BUYDEEM K156 Electric Tea/Coffee Maker Now at $128 (Save $32)

June 27, 2024

Many people start their day with a hot cup of tea or coffee, and some even enjoy multiple cups throughout the day. However, the process of brewing these popular beverages is not as simple as just pouring hot water over tea leaves or coffee grounds. To truly savor the flavors and extract the best taste possible, there are better methods to use. This is where the BUYDEEM K156 electric kettle comes in. Thanks to the 4th manufacturer’s birthday offer, you can get it for just $127.99 (instead of $159.99).

Prepare the perfect cup

As we said, brewing a cup of tea or coffee requires more than just pouring hot water. The temperature of the water can impact the taste of your tea, and steeping a tea bag for too long can make it bitter, losing delicate flavors. The same goes for coffee, where water that is too hot can affect the taste.

The BUYDEEM K156 kettle addresses these issues by using a unique basket and funnel system. As the water boils, steam is pushed up the funnel to create a 360-degree spray over your tea or coffee grounds. This gentle extraction process is similar to pour-over coffee, ensuring optimal flavor extraction.

The basket placement at the top of the kettle prevents over-steeping and avoids loose leaves or grounds in your drink. Cleaning up is also easier with this innovative design.

Taste customization

The BUYDEEM K156 offers a unique feature that allows users to adjust the flavor levels of their tea or coffee. Whether you prefer a stronger or lighter taste, this kettle has options for both.

While the quality of your ingredients is important, being able to adjust the flavor settings takes some of the guesswork out of the brewing process. This allows users to customize their drink to their preferences or for optimal taste with their current ingredients.

Additionally, the K156 also can select different temperatures for brewing. Using the right temperature is important for the best taste, especially for drinks like pour-over coffee. Electric kettles like this one make it easy for enthusiasts to dial in specific temperatures for the perfect extraction.

The K156 offers four temperature options: 175℉ for Green tea, 185℉ for Flower Tea, 200℉ for Coffee, and 212℉ for Water. Depending on your preference, you can choose from any of these four to make more specific adjustments.

To keep your drinks warm throughout the day

The BUYDEEM K156 has a large 1.5L capacity, which is quite a large amount of water for a person to drink. It has a feature that keeps the water warm, maintaining its temperature for up to 8 hours.

This allows you to enjoy your drink slowly throughout the day at a pleasant temperature. The kettle can also hold your selected temperature levels for up to 2 hours, with an option to keep it at 158F for 8 hours. Say goodbye to lukewarm tea and coffee!

Not only does the K156 keep your drinks warm, but it also ensures a perfect brew every time. The internal design of the kettle keeps tea leaves and coffee grounds separate, so you never have to worry about over-extraction or over-steeping. Enjoy a delicious cup of tea or coffee with the BUYDEEM K156.

Easy to use

Furthermore, one of the key advantages of the K156 is its user-friendly design. The layout of all the necessary dials and buttons, whether for adjusting flavor or setting temperatures, is clear and easy to access. This simplicity in operation makes it ideal for both beginners and experienced users. Besides, it is designed to provide safety and convenience even when in contact with wet hands.

Pricing & availability

If you’re thinking about taking your tea or coffee brewing game to the next level, BUYDEEM is celebrating its birthday and offering great discounts and deals. This top-of-the-line electric tea and coffee maker is now priced at just $127.99, down from its regular price of $159.99.

With a 30-day return policy and a 1-year guarantee, you can purchase this high-quality coffee and tea maker with peace of mind. So don’t miss this flash sale and upgrade your morning routine with BUYDEEM K156! Hurry, as this special offer won’t last long.

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