LeadJoy M1C+ Type-C Mobile Game Controller Review

January 24, 2024

Recently, there has been a growing interest among gamers in acquiring either the SteamDeck or various PC handheld consoles. I had been looking at them for many days, and I was almost ready to buy them, but in the end, I held back. However, I ultimately refrained from doing so. As someone who already possesses a high-end PC, a PS5, and a Switch, I find myself lacking a compelling necessity for mobile gaming. The features offered by PC handheld consoles like the SteamDeck tend to overlap with those of my existing PC and Switch, and the performance of the SteamDeck falls slightly short. The suboptimal game graphics and sound effects at 800P seem inadequate for a premium AAA game that exceeds the $60 price point, failing to enhance the overall gaming experience.

I have a preference for playing games at home using a mouse, keyboard, and a large monitor rather than a handheld console. Conversely, SteamVR, with its ability to introduce novel experiences, holds more allure. Recently, LeadJoy introduced a new M1C+ Mobile Game Controller that enables the operation of mobile phones as handheld devices. This game controller is compatible with iPhone 15 and Android, simplifying the control of diverse games and platforms. In this review, I will share the experience of using the LeadJoy M1C+ Mobile Game Controller.

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First of all, the LeadJoy M1C+ Packaging is very eye-catching. The white packaging box has a front photo of the product. There are not many accessories. In addition to the instructions in various languages, there are two different sizes of silicone protective cushions. This is for convenience and to protect the top of the phone from contacting the Game Controller.


The LeadJoy M1C+ Game Controller features a design style that incorporates black and white elements. The buttons situated on the right side utilize the same crystal buttons as the PS game console, displaying white characters against a black background. The color coordination of black and white enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. To ensure button stability, a hard-point micro-movement design is employed beneath the buttons, resulting in stable triggering and comfortable rebound feedback during gameplay.

The rocker positioned under the buttons is equipped with a Hall rocker, eliminating voltage fluctuations during movement and preventing contact between parts to address the common drift issue associated with rockers. LeadJoy’s proprietary algorithm enhances user comfort, and sensitivity has been elevated to a superior level. Unfortunately, it’s regrettable that this joystick lacks replacement buttons for adjusting height, material, and other characteristics.

Below the right joystick is the settings button and the home button, which can offer corresponding functions in the game. The home button can typically return to the phone’s home page or provide return operations.

Beneath the left Controller, there are screen recording buttons and setting buttons. There is also a circle of light area next to the setting button, which can indicate the link status of the current device through different display states. The cross buttons of the LeaJoy M1C+ Controller are constructed with host-level conductive silicone, providing a longer service life and more comfortable hand feedback.

The Controller’s top features four trigger positions. The quick trigger is in the upper position, and the Hall trigger is in the lower position. These triggers offer distinct gaming experiences and can suit different game requirements. For instance, the Hall linear trigger delivers a gradual release sensation with 256 level changes, and this can be activated even in quick trigger mode, responding to a light tap. This provides a comfortable throttle experience, particularly beneficial for racing games.

The LeaJoy M1C+ Controller position is ergonomically designed to match the grip arc of your palm, and the non-slip laser texture offers a reliable friction grip, enabling you to grasp it for an extended duration without experiencing fatigue. The rear section also incorporates a magnetic radiator position. This particular structural component exhibits excellent heat conduction performance, passively transferring heat from the phone’s rear without the need for additional heat dissipation equipment.

The M1C+ game controller features an innovative heat dissipation module on its back, designed to facilitate efficient heat management for mobile gaming. Notably, this module supports both left and right movement, providing users with the flexibility to choose the optimal location for heat dissipation on their phones. This thoughtful design enhances the gaming experience by ensuring that devices remain cool and perform optimally during intense gaming sessions.

At the bottom of the LeaJoy M1C+ Controller, there is also a Type-C interface. When the Controller is linked to a mobile phone, the transmission remains remarkably stable, and any delay is nonexistent. Through this interface, the mobile phone can be charged directly, ensuring the longevity of the phone’s battery during gaming sessions.

Overall, The device’s lightweight design brings a refreshing element to the gaming experience, seamlessly integrating with the phone without introducing any noticeable additional weight. This characteristic is particularly advantageous for prolonged gaming sessions, ensuring comfort remains paramount. Despite its feather-light feel, the device doesn’t compromise on material quality.

In fact, it exudes a robust build, steering clear of the often-associated cheap plastic sensation prevalent in the realm of mobile gaming accessories. The tactile experience is nothing short of delightful – a surface that is smooth to the touch yet boasts sufficient grip, guaranteeing a secure hold during intense gameplay sessions.


I had the opportunity to use the M1C+ game controller, and it truly stood out for its remarkable features and seamless compatibility. The utilization of a Type-C data interface made it perfectly compatible with both Android and iPhone 15th Series mobile phones. The plug-and-play functionality, coupled with the impressive recognition speed, ensured a hassle-free gaming experience.

The controller demonstrated its versatility by supporting native Android controller games such as Minecraft and Genshin Impact. To explore its full potential, the VLead app could be installed to discover a wide range of compatible games. What added to its appeal was the support for various Android emulators, including NS, PS2, PSP, and more. This expanded the gaming possibilities, allowing users to delve into a variety of emulator games.

Navigating through the setup and usage was made easy with the help of tutorials. The M1C+ game controller facilitated the convenient playing of emulator games on mobile phones, offering a gaming experience that felt akin to directly interacting with handheld games. The perfect integration of the controller enhanced the overall gaming experience, showcasing the impressive scalability of mobile games.


In conclusion, the LeadJoy M1C+ Mobile Game Controller emerges as a commendable choice for gaming enthusiasts! especially those fond of mobile gaming. With its excellent grip feel, swift and convenient direct connection method! and user-friendly features like the Hall rocker and trigger! the controller ensures a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. The support for various game emulators adds a nostalgic touch! transforming your mobile phone into an arcade-style console effortlessly.

The inclusion of a convenient external radiator design further enhances the device’s performance, guaranteeing smooth gameplay. Additionally, the controller’s compatibility with a direct connection via a data cable for charging ensures uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Unlock a superior gaming experience with the LeadJoy M1C+ Mobile Game Controller! now conveniently available on AliExpress and the official website. Take advantage of a $10 discount on AliExpress using the code “JOYM1C” and enjoy a 20% discount on the official website by applying the coupon code “fanm1c20.” Elevate your mobile gaming journey with precision and control at unbeatable prices. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your gaming sessions with these exclusive offers.

8.2Expert Score

For those passionate about mobile gaming, the LeadJoy M1C+ Mobile Game Controller is certainly worth considering for an enhanced and immersive gaming experience.

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