TeamGroup Launches Three T-FORCE SIREN DP360/GA360/240M ARGB AIO CPU Liquid Coolers

May 23, 2024

TeamGroup introduced three cutting-edge AIO CPU liquid coolers under its T-FORCE brand: the T-FORCE SIREN DP360 ARGB, GA360M ARGB, and GA240M ARGB. These new coolers feature a revolutionary magnetic design on the water block, allowing users to easily attach either an LCD or ARGB module. Additionally, the pre-installed fan lock on the radiator ensures convenient and hassle-free installation. These coolers are compatible with the latest Intel LGA 1200/1700 sockets and AMD AM4 and AM5 platforms, enabling users to fully leverage the power of dual-platform processors.

Revolutionary Cooling Performance and Design

The T-FORCE SIREN DP360 ARGB stands out with Asetek’s 8th generation module, which includes a six-wire, three-phase motor for superior liquid cooling performance. Its 30 mm thick aluminum radiator, paired with a pre-installed high-pressure ARGB PWM fan, boosts cooling efficiency through an increased surface area. The DP360 ARGB offers a straightforward installation process, with the choice of a magnetic LCD Display module on the water block. The specially developed T-FORCE software empowers users to display high-resolution images up to 480 x 480 pixels, along with vibrant visuals in 16.8 million colors. Gamers can exhibit personalized GIF animations and monitor hardware in real-time, ensuring an immersive gaming experience.

The T-FORCE SIREN GA360M ARGB and GA240M ARGB AIO CPU Liquid Coolers come with 360 mm and 240 mm radiators, respectively. Each model includes pre-installed high-pressure ARGB PWM fans—three 12 cm fans for the GA360M and two 12 cm fans for the GA240M—making installation efficient and minimizing the risk of errors. Both models use Asetek’s advanced pump solutions, combining fan and pump efficiency for optimal cooling performance. Gamers can select models with or without an ARGB magnetic water block cover, taking advantage of compatibility with various lighting controllers. Built with precision-engineered, durable aluminum components, these coolers deliver outstanding heat dissipation performance, allowing gamers to customize their ARGB setups while enjoying exceptional cooling efficiency.

Commitment to Sustainability and Availability

In line with its commitment to environmental sustainability, TeamGroup produces these coolers in a lead-free, eco-friendly environment. They adhere to RoHS environmental standards and utilize recyclable packaging materials, supporting global sustainability efforts and demonstrating corporate responsibility.

The T-FORCE SIREN DP360 ARGB, GA360M ARGB, and GA240M ARGB AIO CPU Liquid Coolers will be available in Q3 2024. Sales will begin on major platforms, including Amazon and Newegg, in North America. For the latest information and updates, follow TEAMGROUP’s official website and social media channels.

By launching these innovative coolers, TeamGroup continues to set new standards in performance and design, providing gamers and PC enthusiasts with advanced cooling solutions that combine powerful performance with eye-catching aesthetics.

Jani Dushman
Jani Dushman

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