Ugreen Nexode 100W 2-in-1 GaN Charging Station Review

June 2, 2024

In the era of rapidly evolving digital lifestyles, the need for efficient and versatile charging solutions has become more pronounced than ever. With the proliferation of multiple devices in our daily lives – be it smartphones, tablets, laptops, or headphones – the challenge lies in managing the various charging heads and cables associated with them. This creates a cluttered and inconvenient desktop experience, prompting the search for a comprehensive charging solution that can deliver both speed and safety across a spectrum of devices. Enter the Ugreen Nexode 100W 2-in-1 GaN Charging Station, a promising innovation designed to address the growing demands of contemporary tech users.

The Ugreen Nexode 100W 2-in-1 GaN Charging Station stands out as a noteworthy solution, seamlessly integrating wireless and wired charging capabilities into a sleek and functional Charging Station. This product aims to streamline the charging process for a diverse range of smart devices, promising a combination of efficiency and convenience. In this review, we will delve into the features, performance, and overall user experience of the Ugreen Nexode 100W 2-in-1 GaN Charging Station, shedding light on its potential to become an indispensable asset in the realm of modern digital living.

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The charger packaging box features a black background color, displaying a three-dimensional representation of the charger on the front. Alongside the brand logo, feature points, and charger name, the standout detail is the “MFM” certification for the charging station, ensuring an authentic wireless charging experience. The back of the box contains the pertinent specifications of the charging stand and the product barcode.

The opposite face of the box displays a depiction of the real-life usage situation, and beneath it outlines the crucial aspects of the charging station: encompassing MagSafe 15W wireless rapid charging compatibility, 100W high-power charging, robust magnetic attraction, and adaptable viewing angles.

Take out all the items from the package, including the charging station body, C to C charging cable, power cord, and two manuals! It comes standard with a 1.5-meter-long power cord and a 1-meter-long 100W fast charging cable. The wire is solidly made and very particular. It has Velcro on the wire, making it easy to store.

Design of Ugreen Nexode 100W

The first thing I noticed when I got the Ugreen Nexode 100W 2-in-1 GaN Charging Station is that it is cumbersome. With dimensions of 60x60x90mm and a weight of 620g, the charger’s solid materials left a strong initial impression on me. Compared with this very ordinary charger, its size is indeed a bit large, but compared with the 100W GaN charger, you will feel that it is not large. As a charger, I think practicality is the most important thing.

This charging station follows the consistent design style of UGreen chargers, featuring a metallic dark gray appearance with a slight sandblasting texture. Its color and shape versatility give it a high-end look on the desktop. The Ugreen Nexode 100W 2-in-1 GaN Charging Station is constructed with a 94-V0 grade fire-resistant PC material casing, maintaining the classic metallic gray color scheme. With a wireless charging area and a USB charging port, it presents a simple and refined look.

The Charging Station’s top is constructed from a black PC material casing featuring an inlaid design on the exterior. The off-white annular ring resembles Apple’s MagSafe charging logo, and the magnetic wireless charging area includes a charging logo.

The upper part of the front side displays the “UGREEN” brand. Below, in a rectangular line, there are 2USB-C and 1USB-A ports. Icons representing charging devices are printed on the top, with the names on the right side of the ports. The USB-A port’s female rubber core is purple, featuring widened PIN pin designs at both ends inside, allowing the passage of large currents.

The Charging Station’s input section features an “8-shaped” AC port with internal pins crafted from all-copper nickel plating, ensuring superior conductivity and resistance to oxidation. Simultaneously, the triangle logo positioned above serves as an indicator for the flip of the top module.

Flip the magnetic module on the top to adjust the viewing angle, enabling you to watch while charging. The linkage between the upper and lower modules is crafted with a mirror-like alloy metal connecting rod, providing a robust damping sensation and the ability to hover at any position.

At the bottom, there’s a spacious rectangular non-slip rubber pad with the charging station’s specifications and parameters printed on it. The detailed parameter information aligns with the packaging box, so I won’t delve into further details.

