Hohem iSteady M6 3-Axis Stabilizer For Smartphone

May 29, 2024

In an era dominated by social media and content creation, the demand for tools that enhance smartphone videography and photography is ever-growing. The Hohem iSteady M6 emerges as a promising contender in this realm, offering advanced stabilization features tailored for the modern content creator. This review delves into the design, features, and overall performance of the iSteady M6, shedding light on its capabilities and limitations.

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DesignHohem iSteady M6

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Hohem iSteady M6 boasts a sleek and ergonomic design that seamlessly integrates into the filmmaker’s arsenal. Constructed from high-performance composites, it strikes a balance between lightweight portability and robust build quality. Weighing in at 551 grams (including the battery), it remains agile while accommodating a maximum payload of 400 grams. The mobile holder accommodates devices ranging from 58mm to 98mm in width, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of smartphones.

FeaturesHohem iSteady M6

The Hohem iSteady M6 distinguishes itself with a plethora of features tailored to elevate smartphone videography to new heights. Equipped with a 2600mAh battery boasting up to 18 hours of operation under ideal conditions, it offers extended shooting sessions without interruption. Additionally, the inclusion of AI tracking and fill light functionality extends battery life to 6-8 hours, catering to intensive filming requirements.

Mechanically, the iSteady M6 showcases impressive capabilities with its 3-axis stabilization system. With a panoramic range of 360° infinite rotation for the pan and 335° for both roll and tilt axes, it ensures fluid and cinematic motion capture. Moreover, motors are safeguarded against damage through automatic power-off functionality, mitigating risks associated with improper operation.

A standout feature of the iSteady M6 is its integration of a Magnetic AI Vision Sensor (MTK-L02), facilitating advanced recognition and customization capabilities. With a recognition distance of up to 3.5 meters and support for 360 kinds of color changes, it enables precise tracking and dynamic scene adaptation. The ability to adjust Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) and RGB values empowers creators to fine-tune lighting conditions with unparalleled flexibility.


In conclusion, the Hohem iSteady M6 emerges as a versatile and reliable tool for smartphone videography enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its robust design, extensive feature set, and intuitive operation, it simplifies the process of capturing stunning visuals on the go. Whether you’re a vlogger, filmmaker, or social media influencer, the iSteady M6 proves to be a worthy companion for unleashing your creative potential.

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