New Intel Core Ultra 200 CPU Lineup and Z890 Motherboards Leaked Ahead of Computex 2024

May 6, 2024

In a recent development, leaked information has shed light on the highly anticipated Intel Core Ultra 200 CPU lineup and the accompanying Z890 motherboards. These leaks provide detailed insights into the specifications of the processors and the capabilities of the motherboards, giving enthusiasts a glimpse into the future of computing.

The Intel Core Ultra 200 series is set to introduce a range of models, including the Core Ultra 5 245K, Core Ultra 7 265K, and Core Ultra 9 285K. Interestingly, the lineup skips the Core Ultra 3 model, with Intel choosing to continue supporting its existing Raptor Lake generation i3 chips instead. Among the highlights of the Core Ultra 200 series is the Core Ultra 9 285K, rumored to boast a boost clock frequency of approximately 5.5GHz. While slightly lower than the 14th Gen i9-14900K, which can reach speeds of up to 6.0GHz, it still promises significant performance gains.

One notable aspect of the Core Ultra 200 processors is their integrated GPU, which reportedly incorporates a maximum of 4 Xe computing cores. This marks a reduction from the 8 Xe cores found in the fastest laptop CPUs of the same line. These Xe cores are based on the Alchemist Xe-LPG design, with variations within the series expected to feature two or three Xe cores depending on the specific SKU. Additionally, the processors will include Lion Cove P-cores with an expanded L2 cache of 3MB for each core, along with a Skymont E-core cluster featuring 3MB of L3 cache.

Accompanying the Core Ultra 200 series are the Z890 motherboards, which are confirmed to support Thunderbolt 4 connectivity. These motherboards will be compatible with the new socket 1851, offering users enhanced connectivity options and future-proofing for upcoming technologies. The Z890 motherboards are slated to be officially unveiled at Computex 2024 in Taiwan next month, generating further excitement among PC enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Intel Core CPU Series (Speculation)
 Cores/ThreadsBase Clock(P-Core)Boost Clock(P-Core)PBP (TDP)
Core Ultra 200  Arrow Lake-S
Core Ultra 9 285KExpected 24C/24T(8P+16E) 5.5 GHz125W
Core Ultra 7 275   65W
Core Ultra 7 265K   125W
Core Ultra 5 255   65W
Core Ultra 5 245K   125W
Core Ultra 5 240(F)   65W
14th Gen Core Raptor Lake-Refresh
Core I9-14900KS24C/32T(8P+16E)3.2 GHz6.2 GHz150W
Core I9-14900K(F)24C/32T(8P+16E)3.2 GHz6.0 GHz125W
Core I9-14900(F)24C/32T(8P+16E)2.0 GHz5.8 GHz65W
Core I7-14700K(F)20C/28T(8P+12E)3.4 GHz5.6 GHz125W
Core I7-14700(F)20C/28T(8P+12E)2.1 GHz5.4 GHz65W
Core I5-14600K(F)14C/20T(6P+8E)3.5 GHz5.3 GHz125W
Core I5-1460014C/20T(6P+8E)2.7 GHz5.2 GHz65W
Core I5-1450014C/20T(6P+8E)2.6 GHz5.0 GHz65W
Core I5-14400(F)10C/16T(6P+4E)2.5 GHz4.7 GHz65W
Core I3-14100(F)4C/8T(4P+0E)3.5 GHz?60W
Intel 3002C/4T(2P+0E)3.9 GHz?46W

The introduction of the Core Ultra 200 series signifies Intel’s ongoing efforts to refresh its processor lineup and maintain its competitiveness in the market. Earlier reports revealed Intel’s plans to rebrand its upcoming Arrow Lake CPUs as the Core Ultra 200 series, following a new naming convention introduced with the Meteor Lake lineup. Furthermore, Intel is expected to update its Raptor Lake-H laptop processors under the Core 200H series later this year.

Intel’s decision to revamp its processor naming conventions was announced in June last year, with the Core Ultra 200 series positioned to succeed the fourteenth generation Intel chips. However, specific release dates for these new CPUs have yet to be disclosed, leaving enthusiasts eagerly awaiting further updates from the tech giant.

As the industry awaits the official unveiling of the Core Ultra 200 series and Z890 motherboards at Computex 2024, anticipation continues to build around Intel’s latest innovations and their potential impact on the computing landscape. Stay tuned for more updates as the story develops.

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