO XL. Retaining the beloved design elements of its predecessors, this model introduces a larger form factor to accommodate ambitious builds. With support for up to three 420mm radiators, it’s a dream for water-cooling enthusiasts. Despite its robust capabilities, the O11 Dynamic EVO XL maintains a competitive price of $234.99, making it appealing to both gamers and PC enthusiasts. Join us as we dive into a comprehensive review, exploring its features and assessing its real-world performance.

The O11 Dynamic EVO XL by Lian Li is a game-changer in PC cases, offering optimized features for upgrades and new builds. With side graphics card installation, removable edge rods, and a flexible motherboard mount, it blends top-notch design with unmatched functionality. For gamers seeking the best, this case is the ultimate choice, setting a new standard in excellence. Join us as we delve into why it’s the go-to option for serious builders everywhere.

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CASE TYPETower Chassis
DIMENSIONS(D) 522mm x (W) 304mm x (H) 531.9mm
4.0mm Tempered Glass
STORAGEBehind MB Tray: 3 x 2.5” SSD
Hard Drive Cage: 4 x 3.5” HDD / 2.5” SSD
PSUATX (Under 220mm)
FAN SUPPORTTop: 3 x 120mm / 3 x 140mm
Side: 3 x 120mm / 3 x 140mm
Bottom: 3 x 120mm / 3 x 140mm
Rear: Up to 2x 120mm
RADIATOR SUPPORTTop: 360 / 420 / 240 / 280mm
Side: 360 / 420 / 240 / 280mm
Bottom: 360 / 420 / 240 / 280mm
I/O PORTS1 x Power Button
1 x Reset Button
4 x USB 3.0
1 x USB Type C
1 x Audio
1 x LED Color Button
1 x LED Mode Button
1 x Top
2 x Side


The O11 Dynamic EVO XL comes in khaki packaging provided by Lian Li, featuring a sketch of the case and its model name on both sides. However, there are no additional details or specification data included. Only the model and color are indicated on the side corners. In this unboxing, we have the white version of the O11D EVO XL.

Within the packaging, the housing is shielded by two foam pads, ensuring its safe arrival to the buyer intact, even without additional outer packaging. The accessories are contained in a small box, housing various components including a graphics card support bracket, double-layer cable management buckle, air duct baffle, Lianli nameplate, a small box of sorted screws and buckles, cable ties, and installation instructions. Additionally, it includes 3 magnetic gauze dust-proof nets as a standard feature, enhancing its dust-proof capabilities.



As you open the box containing the O11 Dynamic EVO XL, you’re met with a commanding tower exuding a sleek, modern design. What truly catches the eye, however, are the striking, expansive real glass elements that scream sophistication tailored for gamers. Lian Li’s dedication to precision is evident in every detail, from the sturdy, frameless real glass panel gracing the side of the chassis to the substantial 4mm thick real glass panel on the front, promising both a visually stunning appearance and unmatched durability.

Measuring 522×304×531.9mm and weighing 17kg, this case is undeniably substantial. Yet, its transparent view offers a unique twist, revealing the inner workings and mitigating its seeming enormity. Designed to accommodate E-ATX motherboards and CPU water cooling setups, it promises remarkable functionality. Furthermore, it inherits the versatile feature from its predecessor, the O11D EVO, enabling seamless switching between left and right modes, ensuring convenience for users.

The O11D EVO XL boasts a striking 4mm thick glass panel on its left side, contributing to its considerable presence. Due to its weight and size, cautious handling is essential to prevent unintended damage. Notably, the joints between the two glass panels utilize a bevel design, a thoughtful touch aimed at reducing wear and tear during maintenance tasks. This attention to detail enhances the product’s durability and ensures a longer lifespan.

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO XL showcases a stunning blend of durability and style with its brushed aluminum alloy shell, delivering both robustness and visual elegance. Its premium tactile experience enhances the chassis’s overall feel, while the seamless integration of clear real glass and aluminum cover is achieved through a clever 3mm wide, slightly transparent plastic strip, serving as a diffuser for concealed ARGB lighting. Accentuating its allure is a mesmerizing ARGB light bar nestled between the metal shell and the glass panel, elevating its aesthetic appeal when illuminated.

