Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light Review

February 11, 2024

Achieving optimal illumination with fill lights often requires enhanced power support, and this increased power can lead to heightened heat emission. Inadequate heat dissipation can adversely affect the longevity and performance of fill light equipment. Recognizing the significance of this challenge, numerous photography fill light manufacturers are engaged in ongoing research to strike a balance between efficient heat dissipation, compact size, and robust performance. The need for a solution that addresses these concerns has given rise to innovative products such as the Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light.

Zhiyun’s latest offering, the FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light, stands out with its sleek design and exceptional performance, catering to the needs of professional photographers engaged in various fields, including TV commercials, music videos, team battles, portrait short films, car short films, wedding short films, travel photography, and flat picture shooting.

What sets the Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 apart is its superior heat dissipation capabilities, a result of a distinctive design featuring six wind tunnel-level FOC variable frequency heat dissipation fans located on the back of the light body. This unique approach not only ensures effective heat dissipation but also distinguishes the product visibly, showcasing its power and reliability at a glance.

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The packaging of the Fiveray V60 is straightforward and practical. Housed in a typical khaki carton, the simple box opens to reveal a thoughtful inclusion – a convenient storage bag placed right within. The Fiveray V60 itself is nestled in a soft-padded bag with designated compartments for each accompanying accessory.

This bespoke storage bag, tailored to the dimensions and portability of the light rod, serves as a protective shield, ensuring that the equipment remains unscathed from bumps and scratches during transportation. The design not only prioritizes functionality but also offers added convenience by allowing users to effortlessly slip the light rod into their backpacks, making it an excellent choice for those constantly on the move.

The Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 Light Wand comes equipped with a comprehensive set of accessories, ensuring a versatile and user-friendly lighting experience. Inside the box, you’ll find the core component, the V60 Light Wand, designed for creative lighting applications. The package also includes barn doors, allowing for precise light control, a diffuser for softening the light output, and a grid modifier for achieving focused and directional lighting effects. The inclusion of a USB-C cable and power adapter ensures convenient charging options. To keep everything organized, Zhiyun provides a mesh adapter pouch. Users can refer to the manual for guidance on optimal usage and settings.

Finally, a storage bag is included for easy transport, making the Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 Light Wand an all-encompassing solution for professional and creative lighting needs.


The FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light boasts a sleek and uncomplicated design, devoid of excessive embellishments. Despite its simplicity, the device pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a refined aesthetic. In contrast to the square-shaped first-generation stick light, the second-generation variant adopts a more rounded structural design, showcasing a contemporary and fashionable design language. This refined balance of simplicity and sophistication in the overall appearance reflects the commitment to both functionality and aesthetics in the FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light.

The Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light features integrated barn doors that serve a dual purpose, functioning both as built-in protection for the light surface and adjustable shields for directing light. These barn doors can be conveniently folded back when not in use or adjusted to achieve the desired angle. Additionally, the light comes equipped with a diffuser and grid attachments that easily slide over the barn doors, allowing users to modify the light output according to their specific needs.

The Zhiyun Five Times V60 boasts a cutting-edge heat dissipation system that sets it apart in the realm of lighting technology. Positioned discreetly on the rear of the lamp body, the six wind tunnel-level FOC variable frequency fans contribute to an unparalleled cooling experience. These fans are ingeniously embedded in the device and employ the advanced MARK II electronic back-pressure cooling system, which is rooted in fluid mechanics. Zhiyun’s commitment to innovation is evident in their registered heat dissipation patents, showcased on the patent publication website prior to the product’s release. With each enhancement to the heat dissipation structure, the high-power fill lights achieve remarkable improvements in heat dissipation performance, ultimately elevating the overall stability of the light source.

The heat dissipation components of the device are prominently displayed, showcasing a unique style with a high overall recognition factor. The exterior is not only visually appealing but also offers a pleasant tactile experience, particularly with the smooth quick-dial knob. The stick light source’s main body has a length of less than 30cm, ensuring a comfortable grip on the handle. This compact design not only enhances portability but also allows for effortless storage in a backpack, making it a convenient and versatile accessory for users on the go.

The lamp bead panel proudly displays a distinctive 03 logo at its base, leading us to speculate that this marks the introduction of the third stick light product from Zhiyun FIVERAY. Preceding this release were two notable products, namely the Zhiyun FIVERAY FR100C and Zhiyun FIVERAY F100. The sequential numbering suggests a continued evolution in Zhiyun’s line of stick lights, with each iteration likely bringing advancements and improvements to meet the diverse needs of users.

