CIDOO V75 VIA Review: Perfect Option for Programmers?

March 11, 2024

Recently, I enjoyed exploring the newly unveiled CIDOO V75, which has a slightly larger 75% layout. It brings along an array of features that alleviate the need for constant FN button juggling. Join me as I dive into the unboxing, design, build, features, connectivity, battery life, and overall experience of the CIDOO V75 keyboard.CIDOO V75

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Lifting the lid of the box, I was greeted by the CIDOO V75 keyboard, front and center. The package contained a user manual with insights about the keyboard’s setup, essential functions, and unique features. Accompanying this guide were a white Type-C USB-A cable, not one but two USB-C cables, a keycap puller, a switch puller, and even a tiny hex screwdriver – a toolkit ready for customization.


Aesthetically, the CIDOO V75 keyboard aced the design factor. Its sleek and minimalistic look is truly a feast for the eyes. With 81 keys, it strikes a harmonious balance between functionality and portability. The inclusion of function keys, arrow keys, and navigation keys enhances usability. A knob for sound control beckons in the upper right corner, accompanied by a tasteful RGB indicator bar on the bottom suitable. A delightful surprise lies in a small metal compartment that discreetly houses the 2.4 GHz receivers – a touch of clever design.


The CIDOO V75 showcases a CNC aluminum body that’s nothing short of stunning. The craftsmanship and choice of color caught my attention immediately. Functionally, it employs a gasket-mounted mechanical keyboard design, enhanced by Poron dampening foam, IXPE switch cushion, and an integrated PC plate. Gasket mounting does away with screws in the switch plate, rendering the typing experience incredibly smooth while the dampening materials effectively counter hollow sounds.


Versatility is the name of the game here. The keyboard can be seamlessly switched between Windows and Mac layouts. A simple press of FN plus A for Windows mode or FN plus S for Mac OS mode does the trick. Not to mention that including Bluetooth functionality adds an extra layer of convenience. Toggling it on involves a switch to the right, followed by a hold of FN plus QW or E for pairing. Supporting up to three devices, the V 75 proves its multitasking prowess.


From the four rubber feet beneath to prevent slippage to the USB Type-C port on the left, the CIDOO V75’s rear side showcases meticulous attention to detail. It’s a device designed to stay put and offer seamless connectivity.


As we all value battery life, the CIDOO V75 offers a wireless option through Bluetooth connectivity. A single charge provides enduring power for extended usage, making it suitable for short bursts of typing and lengthy gaming sessions.


Typing on the CIDOO V75 quark matte switches is a revelation. These linear switches with a 47-gram working force feel sublime. They’re comprised of nylon housings and pom stems and come factory-lubed – a dream for typing enthusiasts. The hot-swappable feature is a cherry on top, allowing users to customize their keyboard with a variety of switches. My experience with these switches captivated me, with their impeccable tactile response and satisfying sound making every keystroke a pleasure.


The CIDOO V75 doesn’t shy away from personalization. Its RGB backlighting offers a treasure trove of lighting effects, hues, and colors to make this keyboard your own truly. The flexibility to alter color hues and saturation levels ensures your setup reflects your unique style.

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In the grand scheme of mechanical keyboards, the CIDOO V75 emerges as a standout choice, combining exceptional build quality with adaptability. Its tasteful design, diverse switch options, and customizable RGB lighting cater to various preferences. Whether for professional tasks or leisurely gaming, the V75 redefines the typing experience, giving users a satisfying blend of form and function that stands the test of time.

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