EKX Introduces Affordable EKX T1 Retro Style E-Bike at $800

The famous Chinese electric bike brand, EKX, has launched yet another stylish and superior off-road Ebike. It is the EKX T1 series electric bicycle with a retro-style motorcycle design. This fat tire e-bike has the same 1000W brushless motor with a 55km/hr top speed as the popular EKX X20 e-mountain bike. However, there are only two battery options, 15AH and 20AH. The 15AH battery offers up to 50km mileage in pure electric mode, whereas the 20AH battery can reach up to 70km. Also, the EKX XT1 price starts from $800 for a 15AH and $848 for a 20AH battery, which is impressive considering the features and specs.

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EKX T1 Review: E-Bike Features and Specs

The affordable off-road and fat tire electric bike with a retro bike design has a 48V 1000W brushless motor, 150-180kg load capacity, and E-ABS electronic front and rear brakes. The EKX T1 review for the electric bike specs shows it has a backlight digital LCD, 20×4-inch snow tires, an IP65 waterproof rating, and a 34kg weight. There is a 15AH lithium battery with 50km mileage in pure electric mode and 100km in power-assist mode. Another option is the 20AH battery for up to a 70km distance range in pure electric mode and 140km in power-assist mode.

There is the Shimano 7S gear system. In addition, the lithium battery is removable for recharging and comes with a lock for safekeeping. The three riding modes are the Electric, Help (power-assist), and the Manpower mode. The EKX T1 has a round and high-brightness front LED light. Moreover, it comes with a modern rear LED tail light with right and left signals like the modern motorcycles.

EKX T1 Electric Bike Specs
Expanded Size 172cm x 115cm x 68cm (67.7″ x 45.2″ x 26.7″)
Actual Weight Approximately 34kg (75 lbs)
Front Fork Springer Fork
Rear Shock Absorber Spring Shock Absorber
Transmission System Rear Drive
Tire Size 20″ x 4.0″ CHAOYANG
Applicable Height 150-185cm (59″-73″)
Display DP169-1-48v
Maximum Speed ≤50km/h (30 mph)
Endurance 60km (37 miles)
Waterproof Level IP56
Slope Capability <30°
Load Weight ≤150kg (330 lbs)
Motor Parameters 48V 1000W Brushless Motor
Charging Output Power 3A
Charging Time 3-4 hours
Battery Type 20AH Lithium Battery
Undervoltage Protection 39V
Overcurrent Protection 22A

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A Stylish and Affordable Off-Road Ebike

The EKX T1 emerges as a standout choice in the realm of electric bicycles. It combines style, performance, and affordability with finesse. With its retro motorcycle design and features, including a powerful 48V 1000W brushless motor and E-ABS electronic brakes, it promises an exhilarating ride. There is also the rear shock absorber for extra comfy rides. The availability of two battery options ensures flexibility to match diverse riding needs. While its competitive pricing starting from $800 underscores its value proposition. As enthusiasts embrace the thrill of electric biking, the EKX T1 stands ready to redefine adventure on two wheels.

EKX T1 Off Road E-Bike

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