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Best Selling EKX X20 Electric Bike Price Falls to $1,219 on 15th April

The EKX X20 electric bike is currently available at a discounted price of $1,399.96, which will fall further to $1,129 on April 15th as part of the AliExpress Outdoor Fun sale. Also, the EKX T1 off-road Ebike will be available at special price cut during this sale event. This sale bonanza also includes various coupon codes which buyers can use for additional discounts. Special coupon codes are available for buyers from the US, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and France, while global codes can be used by buyers from other countries.

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This means that buyers can enjoy great deals on many Chinese e-bikes, including the EKX X20, Coswheel, Lankeleisi and Shengmilo. This sale event ends on April 19th, so add the items to the cart before the sale starts and buy during the event April 15-19th using coupon codes for extra savings.

EKX X20, EKX X20 electric bike, EKX X20 price

EKX X20 Electric Bike Features and Price

The EKX X20 off-road Ebike is a top-selling model with a 2000W motor and 20AH battery, and it offers excellent features at a starting price of only $1,129. It comes with 4-inch wide and 20-inch snow tires, e-ABS disc brakes, and has a top speed of 55km/hr. It also comes with a Shimano 7-speed transmission and has a load capacity of 150kg. Additionally, the EKX X20 e-mountain bike offers an LCD display, an LED headlight, a rear LED taillight, and three riding modes. Overall, this is an excellent value for a high-quality electric bike.

So, if you are looking for an electric bike within a budget, the AliExpress Outdoor Fun sale is the perfect occasion. Use the coupon codes according to your country and save big on your new electric bicycle. Check out the coupon codes below for EKX X20 off road e-bike or use these for other famous brands like Coswheel, Lankeleisi, or Shengmilo.

EKX X20, EKX X20 electric bike, EKX X20 price

EKX 20 Off Road E-Bike

Buy it for only $1,129 on AliExpress (April 15-19th)

Buy Now

EKX T1 Off Road E-Bike

Buy it for only $798 on AliExpress (April 15-19th)

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Global Outdoor Fun codes: (Use these coupon codes for extra savings on tech, computers, electric bike, and more)

Note: valid 00:00 15th- 23:59 19th April PST

US $3 off $29 code: OUTDOOR3
US $8 off $69 code: OUTDOOR8
US $20 off $169 code: OUTDOOR20
US $30 off $239 code: OUTDOOR30
US $50 off $369 code: OUTDOOR50

Codes for PL, IT, DE, NL, UA:

US $3 off $29 code: ODF3
US $8 off $69 code: ODF8
US $20 off $169 code: ODF20
US $30 off $239 code: ODF30
US $50 off $369 code: ODF50

Codes for Mexico:

US $3 off $29 code: MXFUN3
US $8 off $69 code: MXFUN8
US $20 off $169 code: MXFUN20
US $30 off $239 code: MXFUN30
US $50 off $369 code: MXFUN50

Codes for United Kingdom:

US $3 off $29 code: UKDEALS29
US $8 off $69 code: UKDEALS69
US $20 off $169 code: UKDEALS169
US $30 off $239 code: UKDEALS239
US $50 off $369 code: UKDEALS369


R$150 off R$15 with code: LIVRE15
R$250 off R$25 with code: LIVRE25
R$850 off R$100 with code: LIVRE100
R$1200 off R$150 with code: LIVRE150
R$2000 off R$250 with code: LIVRE250
(Important note: The promo codes are valid for all products from Apr 15, 00:00:00 BRT to Apr 19, 23:59:59 BRT)

United States:

<Codes for US new customers Only>
US $6 off $20 Code: NEWUS6OFF
US $8 off $40 Code: NEWUS8OFF
US $12 off $80 Code: NEWUS12OFF
US $25 off $150 Code: NEWUS25OFF
P.S. All the codes are limited. First come, first served.

– Codes for United States: valid 00:00 15th- 23:59 19th April PST
US $3 off $29 code: USAFF3
US $8 off $69 code: USAFF8
US $20 off $169 code: USAFF20
US $30 off $239 code: USAFF30
US $50 off $369 code: USAFF50

For Spain:

AFUES03: EUR 3.00 dto en compra minima de EUR 29.00
AFUES08: EUR 8.00 dto en compra minima de EUR 69.00
AFUES20: EUR 20.00 dto en compra minima de EUR 169.00
AFUES30: EUR 30.00 dto en compra minima de EUR 239.00
AFUES50: EUR 50.00 dto en compra minima de EUR 369.00

For France:

€3 off €29 with code: WODF03
€8 off €69 with code: WODF08
€20 off €169 with code: WODF20
€30 off €239 with code: WODF30
€50 off €369 with code: WODF50


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