Aula F75 vs. F99: A Comprehensive Comparison

July 11, 2024

When diving into the world of mechanical keyboards, enthusiasts often debate the merits of different models. The Aula F75 and F99 are two such keyboards that have sparked significant discussion within the community. Based on user experiences and feedback from various Reddit threads, here’s a detailed comparison of the Aula F75 and F99.

Build Quality and Design

Aula F75
The F75 is often praised for its robust build quality and appealing design. Users appreciate its solid construction, which gives it a premium feel. However, there are mixed feelings about its key sensitivity. Some users find the keys too sensitive, leading to frequent typos, especially for those transitioning from other keyboards such as the Logitech K380.

Aula F99
The F99 also receives positive feedback for its build quality, with users highlighting its durability and aesthetic appeal. The design is often compared favorably to other mechanical keyboards in its price range. The F99 is known for its customizable features, which are a significant selling point for many users.

Functionality and Key Features

Aula F75
One of the main drawbacks mentioned by users is the lack of certain keys, such as the Home key, which can be inconvenient. Some users have had to resort to using software like AutoHotKey on Windows or Karabiner on macOS to reprogram keys【9†source】. Despite this, many users find the F75 satisfactory for general use once they adapt to its layout and sensitivity.

Aula F99
The F99 offers more in terms of customization and functionality. Users have noted that specific key combinations (e.g., FN + Q) can resolve common issues, such as ALT key malfunctions【8†source】. However, the F99’s reliance on its accompanying software can be a double-edged sword. While the software enables extensive customization, some users have reported difficulties in locating and using it effectively.

Software and Customization

Aula F75
There are mixed opinions about the necessity and safety of the F75’s software. Some users have managed without it, while others have expressed concerns about its safety and reliability【9†source】. This hesitation can be a barrier for users who prefer seamless out-of-the-box functionality.

Aula F99
The F99 excels in customization options, provided users can navigate the accompanying software. This software allows for changes to key functions and LED settings, enhancing the user experience for those willing to invest the time to configure it properly【8†source】. However, the initial setup can be challenging, with some users finding it difficult to locate or use the software without specific guidance.

User Experiences and Feedback

Aula F75
User experiences with the F75 are generally positive, with many praising its overall performance once they acclimate to its quirks. The main criticisms revolve around key sensitivity and the lack of certain keys, which can be mitigated with third-party software solutions【9†source】.

Aula F99
The F99 has garnered favorable reviews for its customizable features and solid performance. Users who prioritize customization and are comfortable with troubleshooting software issues tend to prefer the F99. The initial learning curve with the software is a common complaint, but those who overcome it find the keyboard highly rewarding.


Choosing between the Aula F75 and F99 ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs.

– Aula F75: Best suited for users who prioritize build quality and can handle the sensitive keys. Be prepared to use third-party software for reprogramming certain keys due to the lack of some functions.

– Aula F99: Ideal for users who enjoy customization and are willing to navigate the accompanying software for optimal performance. This keyboard is recommended for those who are comfortable with a bit of initial troubleshooting to unlock its full potential.

Both keyboards offer unique advantages and cater to different user preferences. For a deeper dive into user experiences and detailed discussions, you can explore the original Reddit threads.

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