Tineco Floor One S5 Pro 2 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum: One-Step Cleaning

May 19, 2024

Experience the future of floor cleaning with the Tineco Floor One S5 Pro 2, available now on AliExpress for the unbeatable price of $358.99 using the coupon code TINECOMAY30. This cutting-edge device combines vacuuming and washing into one seamless step, making it the ultimate cleaning solution for your home.

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The Tineco Floor One S5 Pro 2 effortlessly handles both wet and dry messes. Tineco’s proprietary iLoop Smart Sensor Technology automatically adjusts suction power, brush roller speed, and water flow to match the type of mess, ensuring a thorough clean every time. This technology makes cleaning tough and sticky messes on hard floors easier than ever.


Stay informed and in control with the vivid 3D animation exclusive to the FLOOR ONE S5 PRO 2. The full-color, 2.1-inch LCD shows real-time cleaning status and guidance, battery and suction levels, and maintenance alerts. The iLoop ring changes from red to blue when your floor is clean, providing instant feedback on your cleaning progress.


Say goodbye to dirty rollers with the hands-free, self-cleaning function. This feature automatically flushes the inner tubing and brush roller, ensuring fast, mess-free maintenance. You’ll never have to touch a dirty roller again, keeping your hands clean and your device in optimal condition.


The exclusive FLOOR ONE S5 Pro 2 brush roller is designed to glide closely against baseboards and clean hard-to-reach corners. This advanced roller ensures your floors are completely dry and streak-free within minutes, providing a superior clean that leaves your floors looking pristine.


The Tineco Floor One S5 Pro 2 features a 30% larger clean water tank compared to the previous generation FLOOR ONE S3. This allows you to clean larger areas without interruption. The dual-tank system keeps clean and dirty water separated, so you’re always cleaning with fresh water and solution, enhancing the overall cleaning efficiency.


The Tineco Floor One S5 Pro 2 offers unmatched cleaning performance with its smart technology, user-friendly display, and innovative self-cleaning features. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer. Get your Tineco S5 Pro 2 on AliExpress now for just $358.99 with the coupon code TINECOMAY30 and revolutionize your cleaning routine today!

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