The O11D EVO XL boasts a user-friendly front panel design, with the power switch conveniently placed on the right side for easy access. Positioned at the bottom are pre-installed IO ports, including 4 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB Type C port, 1 Audio jack, and dedicated buttons for LED color and mode control. Retaining the switch configuration of its predecessor, the O11D EVO, the XL model features a power switch spanning the front and right side, enabling dual-directional pressing. It also includes dedicated buttons for resetting and managing ARGB light strip modes and colors.

The case’s upper cover features two distinct sections: a perforated aluminum alloy ventilation area and a compartment housing the hard drive and power supply. Lian Li’s website highlights a 14% increase in perforation compared to its predecessor, the O11D XL, promising improved heat dissipation. Hand-turn screws secure each section, allowing easy removal for maintenance. Disassembly unveils a magnetic PVC filter, adding protection against dust and debris.

The case’s upper cover and right side panel are made of durable aluminum alloy, featuring elongated strips of generously sized apertures. The front aperture houses the air intake fan, while the rear enables access to the power supply and supports hot swapping. A dedicated fan cools hard disk racks, and a PVC magnetic filter inside the right panel captures dust. Metal magnetic strips cleverly secure the filter despite aluminum’s non-magnetic nature.

The Lian Li O11D EVO XL showcases a dual-chamber layout at its rear, echoing the design language of the esteemed O11 series. In the primary component section, users are greeted with 8 PCI-E slots and a designated area for a 12cm fan. What sets it apart is the flexibility afforded by a movable baffle, allowing for the addition of two more 12cm fans, thereby improving airflow and bolstering cooling performance.

Beneath the dual-part housing cover rests a centralized rubberized cable or hose feedthrough, while an extra air outlet is situated just below it on the case’s rear right, adjacent to the I/O shield cutout. This outlet is designed to host two 120 mm fans, offering versatility for different case setups. On the opposing side, to the left of the I/O panel space, the case rear boasts a built-in slot for securely installing an ATX power supply unit.

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO XL features strategically placed air outlets below and above the mounting location to enhance airflow around the installed HDDs. With eight expansion slots, each equipped with perforated slot covers, the case offers ample room for expansion. Assembly is made quick and hassle-free with the use of folding metal panels secured by knurled screws, eliminating the need for traditional screws.

At the bottom of the case, a noticeable air inlet mirrors the design of the outlet above, capable of hosting three 120mm or 140mm fans and shielded by a detachable dust filter. Adjacent to this, two slots await I/O panel connections. The case rests securely on four square plastic feet, each equipped with rubber decouplers for stability and vibration reduction.


The Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO XL stands out for its exceptional visibility, featuring dual glass panels that showcase its interior. For a full appreciation of its intricacies, removing the side walls is necessary. Notably, the EVO XL enables the removal of the front left corner support structure, elevating visibility to new heights. This design element caters to enthusiasts, offering a clearer and unobstructed view of the case’s interior, amplifying its appeal.

The two areas’ upper covers are secured with hand-turn screws, revealing magnetic PVC filters beneath. These filters protect the air inlet from dust. A fine dust filter, seamlessly integrated just below the mesh grille, is held in place by built-in magnets, making it easy to remove for cleaning. The top fan rack features a modular, removable design, accommodating up to 3×140/120mm fans, while the bottom and side fan racks mirror this convenient setup.

The modular design of the plastic cover enables flexible routing options for the I/O panel’s external connections, accommodating placements on both the left and rear sides of the housing. With three installation positions for the bottom IO—front, left, and rear—the rear option is commonly favored when installing the motherboard upside down. This adaptability allows for convenient customization to meet diverse setup requirements and user preferences.

The IO cable features a versatile wire loop, adaptable to front or rear mounting, secured effortlessly with buckles. Its user-friendly design facilitates swift disassembly and reconfiguration, eliminating the need for extra tools during adjustments.

The nylon bottom filter features a user-friendly design, allowing for easy removal by simply pulling from the side. Its ergonomic construction ensures that both positioning and disassembly/assembly are intuitive, emphasizing user comfort and convenience.

The O11D EVO XL maximizes airflow and functionality with its intelligently designed internal layout. Split into three sections, the right side of the case ensures efficient cooling with a dedicated fan zone at the front, while the middle portion handles cable management and space for 2.5-inch devices. Towards the rear, it accommodates the power supply unit and features a convenient hot-swappable hard drive bay, offering a comprehensive storage solution without compromising airflow efficiency.

