Liectroux i7 Pro Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner: Self Cleaning!

May 20, 2024

Get ready to revolutionize your cleaning routine with the Liectroux i7 Pro Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, now available on AliExpress starting at just $266.32! This state-of-the-art cleaning tool is designed to handle both wet and dry messes, making it a versatile addition to any household.

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DesignLiectroux i7 Pro

In addition, the dual-tank system keeps clean and dirty water separate, ensuring you always clean with fresh water and solution. The vacuum’s water tank sprays evenly, and it even has an automatic alarm for water shortages or a full tank. Plus, the super quiet operation with noise levels under 72Db means you can clean without disturbing your household.

Powerful CleaningLiectroux i7 Pro

Firstly, the Liectroux i7 Pro features a robust 150W brushless fan that delivers an impressive 14Kpa of suction power. This ensures you can effortlessly pick up dirt, debris, and even pet hair from any surface. Additionally, the vacuum includes a 600ml clean water tank and an 800ml sewage tank, allowing you to cover the entire house without frequent refills.

Advanced Drying SystemLiectroux i7 Pro

Moreover, the i7 Pro boasts an innovative graphene charging station that automatically heats and dries the rolling brush after each use. This feature not only helps in eliminating bacteria and odors but also extends the lifespan of your vacuum. Transitioning from one cleaning task to another is seamless, thanks to its automatic power assist system which makes operation comfortable and labor-saving.

BatteryLiectroux i7 Pro

The Liectroux i7 Pro has a 4000mAh supercapacity battery that guarantees a long run time of up to 40 minutes, providing ample time to tackle large cleaning jobs. You won’t have to worry about running out of power mid-clean, as the vacuum also includes a low-power automatic alarm. Charging is quick and easy, requiring only 4-5 hours to reach full capacity.

Convenient and Hygienic

The Liectroux i7 Pro is designed for ultimate convenience. It features a one-button self-cleaning system that keeps the vacuum hygienic and ready for its next use. You can easily switch between normal and power modes, depending on your cleaning needs. The built-in voice guidance system monitors cleaning performance and provides helpful maintenance reminders, which can be switched on or off as needed.


In conclusion, the Liectroux i7 Pro Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner offers an unbeatable combination of power, convenience, and advanced technology. It’s perfect for anyone looking to simplify their cleaning routine while achieving outstanding results. Don’t miss out on this incredible deal, available now on AliExpress at just $266.32 using a Discount Coupon: EUPR20. Transform your cleaning experience today with the Liectroux i7 Pro!

Discount Coupon: EUPR20

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