Crucial High-Performance T705 SSD Series Leaked with Specification Sheet

February 5, 2024

In a deja vu moment reminiscent of last year’s Crucial T700 Gen 5 SSD launch, Crucial, the consumer brand of Micron, is once again making waves in the storage industry with the alleged leak of its upcoming T705 and T705 Limited Edition SSD models. The T705 series, set to be a part of the Pro Series family, follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the T700, known for its marquee product status and industry-leading performance.

The leak, brought to light by hardware sleuth momomo_us, reveals two distinct models within the T705 series. The standard T705 appears to maintain Crucial’s sleek “SSD5” corrugated passive heatsink design! while the Limited Edition boasts a unique white variation of the same design! reminiscent of the T700’s premium aesthetic as showcased in W1zzard’s review.

While details on the internal components such as the controller, and DRAM cache numbers! and endurance figures remain undisclosed, an alleged specification sheet surfaced on social media over the weekend, adding more fuel to the anticipation surrounding the T705 series. Deepbluen, in response to momomo_us’s initial post, shared the leaked information! shedding light on the potential performance benchmarks of the upcoming SSD range.

The leaked specification sheet suggests that Crucial is once again aiming for industry-leading performance. The 2 TB T705 model steals the spotlight with impressive sequential read and write speeds of 14,500 MB/s and 12,700 MB/s, respectively. The 4 TB variant, while slightly trailing behind, still offers formidable speeds at 14,100 MB/s read and 12,400 MB/s write. The 1 TB model, while exhibiting relatively slower performance, maintains respectable speeds at 13,600 MB/s read and 10,200 MB/s write.

Crucial’s choice of NAND technology continues to feature Micron’s 232-layer TLC NAND, a proven performer in the T700 series. However, the leaked information does not provide insights into the controller! leaving enthusiasts and tech aficionados eagerly awaiting confirmation on whether Phison’s E26 controller will make a return! potentially addressing any technical concerns from the previous generation.

As the tech community eagerly anticipates the official release of the Crucial T705 series! questions surrounding its internal components and real-world performance remain unanswered. For now, enthusiasts will have to wait patiently for further official announcements from Crucial, which is expected to shed light on the details and unleash the potential of this highly anticipated SSD series.

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