GameSir Launches Kaleid and Kaleid Flux Controllers With Advanced Features and Stunning Design

May 29, 2024

GameSir, a globally recognized leader in gaming peripherals, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovations, the Kaleid and Kaleid Flux wired game controllers. Designed to elevate the gaming experience, these controllers are equipped with cutting-edge features, vibrant LED illumination, and a high-quality, ergonomic design. Engineered for precision and packed with advanced functionalities, the Kaleid and Kaleid Flux are poised to become the ultimate tools for FPS and action gamers aiming to enhance their performance.

Unparalleled Performance and Compatibility

The Xbox-licensed Kaleid and Kaleid Flux controllers feature GameSir’s signature Hall Effect sticks, which ensure an anti-drift glide and deliver reliable, precision-tuned performance. These controllers are fully compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One X|S, Windows 10/11, and Steam platforms, offering a versatile solution for gamers across various systems. The Hall Effect Analog triggers provide consistent output, making actions like accelerating or braking in racing games precise and predictable.

Design and Comfort

Comfort and control are paramount in the design of the Kaleid and Kaleid Flux. Textured grips, triggers, and bumpers offer a secure hold during intense gaming sessions, reducing finger fatigue and enhancing overall gameplay comfort. The transparent design of both models, accented with customizable LED light strips, allows gamers to personalize their controllers to match their unique style and environment.

Distinctive Features

The Kaleid model is equipped with microswitch ABXY buttons, rainbow light colors, and a unique PCB pattern with the ‘KALEID’ imprint. On the other hand, the Kaleid Flux features membrane ABXY buttons, a striking gold light color, and a stylish Damascus pattern. Both models are designed to cater to different aesthetic preferences while providing the same high level of performance.

Immersive Feedback and Customization

Each controller is equipped with four motors, delivering both strong and subtle vibrations to enhance tactile feedback and immersion. The inclusion of two asymmetric motors in the grips and triggers allows gamers to experience precise feedback from crashes, gunshots, and other in-game actions. Two macro back buttons offer extensive customization, enabling users to map them to single buttons or combinations, while a turbo function supports rapid, repeated inputs. For FPS and action game enthusiasts, a quick-switch to Hair Trigger Mode can be activated by holding the M + LT/RT buttons for three seconds, providing an edge in responsiveness and control.

GameSir Nexus Software

Gamers can further tailor their experience using the fully customizable GameSir Nexus software. This software allows users to create controller profiles by mapping buttons, fine-tuning sticks and triggers, and configuring vibration and light effects. Up to three profiles can be saved simultaneously, allowing for quick adjustments based on the game being played.

Pricing and Availability

The GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux controllers will be available for purchase starting May 30th on Amazon UK, Amazon US, and the GameSir official website. The Kaleid is priced at £59.99/$49.99, while the Kaleid Flux is available for £55.99/$46.99. To celebrate the launch, an additional 10 percent discount coupon will be available for both controllers during the first three months.

With the introduction of the Kaleid and Kaleid Flux controllers, GameSir continues its mission to provide gamers with superior, cost-effective gaming peripherals that enhance the overall gaming experience. Whether you’re an FPS aficionado or an action game enthusiast, these new controllers offer the precision, customization, and comfort needed to take your gameplay to the next level.

Source: GameSir

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