The provided cable is of the C to C type, featuring a pliable and bend-resistant wire body. It is securely bundled and affixed with a steel wire coil, enclosed in a black PC outer cover. The USB-C sub-end shell of the cable is coated with a matte frosted surface, displaying the white “UGREEN” brand LOGO. Both the sub-end shell and the cable body undergo a secondary thickening injection molding design, enhancing their durability against bending and swinging.

The power cord, approximately 1.5m in length, is bundled and secured with fabric magic ties featuring the “UGREEN” brand LOGO. The power input cord is similarly soft, conveying a sense of high-quality wiring suitable for everyday use. The male shell of the “eight-shaped” wire is embossed with the words “UGREEN” and “2.5A 250V.”


The Ugreen Nexode 100W 2-in-1 GaN Charging Station supports multiple charging protocols like PD3.0 (PD2.0)/QC4.0+ (QC4.0/QC3.0/QC2.0)/PPS/SCP/AFC. It is compatible with almost all mobile phones, headsets, and USB-powered devices in the market, catering to both wireless and wired charging needs for devices from Bluetooth to iPhone14 Pro. The charging station can efficiently charge a MacBook Pro 16 within the specified output power range. General Android phones can be fully charged in about an hour, while the iPhone14 Pro and MacBookPro16 reach 60% and 41%, respectively, in just 30 minutes.

Single Port Charging
Dual Port Charging
Three Ports Charging

USB-C1/C2 can deliver 100W output power, USB-A provides 22.5W, and magnetic wireless charging supports 15W. When charging multiple devices simultaneously, USB-C1+USB-C2 dynamically allocates power to the wireless device based on the output capacity. Traditional USB device power remains consistently stable, accommodating adaptive charging for low-current devices.

The Ugreen Nexode 100W 2-in-1 GaN Charging Station is equipped with multiple layers of safety protection, encompassing overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, overpower protection, and electrostatic protection. These protective measures effectively safeguard chargers and devices, ensuring a secure charging experience and preventing potential damage.

Single Port Charging Test

After connecting the power, I meticulously examined the power output of the three charging ports. Retrieving my power bank, boasting an input power of 100 watts, I promptly inserted it into the C port situated on the far left. The initial reading surged from zero and steadily stabilized at an impressive 101.50 watts, highlighting an exceptionally swift charging speed.

Switch the cable to the C port located in the center and monitor the charging efficiency and power output, ensuring consistency with the values observed on the left. This adjustment maintains the capability to attain a maximum power of 100 watts.

The utility of such high charging power hinges on individual needs. For devices requiring substantial power, like a computer, the significance becomes evident. Take, for instance, the MacBook Pro 13-inch, which typically utilizes a 65-watt charging head. However, the sheer size of the original charger can be cumbersome. In my case, I seldom use it, storing it in a drawer due to its bulk. For individuals who frequently rely on their computers, the Ugreen Nexode 100W 2-in-1 GaN Charging Station proves highly practical. This device eliminates the need for a bulky original charging head and power cord, streamlining the process to a single Type C port for charging—an aspect I find particularly appealing.

I tested the mobile phone’s charging capabilities, and it supports a maximum charging power of 33 watts through both C ports. The iQOO 120W, the highest charging power in my possession, demonstrated this speed and is labeled as FlashCharge on the phone, showcasing Vivo’s unique charging technology. While 33 watts may not be exceptionally high, it falls within the standard of fast charging and outpaces some other well-known brand mobile phones.

Additionally, exploring the charging protocol of the Ugreen Nexode 100W Charging Station revealed support for various protocols, including PD3.0/PD2.0/QC4+(QC4.0QC3.0QC2.0)/PPS/SCP/AFC, with a maximum power of 100 watts. A friend’s iPhone 14 Pro achieved a commendable 60% charge in just 30 minutes using the Ugreen Charging Station, highlighting the importance of matching the mobile phone’s charging protocol for optimal performance.

I retested the charging capability of port A, and whether it’s a power bank or a mobile phone, it consistently achieves a speed of 18 watts. Examining the specifications, the maximum capacity is expected to be 22.5 watts, enabling rapid charging for Huawei mobile phones, reaching up to 55% battery capacity in just half an hour.