The O11D EVO XL boasts a user-friendly design with convenient hot-swappable hard drive racks positioned both on the upper and lower sides, each capable of holding two 3.5-inch storage devices. These racks can be smoothly pulled out at a 45-degree angle for easy removal and installation of hard drives. Within the rack, trays are securely fastened with hand-turn screws, eliminating the necessity for extra tools and streamlining maintenance procedures. Notably, the integration of modular hard drive frames and an integrated backplane allows for hot-swapping of hard drives during operation.

Nestled between two sturdy hard drive racks rests the designated area for the power supply unit, accompanied by a compact support bracket ensuring stability. However, it’s regrettable that both the positioning of the hard drive racks and the central power supply unit are fixed, offering no flexibility for adjustments or replacements.

The mainboard tray in the housing showcases Lian Li’s meticulous engineering with its intricate, multi-layered design. Its clever construction allows for easy detachment, streamlining motherboard installation effortlessly. Moreover, its adaptable mounting heights cater to diverse preferences and requirements, demonstrating Lian Li’s commitment to flexible and user-friendly design.

Lian Li’s attention to detail shines through in their design, where motherboard mounting spacers are seamlessly integrated into the tray, simplifying assembly. Their mainboard carriage includes a generously sized recess for easy cooler installation. Notably, the division wall separating chambers features six rubberized cable ducts, four lower and two higher up, ensuring efficient cable management with a touch of style.

The side fan cover features two cable ducts positioned at a 90° angle, facilitating smooth cable management. Designed with precision, it seamlessly integrates air inlets on the case’s top and bottom, supporting three 120 mm or 140 mm fans. Additionally, this versatile cover enables the installation of a radiator of up to 420 mm in size, providing optimal cooling solutions for high-performance setups.

The case is designed with a top air outlet for efficient airflow management and a bottom mounting panel that supports the installation of three 120mm or 140mm fans, or a compatible radiator setup. This thoughtful design enhances cooling capabilities, ensuring optimal performance for the system’s components.

The structural integrity remains impressive even after the A-pillar is removed, showing minimal sinking when subjected to pressure. Secured by two screws at the top and bottom, the A-pillar’s stability is evident. Lian Li advises reinstalling the A-pillar for transportation, emphasizing its importance in maintaining the casing’s structural integrity during transit.

Overall, the O11 Dynamic EVO XL exemplifies Lian Li’s dedication to precision and quality craftsmanship.


Before diving into assembling the hardware, consider the optimal placement of the case on your desk and whether you prefer water or air cooling for your system. Lian Li presents the O11 Dynamic EVO XL in two color options, offering versatility through its modular design. By swapping the left and right side walls, as well as the case base and cover, you can achieve an inverted layout. This unique feature allows you to view your installed hardware from both the left and right sides of the case, ensuring an optimal viewing experience.

We start by removing the motherboard tray to make things easier. This enables the seamless installation of the CM-CPU-GPU assembly outside the case, which can then be reinserted in one swift motion. While removing four front-hand screws may seem a minor inconvenience, we offset it with a user-friendly tool-free system for the PCIe slots. Additionally, adjusting the support’s height is a breeze—simply reposition the brackets at the bottom and top to move it up or down by 3.5 cm as needed. This ensures a smooth and efficient setup experience.

After completing the installation, ventilation supports are removed from the top and side to accommodate the blower. We opted for Six Uni Fan SL-Infinity 120 ARGB Fans, with a configuration of 3 fans each on the top and bottom. Additionally, the GALAHAD II LCD 360 SL-INF AIO Liquid Cooler was effortlessly installed on the side. All mounts are designed to be compatible with either 360 or 420mm radiators, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

With the upright GPU bracket, you have the flexibility to install your GPU outside the case and easily reposition it when needed. Thanks to the side bracket, you can choose whether to have the GPU ports at the top or bottom. Additionally, a separate PCIe riser cable, 900mm in length, ensures ample space for efficient cable management. Installing the graphics card on the side enables the addition of three fans at the back, optimizing heat dissipation by directing airflow directly onto the GPU backplane.

