HYTE Announces THICC Q80 Trio AIO Cooler and New Series of Fans

May 29, 2024

HYTE, a leading innovator in PC components and peripherals, has unveiled its latest groundbreaking products: the THICC Q80 Trio, a 360mm all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler, and a new series of THICC FP12 fans. The new products promise to set new standards in cooling performance and aesthetics.

THICC Q80 Trio: Ultimate Cooling Power

The THICC Q80 Trio is positioned as HYTE’s highest-performing cooler to date. This AIO liquid cooler features a massive 360mm radiator with a thickness of 52mm, dubbed the “Ginormous Heat Exchanger.” This design maximizes heat absorption, making it capable of dissipating more watts than any other liquid cooler on the market. Dual Harmonic Pumps enhance the cooling process, ensuring even the most demanding CPUs remain chilled.

Key innovations include a second-generation copper cold plate that boasts 50% higher skived fin coverage and an upgraded liquid flow path, resulting in a temperature drop of up to 2°C compared to previous models. The THICC FP12 Trio fans, integrated into a single frame, offer an unparalleled performance-to-noise ratio, quietly and efficiently dissipating heat.

The THICC Q80 Trio also features a striking 5″ Ultraslim IPS Display mounted above the cold plate on a double-hinged floating spout. This display includes a 42-pixel qRGB array on the back, providing vibrant, customizable lighting effects. Additionally, the cooler serves as a Nexus Link Primary Node, capable of connecting up to 18 devices on a single channel, or 36 devices across both channels. Available in Pitch Black and Panda colorways, the THICC Q80 Trio can be fully customized through HYTE Nexus software.

THICC P60 Duo: Performance and Affordability

Building on the success of its predecessor, the THICC P60 Duo is HYTE’s new 240mm AIO cooler. While offering the same exceptional performance as the THICC Q60, the P60 Duo comes in a sleeker design and at a more affordable price point. The included THICC FP12 Duo fans feature a refreshed omnidirectional aesthetic, enhancing system cooling with superior noise performance.

The P60 Duo also includes innovative projector lenses that focus qRGB lighting into a vibrant beam, eliminating the need for additional LED strips. Like the Q80 Trio, it is powered by Nexus Link, supporting up to 18 devices on a single port and 36 across both Type-C and Type-M channels. The cooler will be available in both Panda and Pitch Black colorways.

THICC FP12 Duo & Trio: Advanced Cooling Fans

HYTE’s new THICC FP12 Duo and Trio fans continue the company’s tradition of cutting-edge design and performance. These fans feature omnidirectional aesthetics and a seamless, integrated design that simplifies installation. The fiberglass-reinforced liquid crystal polymer blades deliver an impressive airflow of 105.8 CFM and static pressure of 8.14 mm-H2O, ensuring top-notch cooling.

Additionally, these fans are equipped with thermal and positioning sensors, allowing for intelligent cooling control via HYTE Nexus software. They can be magnetically snapped together for easy setup and are available in both Panda and Pitch Black colorways.

Pricing and Availability

The THICC Q80 Trio and the new THICC FP12 Duo and Trio fans are expected to hit the market in August 2024. The THICC P60 Duo will follow, becoming available in September 2024. With these new products, HYTE continues to push the boundaries of PC cooling technology, offering enthusiasts and gamers alike unparalleled performance and aesthetic customization options.

Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to elevate your system’s cooling efficiency and visual appeal with HYTE’s latest innovations.

Source: HYTE

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