Multi-Port and Wireless Charging Test

The Ugreen Nexode 100W 2-in-1 GaN Charging Station boasts three interfaces, allowing simultaneous charging of multiple devices. I tested it by charging a MacBook Pro and two mobile phones simultaneously, experiencing no issues. The Charging Station’s 100-watt peak power ensures sufficient power allocation even when using a computer, with typical laptop charging needs falling below 65 watts. This feature guarantees efficient charging for laptops, and the remaining power can be utilized for high-speed charging of additional devices, such as two mobile phones, simultaneously.

The Ugreen Nexode 100W 2-in-1 GaN Charging Station offers impressive functionality by accommodating the MagSafe wireless charging board on top, allowing it to simultaneously charge up to four devices, including power-hungry laptops. Despite its power and practicality, a minor issue was identified during use. The Charging Station’s compact size and the relatively close proximity of the three charging interfaces could pose a challenge when using non-standard charging cables. For instance, if the cable has a thick end, the cables may compete for space, potentially hindering free and seamless fitting.

The Ugreen charging station boasts more than just its impressive array of fast charging interfaces; its standout feature is the Magsafe wireless charging pad on top. This particular aspect is a major selling point for me. Ever since the iOS 7 upgrade for the iPhone, the Standby display function has added an extra layer of functionality. Similar to a desktop clock display, it shows real-time information like time, calendar, and charging status. While I appreciate its beauty and practicality, there are times when I find it distracting and wonder about its impact on electricity consumption.

Despite being a new addition, having a new function is certainly better than having none at all. To enhance the functionality of this pricey desktop clock, I opted for the Ugreen Charging Station. Its versatility allows it to be positioned at any angle! either flat or nearly vertically. Whether placed horizontally or vertically! the mobile phone can be easily accessed at a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing angle. This charging station proves to be remarkably user-friendly! and its presence on the desktop adds a touch of sophistication.

The Ugreen Charging Station stands out as a top-notch choice, boasting dual certification from Apple MFi+MFM. Featuring a built-in magnetic core from the same manufacturer as Apple, this station supports 15W wireless fast charging, accompanied by a unique charging animation. Remarkably, it accommodates charging even with mobile phone cases and delivers a swift 15W wireless charging speed, ensuring both safety and stability. In my search, I noticed the rarity of comparable wireless charging products in the market. With three fast charging ports and an attractive price point, the Ugreen Charging Station proves to be a worthwhile investment.

Yes, Apple headphones, such as the AirPods Pro 2, can be charged. I experimented with charging them and found that it worked flawlessly. Interestingly, the headphones can even be attached to the charging panel at an angle without any issues with the earphone case. This feature provides a convenient alternative to traditional wired charging for the earphones! offering a hassle-free and efficient charging solution.


After using it for a while, I observed that the Ugreen Nexode 100W 2-in-1 GaN Charging Station maintained a slight warmth while charging my computer. Upon touching the charger’s surface, I could feel a gentle warmth on my hands. Given its compact size and impressive 100-watt charging capability, this mild heat is expected. The device incorporates a GaN chip and features a reliable ThermalGuard intelligent temperature control technology. With 8 temperature controls per second and 8 layers of internal and external protection! the charger ensures stability and safety! alleviating concerns about excessive heat during usage.

The Ugreen Nexode 100W 2-in-1 GaN Charging Station is impressively compact and elegant! making it an ideal travel companion for business trips. Its versatility extends to compatibility with both computers and mobile phones, catering to diverse charging needs. Personally, I find it particularly useful for tasks such as utilizing the screen display function of an Apple mobile phone and facilitating high-power charging for multiple devices simultaneously, like computers and mobile phones. This charging station not only delivers functionality but also boasts a sleek appearance.

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In my experience, the Ugreen Nexode 100W 2-in-1 GaN Charging Station proves to be user-friendly and practical. I shared my positive experience with the hope that it serves as a valuable reference for others with similar requirements.

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