Installing the components proves to be remarkably convenient with easy access from all sides within the case. The provided loops and covers facilitate smooth cable management, aided by the included cable ties. Removing the 3.5″ HDD cases further optimizes space utilization. Even installing power supply cables on modular units is a hassle-free process, eliminating the risk of finger strain or cable bending. With everything set up, it’s time to conduct a temperature check.

The O11D EVO XL front glass panel features an eye-catching ARGB light bar positioned on its right side. However, an intriguing visual effect is created by the ARGB illumination between the left side and the side panel glass, effectively producing the illusion of an additional ARGB light bar on the right. Lian Li’s inclusion of RGB elements pre-installed in the front housing lays a solid groundwork for this captivating feature, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the chassis.

Testing and Performance

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO XL offers an exceptional platform for PC building with its spacious full tower design. Its generous proportions greatly enhance the building process, allowing ample room for components and ease of assembly. Within this case, I constructed a powerful system tailored to my needs, leveraging its expansive layout to optimize performance and aesthetics.

 Test Setup
ProcessorIntel® Core™ i7-13700K
RAM MemoryPredator Hermes RGB DDR5 – 6800MHz
StorageSilicon Power US70 1TB NVMe SSD
Graphic CardASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3080 OC Edition (10GB)
CasingLian Li O11 Dynamic EVO XL Full Tower Case
Fan6x Lian Li UNI FAN SL-INF 120 RGB Fans

Cooling and AirFlow

Let’s delve into the cooling capabilities of the Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO XL Full Tower Case. Testing it with an Intel® Core™ i7-13700K Processor on an MSI MPG Z690 FORCE WIFI DDR5 motherboard, and an ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3080 OC Edition graphics card reveals promising results. Even at idle, with a room temperature of 28°C, the processor maintains a steady temperature of around 47°C. Effective thermal management is essential to ensure peak performance and longevity of PC components.

After a 10-minute continuous FPU Stress Test on AIDA64, the Intel® Core™ i7-13700K Processor maintained a stable temperature of 69°C, with a core temperature of 85°C. The P core operated steadily at 4.8Hz, while the E core remained at 3.9GHz. No downclocking occurred during the test, indicating acceptable CPU temperature performance. The GPU temperature was held at a favorable 66°C.

In addition to lowering the maximum temperature, the capability of this system also lies in greater heat dissipation efficiency. After reducing the load on the CPU and graphics card, the temperatures of the CPU and graphics card drop off a cliff in a few seconds.

Overall, The heat dissipation performance of the Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO XL impresses, effectively managing the thermal demands of mid-to-high-end hardware with proficiency.


The Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO XL impresses not only with its exceptional performance but also with its remarkable quietness. During regular use, the entire PC build produces a mere 30 decibels of noise, a notable 3.4 decibels lower than its predecessor, rendering it virtually silent even during late-night sessions. Even under heavy load with cooling at maximum capacity, the noise level reaches only 41.5 decibels, a significant reduction from the previous case’s nearly 60 decibels.


9.8Expert Score

In conclusion, the Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO XL stands as a pinnacle of design innovation and functionality in the realm of PC chassis. Its exterior design, featuring sleek real glass panels and brushed aluminum alloy, exudes sophistication while ensuring durability. The thoughtful placement of ventilation areas and user-friendly front panel design contribute to its overall appeal and ease of use.

Internally, the case offers exceptional visibility and modular flexibility, catering to both enthusiasts and novices alike. The intelligently designed layout prioritizes airflow and cable management, enhancing system performance and aesthetics. Furthermore, the inclusion of features like hot-swappable hard drive racks and adjustable GPU mounting options showcases Lian Li’s commitment to meeting diverse user needs.

In terms of installation, the O11 Dynamic EVO XL provides a seamless and efficient process, allowing for easy access to components and hassle-free cable management. Its spacious interior accommodates high-performance hardware configurations, while its cooling capabilities ensure optimal thermal management even under heavy loads.

Through comprehensive testing, the O11 Dynamic EVO XL demonstrates outstanding performance in both cooling efficiency and acoustic performance, further solidifying its position as a top choice for PC enthusiasts and builders. Overall, Lian Li’s attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship shine through in every aspect of the O11 Dynamic EVO XL, making it a standout option in the competitive landscape of PC cases.

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