Below the cooling fan, a series of metal fins serve to augment the heat dissipation area, facilitating a more efficient dispersion of internal heat. Positioned on the right side are the USB-C interface and the DC IN interface, offering versatile connectivity options. The power input interface enables both charging and overclocking functionalities, providing a convenient and centralized hub for powering and enhancing the device.

Located on the side of the fuselage are two essential knobs: the CCT color temperature adjustment knob and the DIM brightness adjustment knob. These user-friendly controls offer both rotation and pressing functionalities, providing a seamless and versatile user experience. Notably, there is no limit design imposed on these knobs, ensuring flexibility and ease of use for individuals seeking precise adjustments to both color temperature and brightness settings.

The power on and off buttons, along with the MAX overclocking button, are conveniently located on the opposite side. To activate the phone, a short press or long press of the power button is all that’s needed. This thoughtful design not only ensures ease of use but also guards against unintentional activation of the device, preventing the light from turning on with accidental touches.

The Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light, with its impressively lightweight design of less than 900 grams, remains remarkably portable and convenient for extended shooting sessions. Even when equipped with additional light control accessories, the overall weight only reaches around 1,000 grams, ensuring that users can comfortably handle the device without experiencing any cumbersome sensations during prolonged use. This feature makes the V60 an ideal choice for photographers and videographers seeking a versatile and user-friendly lighting solution for their creative endeavors.


The Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light goes beyond its sleek design, offering impressive functionality with a high display index of TLCI ≥ 98 and CRI ≥ 96. These features ensure precise color reproduction, allowing photographers and creators to capture images with enhanced texture. Additionally, the wand light boasts a broad color temperature range of 2700K~6500K in CCT mode, providing creators the flexibility to achieve diverse atmosphere fill-in effects. This versatility adds to the overall practicality of the FIVERAY V60, making it an ideal tool for capturing captivating visuals in various settings.

Zhiyun has prioritized user interaction in the design of the FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light, aiming to enhance the creative process for users. With the inclusion of user-friendly knobs and a clear screen, creators can swiftly adjust parameters and gain an intuitive grasp of the device’s current status. This thoughtful design not only streamlines the user experience but also contributes to heightened shooting efficiency, allowing creators to focus more on their artistic vision without being hindered by technical complexities.

Key optimizations have also been made in terms of battery life so that creators can create works without worrying about battery life. The built-in four 2600mAh lithium batteries can satisfy creators with a battery life of up to 55 minutes at 30W power. Of course, You can also use DC or Type-C fast charging to continuously power the stick light, making it simple and convenient to charge and use it at the same time, without worrying about battery life.

The Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light boasts impressive power with a maximum output of 60W, yet this potency comes at the cost of high power consumption. Operating at full capacity, the device provides approximately 20 minutes of actual battery life, necessitating a 90-minute charging period for a full replenishment. To optimize usage for extended periods, it is advisable to utilize power supply devices that support PD fast charging. Employing charging protocols through compatible power banks or utilizing direct DC IN for power input ensures the longevity of the battery life in the FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light.

Performance Testing

The Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light showcases a notable power capability with its 60-watt base, yet its true potential extends beyond this mark when fueled by PD/DC, boasting an impressive overclocking capacity of up to 100 watts. Our evaluation involves testing the illumination at a 40 cm distance under both regular and MAX modes, exploring the versatility of color temperatures at 2700K, 5600K, and 6500K. This comprehensive examination aims to reveal the optimal performance and adaptability of the V60 in different lighting scenarios.

The lamp’s illumination remains commendable at the given distance, as evident from six data sets. Notably, activating the overclocking mode enhances its performance, achieving an impressive 15890Lux at a color temperature of 5600K. Although the maximum brightness is attained at 4300K in overclocking mode, practical usage rarely calls for such extremes. Consequently, our illumination tests focus on the three conventional color temperatures to provide a more relevant assessment of the lamp’s performance in everyday scenarios.

The Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light offers versatile lighting with six distinct effect modes including SOS, TV, bad light bulb, candle, lightning, and flame, accompanied by a dynamic music mode. While lacking RGB support, the absence of vibrant colors might be considered limiting for some users. However, these special effects still prove valuable in enhancing specific scenes, adding a captivating element to the environment. Whether creating a dramatic ambiance or complementing a particular setting, the FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light brings creativity to lighting scenarios.

