KiiBOOM Phantom 81 V2: Upgraded Crystal Gasket-Mounted Keyboard

May 7, 2024

The KiiBOOM Phantom 81 V2 is a keyboard that not only delivers on functionality but also captivates with its futuristic design and build. Crafted with a gasket mount and a PC mounting plate, this keyboard ensures durability and longevity. The crystal-clear acrylic frame adds a touch of minimalistic elegance, making it a perfect fit for any workspace or gaming setup. Its sleek design promises to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your desk while providing a high level of performance.

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FeaturesKiiBOOM Phantom 81 V2

One of the standout features of the KiiBOOM Phantom 81 V2 is its integration of popular hot-swapping technology into its upgraded colored PCB. This allows users to easily customize their keyboard by swapping out switches without the need for soldering. The plate-mounted stabilizers further enhance the typing experience, providing stability and consistency with every keystroke. With this level of customization, users can tailor their keyboard to suit their unique preferences and typing styles.

Versatility is key with the KiiBOOM Phantom 81 V2, offering triple modes of connectivity: Type-C Wired, Bluetooth 5.0, and 2.4GHz wireless. Whether you prefer a wired connection for maximum reliability or the convenience of wireless options, this keyboard has you covered. Switching between modes is seamless, allowing for efficient multitasking and uninterrupted workflow. Plus, with its 4000mAh battery, you can enjoy long hours of uninterrupted usage without worrying about running out of power.KiiBOOM Phantom 81 V2

The inclusion of an upgraded PC plate designed to complement the gasket mount system further enhances the typing experience. This combination produces a pleasant typing sound and a slightly cushioned feel with each keystroke, reducing hand fatigue during extended use. The result is a keyboard that not only looks sleek but also delivers a satisfying typing experience.

The KiiBOOM Phantom 81 V2 also boasts south-facing LEDs and compatibility with both Mac and Windows operating systems. The strategically positioned LEDs create a uniform lighting effect that enhances the overall aesthetics of the keyboard while minimizing glare. Users can customize the color and intensity of the LEDs to suit their mood or preference, ensuring a personalized experience that caters to individual needs.


In conclusion, the KiiBOOM Phantom 81 V2 is a top-tier mechanical keyboard that combines style, functionality, and versatility in one sleek package. With its durable build, customizable features, and seamless connectivity options, it’s sure to elevate your typing experience to new heights. Plus, with an offer on AliExpress at just $143.10, it’s an affordable option for anyone looking to upgrade their setup.

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