DeepCool LS720S Zero Dark 360mm Liquid CPU Cooler Now on Amazon

April 26, 2024

The DeepCool LS720S Zero Dark 360mm Liquid Cooler presents itself as a solution for those seeking both performance and aesthetics in their PC builds. With a focus on achieving peak processing performance through substantial cooling capacity, it aims to cater to gaming enthusiasts and overclockers alike. Drenched entirely in black, this cooler embodies a minimalist design language, offering a pristine appearance that blends seamlessly into various system setups.

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DesignDeepCool LS720S Zero

The LS720S Zero Dark 360mm AIO boasts a modern and sleek design, with its pump block constructed from aluminum, providing both a neat aesthetic and added rigidity to the pump housing. The all-black luster covering every surface contributes to its premium appearance, making it an ideal choice for users inclined towards a stealthy or professional build. Additionally, the rotatable aluminum block cap allows for flexible adjustment during installation, ensuring compatibility with diverse configurations.


DeepCool LS720S

Equipped with a 4th generation pump featuring a microchannel design, the LS720S Zero Dark 360mm AIO optimizes coolant flow to maximize cooling capacity. With a high-performance motor operating at 3100RPM, coupled with a pure copper plate, it offers efficient heat dissipation, supporting CPUs with a thermal design power (TDP) of up to 300 watts. The inclusion of high-speed FE120 120mm PWM fans further enhances cooling efficiency, providing airflow of 85.85CFM and air pressure of 3.27mmAq. Moreover, noise-damping pads integrated into the fan corners minimize vibration, maintaining a noise level below 32.9dB(A) even under full load.


In conclusion, the DeepCool LS720S Zero Dark 360mm Liquid Cooler presents itself as a viable option for users seeking a balance between performance and aesthetics. Its all-black design, coupled with efficient cooling capabilities, caters to enthusiasts looking to optimize their gaming experience or overclock their systems. With features such as anti-leak patent technology and wide compatibility with the latest CPU sockets, it offers peace of mind and versatility. At its current offer price of $99.99 on Amazon, it provides competitive value within its segment, making it worthy of consideration for those in search of an effective liquid cooling solution.

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