Thermalright FROZEN WARFRAME 360 AIO Liquid Cooler Now on AliExpress

April 28, 2024

The Thermalright FROZEN WARFRAME 360 AIO Liquid Cooler emerges as a formidable contender in the realm of CPU cooling solutions. From unboxing to installation, every facet of this cooler exudes craftsmanship and performance. Let’s delve into its features to uncover what sets it apart.

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DesignThermalright FROZEN WARFRAME 360

The design of the FROZEN WARFRAME 360 AIO Liquid Cooler is both sleek and functional. The water cooling radiator boasts dimensions of 397 x 120 x 52 mm, while the pump’s compact form factor (W69.2 mm x D69.2 mm x H60 mm) ensures compatibility with various CPU setups. Additionally, the inclusion of ARGB lighting adds a touch of flair to your system, elevating its aesthetics to new heights. Setting up the FROZEN WARFRAME 360 is a breeze, thanks to the pre-installed fans and included water guide clip. With a pump MTTF of 40000 hours and a 5-year warranty, you can trust that this cooler will keep your CPU running cool for years to come.

FeaturesThermalright FROZEN WARFRAME 360

One of the standout features of this liquid cooler is its high compatibility with a wide range of CPU platforms. Whether you’re using an AMD AM4 or Intel LGA1151 socket, the FROZEN WARFRAME 360 comes with the necessary mounting brackets for easy installation. The SS2 full metal buckle ensures a secure fit, allowing you to switch between air and liquid cooling configurations with ease.

The water pump is where the magic happens, featuring a new-generation design that improves heat absorption efficiency while keeping operating noise to a minimum. What sets this pump apart is its integrated IPS LCD screen, which not only provides real-time monitoring of temperatures and fan speeds but also allows for customizable static and dynamic image displays.


In conclusion, the Thermalright FROZEN WARFRAME 360 AIO Liquid Cooler stands as a testament to innovation and performance in the realm of CPU cooling. With its meticulous design, robust feature set, and broad compatibility, it offers an unparalleled cooling solution for enthusiasts and professionals alike. And now, with an exclusive offer on AliExpress priced at just $83.02, it’s the opportune moment to elevate your system’s cooling prowess.

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