Nuphy Air75 V2 Mechanical Keyboard: Gateron Switch Compatible

May 7, 2024

Introducing the Nuphy Air75 V2 Mechanical Keyboard, a sleek and sophisticated addition to the world of mechanical keyboards. With its minimalist design and thoughtful enhancements, the Air75 V2 promises to elevate your typing experience to new heights.

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DesignNuphy Air75 V2

Let’s start with the design. The top frame of the Air75 retains its signature minimalistic look, now available in an additional color option: Basalt Black. But it’s the subtle changes to the bottom case that truly stand out. Thanks to an improved laser texturing process, the bottom case is not only more transparent but also boasts a finer texture, allowing you to peek into its inner workings while enhancing its overall aesthetics. Comfort is key, whether you’re at your desk or on the go. With accessories like NuFolio V3 and NuPack, you can optimize your typing experience and keep your keyboard protected wherever you are.

FeaturesNuphy Air75 V2

Now, let’s talk about functionality. Whether you’re at your desktop, using a laptop, or even working atop a mountain, the Nuphy Air75 V2 offers unparalleled agility and portability. Its versatility allows you to choose where and how you want to work or play. Delving deeper, the internal components of the Air75 are color-coordinated to match your chosen keyboard theme, creating a layered and nuanced appearance. The addition of wavy, ‘Ionic’ bottom furrows adds to this effect. Furthermore, the light bar glasses are plated with thin layers of metal, ensuring both visual consistency and durability.

This open-source firmware enables endless key remapping, light customization, and other creative possibilities, putting the power in your hands to tailor your keyboard experience to your preferences. Whether you’re a Mac, Windows, or Linux user, VIA’s key remapping and macro capabilities work seamlessly across all major desktop platforms. The Win/Mac mode switch, integrated with VIA’s layers, enhances customization even further, ensuring compatibility with your preferred operating system.Nuphy Air75 V2

In terms of compatibility with MacOS, the Nuphy Air75 V2 excels. Dedicated shortcuts such as ‘Spotlight,’ ‘Dictation,’ and ‘Launchpad’ are now implemented through QMK, while F-key replacement keycaps ensure a seamless transition to the MacOS environment. The Air75 V2 isn’t just a keyboard—it’s the perfect companion for your MacBook or laptop. Thanks to the improved ‘footwork’ of Airfeet V3, the Air75 can be mounted on top of the majority of laptops, including the full lineup of MacBooks.

When it comes to keycaps, the Nuphy Air75 V2 doesn’t disappoint. Double-shot PBT keycaps offer crisper texts, vibrant colors, and record-beating thinness, while low-profile shine-through keycaps create a mesmerizing backlight effect in dark environments. Sound performance is also a priority with the Air75 V2. Utilizing structure-borne sound engineering, this keyboard delivers improved sound concentration and purity for a more immersive typing experience.Nuphy Air75 V2

The Nuphy Air75 V2 offers a variety of low-profile switches, like Moss and Cowberry, catering to different typing preferences. Traditionalists will like the upgraded Gateron switches with better tactile response and colored casings. You can easily swap switches without soldering, adding versatility. The package includes four extra switches for more options. The keyboard features RGB light bars on each side, indicating functions and improving aesthetics. With the VIA configurator, you can customize lighting effects to your liking.


When it comes to wireless performance, the Nuphy Air75 V2 stands head and shoulders above the competition. Supporting up to four devices simultaneously and boasting a 1000Hz polling rate on its 2.4G connection, this keyboard redefines what thin and light keyboards are capable of. With a 60% larger 4000mAh battery, you’ll enjoy extended endurance without sacrificing performance. The Air75 V2 delivers minimal total trip delay, ensuring a seamless typing experience. One of the standout features of the Air75 V2 is its compatibility with QMK/VIA firmware.


In conclusion, the Nuphy Air75 V2 Mechanical Keyboard is a true standout in the world of mechanical keyboards. With its impeccable design, unparalleled performance, and unmatched versatility, it’s a keyboard that caters to both enthusiasts and professionals alike. And with an offer on AliExpress at just $130.22, there’s never been a better time to experience the Air75 V2 for yourself.

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