Great Deals Alert: Acer’s Predator Gaming Lineup Offers Substantial Discounts

March 7, 2024

In the realm of gaming, Acer’s Predator series has long been synonymous with power, performance, and cutting-edge technology. This week, enthusiasts have reason to rejoice as a slew of irresistible deals sweep across Acer’s gaming desktops, laptops, and monitors. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a budding enthusiast, these discounts promise to elevate your gaming experience without breaking the bank.

Predator Desktops: Unleash the Beast

Leading the charge are Acer’s Predator desktops, renowned for their uncompromising performance and sleek designs. Currys is offering a substantial £500 discount on the Predator Orion X, a compact yet formidable gaming rig equipped with an Intel® Core™ i9 processor and the latest RTX 4080 graphics card, now priced at £3299. Meanwhile, the Predator Orion 7000, featuring similar powerhouse specifications, sees a £200 price drop at Currys, bringing it down to £3099.

Predator Laptops: Power on the Go

For gamers seeking portability without sacrificing performance, Acer’s Predator laptops deliver unparalleled gaming prowess. Currys slashes £400 off the Predator Helios 16, boasting an Intel® Core™ i9 processor and RTX 4080 GPU, now available for £2099. Over at Very, the Predator Helios 18, featuring a massive 18-inch QHD display and top-tier components, receives a £400 discount, retailing at £2599. Argos joins the fray with a £200 markdown on the Acer Predator Helios NEO 16-inch variant, priced enticingly at £1599.

Budget-Friendly Options: Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop

For those with budget constraints, Acer’s Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop offers a compelling solution. Very presents a sub-£1000 deal on the Nitro 5 variant featuring an RTX 4050 GPU, Intel Core i5 processor, and a generous 16GB RAM, available for £999.

Gaming Monitors: Visual Immersion

No gaming setup is complete without a high-quality monitor, and Acer’s Predator range delivers in spades. Currys offers a £100 discount on the ACER Predator X27U Quad HD 27″ OLED Gaming Monitor, now priced at £799. For those craving a truly immersive experience, Scan and Overclockers present a £300 price drop on the Acer Predator X45, boasting a massive 44.5-inch UWQHD display with a blazing-fast 240Hz refresh rate, available for £1299.

More Value with Every Purchase

To sweeten the deal further, Acer is offering additional incentives for customers purchasing Predator laptops or desktops during the Intel Extreme Masters celebration. Buyers can receive free rewards worth up to £149.98, including a chance to win their money back for one lucky customer out of every 50 who register. Simply purchase a qualifying Predator Notebook or Desktop powered by Intel® Core™ processors from selected retailers and choose two free accessories from the provided list. This offer is valid until March 15th, 2024, ensuring gamers can maximize their value with every purchase.

In conclusion, Acer’s Predator lineup is synonymous with performance, and these limited-time discounts make it the perfect opportunity for gamers to upgrade their setups or dive into the world of high-performance gaming without breaking the bank. With deals spanning desktops, laptops, and monitors, there’s something for every gaming enthusiast to enjoy.

Jani Dushman
Jani Dushman

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