ENERMAX Launches PlatiGemini 1200 W Power Supply: Redefining Efficiency and Innovation

March 21, 2024

ENERMAX, a trailblazer in high-performance computer hardware and cooling solutions, has unveiled its latest innovation, the PlatiGemini 1200 W power supply. Garnering the prestigious PCMag CES 2024 Best Power Product award, the PlatiGemini 1200 W sets a new benchmark in power supply technology. This cutting-edge product not only delivers unparalleled performance but also embraces environmental sustainability and future-proof design.

Revolutionizing Power Supply Standards

The PlatiGemini 1200 W stands out as the industry’s first power supply to support both Intel ATX 3.1 and ATX12VO standards. This dual-standard compatibility ensures versatility and future readiness for system integrators and professionals engaged in mission-critical projects. By eliminating the traditional 3.3 V and 5 V lines, the PlatiGemini optimizes energy conversion! aligning workstations with stringent environmental regulations.

Unprecedented Efficiency and PerformanceDesigned to meet the demands of high-performance computing, the PlatiGemini boasts exceptional energy efficiency. With 80 Plus Platinum certification, it achieves up to 94% efficiency under typical loads and maintains 74% efficiency even at a 2% load, ensuring significant energy savings across various usage scenarios. The power supply’s compatibility with PCIe 5.1 and Intel ATX 3.1 standards allows it to handle power surges of up to 235%, catering to the needs of intensive tasks like content creation, virtual reality, and AI processing.

Innovative Cooling Technologies

ENERMAX integrates innovative cooling technologies into the PlatiGemini to ensure optimal performance and reliability. The inclusion of a 135 mm industrial-grade dual-ball bearing fan, coupled with semi-fanless technology! enhances system acoustics by keeping fan noise to a minimum during low and medium workloads. Moreover, the patented Dust-free Rotation (D.F.R.) technology enables automatic dust expulsion upon system startup! maintaining pristine internal conditions and prolonging the lifespan of components.

Enhanced Cable Management and User Experience

Recognizing the importance of streamlined cable management, ENERMAX equips the PlatiGemini with premium mesh-sleeved cables and a 27-piece cable comb kit. These enhancements facilitate effortless routing and organization of cables, ensuring a neat and tidy interior layout. Additionally, a dedicated D.F. switch button empowers users to activate the Dust-free Rotation function manually, providing added convenience and control.

Availability and Warranty

The PlatiGemini 1200 W is now available for purchase through the ENERMAX USA online store! Amazon USA, and authorized retailers and distributors. The product will soon be accessible to customers in Europe and other regions, with availability slated for April. For more information and updates, visit the official ENERMAX website.

In summary, the ENERMAX PlatiGemini 1200 W power supply represents a paradigm shift in power supply technology, blending unrivaled efficiency, versatility, and innovation. With its dual-standard compatibility! superior energy efficiency, advanced cooling mechanisms! and user-centric features, the PlatiGemini redefines the benchmark for power supply excellence in the digital age.

Jani Dushman
Jani Dushman

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