Heat dissipation Test

Efficient heat dissipation is crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of LED lamps, as they naturally generate heat while emitting light. To address this challenge, a reliable heat dissipation system is essential. FOC variable frequency fans play a pivotal role in this process by adjusting wind pressure at a microsecond level, dynamically optimizing internal airflow. This advanced technology ensures rapid heat discharge from the lamp body. To gauge the effectiveness of the heat dissipation system, temperature measurements are taken from various points, including the lamp panel, side of the fuselage, and grip, particularly during overclocking conditions. This comprehensive approach ensures the LED lamp remains cool and operates at peak efficiency.

The temperature variances among the lamp bead panel, side heat dissipation outlet, and holding handle become apparent when observing temperatures in three distinct areas. The temperatures surrounding the lamp bead panel and side heat dissipation outlet register relatively high, hovering around 50 degrees. Consequently, when the overclocking mode is activated, caution is advised against direct contact with the panel portion of the stick lamp, as it tends to generate elevated heat. Conversely, the temperature at the holding handle remains comparatively lower, measuring at a comfortable 33 degrees. Therefore, for user safety and comfort during usage, it is recommended to grasp the stick lamp primarily by the holding handle.

Hands-On Experience

The Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light emerges as a versatile solution to various challenges encountered in photography and videography. Notably, its formidable power, coupled with the option to utilize light control accessories in overclocking mode, enables the attainment of a primary light-level effect rivaling traditional point light sources. Furthermore, the electronic back pressure cooling system ensures prolonged stability, making it well-suited for continuous lighting demands such as live broadcasts. Finally, its lightweight design, clocking in at under 900 grams with a built-in battery, allows for installation in hard-to-reach spaces, broadening the possibilities for innovative light and shadow sculpting.

In the construction of our live broadcast room for the delivery of goods, we opted for the Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light to ensure an authentic and lifelike presentation. Specifically chosen for its remarkable color restoration capabilities, the V60 played a crucial role in showcasing fresh poultry products during our live broadcasts. The demanding nature of presenting perishable items like fresh poultry necessitated a lighting solution that could accurately reproduce colors, preventing any discrepancies between the showcased products and the ones received by buyers. With the Zhiyun FIVERAY V60, we achieved optimal color fidelity, providing our audience with a genuine and immersive experience that aligns seamlessly with the quality of our goods.

Prior to utilization, we employed a Delta color card to perform a preliminary color reproduction test. Recognizing the inherent color biases in a camera’s internal processing, we acknowledged the influential role of lighting parameters such as TLCI and CRI on color fidelity. The Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light demonstrated exceptional color rendering capabilities with a TLCI of ≥98 and a CRI of ≥96, attesting to its high-quality color reproduction.

In constructing our live broadcast room, the focal point was the utilization of a point light source and a soft light cover as the primary illuminators for the anchor and background. However, to enhance the presentation of the meat, it became crucial to incorporate a touch of warm light without conflicting with the primary setup. Enter the Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light, a versatile solution. By integrating it with light control accessories, we carefully adjusted the angle to prevent any interference with the colors of the characters and background. Ultimately, the FIVERAY V60 served as the perfect top light for showcasing our products, creating a brilliantly illuminated display area that accentuates the freshness and tenderness of the meat.

This stick light is designed for extended use, providing support for DC power supply in long-term applications. Its impressive heat dissipation structure ensures efficient control, making it suitable for continuous operation in dynamic environments such as live broadcast rooms that operate around the clock, ensuring optimal performance during 24 hours of non-stop broadcasting.


In conclusion, the Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light presents a remarkable synthesis of innovative design, advanced technology, and superior performance, addressing critical challenges encountered in professional photography and videography. Its sleek and functional design not only enhances portability but also showcases a commitment to both form and function. The incorporation of cutting-edge heat dissipation technology ensures prolonged stability and optimal performance even in demanding environments. With its broad color temperature range, high display index, and user-friendly interface, the FIVERAY V60 empowers creators to capture captivating visuals with precision and efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications.

Through hands-on experience and rigorous performance testing, the versatility and reliability of the Zhiyun FIVERAY V60 LED Wand Light have been unequivocally demonstrated. From live broadcasts to studio setups, its exceptional color reproduction capabilities and efficient heat dissipation system make it a standout choice for professionals seeking uncompromising quality and performance. As the latest addition to Zhiyun’s line of stick lights, the FIVERAY V60 sets a new standard for excellence in lighting technology, promising to elevate creative possibilities and redefine the boundaries of visual storytelling.

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