Thermalright Frozen Notte 240 Liquid Cooler Now on Amazon

April 26, 2024

The Thermalright Frozen Notte 240 Liquid Cooler presents itself as a contender in the competitive realm of CPU cooling solutions. Offering a combination of water-cooling technology and ARGB lighting, it aims to deliver efficient heat dissipation while adding visual flair to the user’s setup. In this review, we’ll delve into its design, features, and performance to gauge its suitability for various computing needs.

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DesignThermalright Frozen Notte 240

The design of the Thermalright Frozen Notte 240 Liquid Cooler is centered around a water block with a full copper mirror plane base. This, combined with a black aluminum fin cold plate and high polymer woven protective water pipes, aims to provide low resistance, efficient cooling, and long-term durability. The inclusion of a standard 120mm ARGB fan further enhances its cooling capabilities while adding customizable lighting effects.

FeaturesThermalright Frozen Notte 240

One of the notable features of the Thermalright Frozen Notte 240 is its ARGB lighting synchronization, which allows the PWM fan and water-cooling head to synchronize with the motherboard’s 5V 3-pin connector. This creates a soft light effect with rich lighting options, providing both efficient cooling and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the high-performance cold head, constructed with high-quality copper and aluminum alloy, promises extended longevity and effective heat dissipation for the CPU.Thermalright Frozen Notte 240

Equipped with two PWM fans, the TL-E12B-S balanced fans offer adjustable speeds of up to 2000RPM±10%, with a noise level of ≤27.7DBA. These fans utilize S-FDB V2 bearings to mitigate chattering and offer both PWM and ARGB functions for automatic speed adjustment and customizable lighting. The extensive compatibility of the cooler, supporting various Intel and AMD CPU sockets, ensures broader applicability across different systems.


The Thermalright Frozen Notte 240 Liquid Cooler presents a balanced offering of cooling performance and visual enhancement. Its combination of water-cooling technology and ARGB lighting synchronization aims to cater to both practical cooling needs and aesthetic preferences. However, while its features are commendable, potential buyers should consider factors such as installation ease and overall system compatibility. At a price point of $50.99 on Amazon, the Frozen Notte 240 offers a competitive proposition for those seeking an affordable liquid cooling solution with customizable lighting effects. However, prospective buyers should assess their specific requirements and compatibility with the cooler before making a purchase decision.

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