MONTECH Enters the CPU Water Cooling Market with the HyperFlow ARGB AIO

May 28, 2024

MONTECH, a renowned name in the world of PC components and peripherals, has announced its bold entry into the CPU water cooling market with the release of its first All-In-One (AIO) cooler, the HyperFlow ARGB. Launching on May 27th, 2024, this new offering promises to blend aesthetic appeal with high-end performance, catering to the needs of both Intel and AMD CPU users.

Gemstone-Inspired Design and Superior Engineering

The HyperFlow ARGB stands out with its elegant, gemstone-inspired pump block, which not only adds a touch of sophistication to any PC build but also delivers impressive cooling performance. The pump, operating at a maximum speed of 3100 RPM, ensures swift and efficient heat dissipation, crucial for maintaining optimal system performance under heavy loads. Its sleek and low-profile design, standing at just 53 mm in height, operates quietly at a maximum noise level of 28 dB(A), making it a perfect choice for users who value both performance and tranquility in their setups.

High-Efficiency Aluminium Radiator

The heart of the HyperFlow ARGB’s cooling efficiency lies in its slim, 27 mm thick aluminum radiator. Designed with a single-row fin structure featuring 20 fins per inch (FPI), this radiator offers exceptional cooling capacity. Its streamlined profile not only saves valuable space, making it suitable for compact builds but also reduces airflow resistance, enhancing the overall heat dissipation efficiency. This design ensures that the HyperFlow ARGB can handle the most demanding tasks, keeping the CPU temperatures in check even during intense gaming sessions or high-performance computing.

Metal Pro 12 ARGB Fans

Accompanying the sleek radiator are the robust Metal Pro 12 ARGB fans. These 120 mm fans are designed with state-of-the-art enhanced fan blades, delivering an impressive airflow rate of 76.2 CFM and air pressure of 3.81 mmH2O at a maximum speed of 2200 RPM. Equipped with Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB), the fans guarantee smooth, reliable, and quiet operation, with a noise level of just 29.1 dB(A). The fans are pre-installed and connected with a short 7-pin cable, simplifying cable management and making the installation process straightforward and hassle-free. Additionally, the inclusion of both PWM 4-pin and ARGB 5V 3-pin connectors ensures seamless integration with various system setups.

Ease of Installation and Comprehensive Warranty

The HyperFlow ARGB is designed with user convenience in mind. It comes with pre-installed fans, thermal paste, and pre-connected cables, significantly reducing the time and effort required for installation. This thoughtful design makes it an attractive option for both novice builders and experienced enthusiasts alike. Moreover, MONTECH offers a generous 6-year warranty, providing users with peace of mind and assurance in the reliability and durability of their investment.

Pricing and Availability

The MONTECH HyperFlow ARGB will be available in two configurations: the 240 version priced at $84.90 and the 360 version at $95.90. Both versions are offered in sleek black and elegant white color options, allowing users to match their cooler to their build aesthetics seamlessly.

With its blend of stylish design, high-performance cooling capabilities, and user-friendly features, the HyperFlow ARGB is set to make a significant impact in the CPU cooling market. MONTECH’s entry into this segment reflects its commitment to providing quality and innovative solutions for PC enthusiasts and gamers alike.

For more information, visit MONTECH’s official website or authorized retailers starting May 27th, 2024.

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