MINISFORUM Launches AtomMan X7 Ti: World’s First Intel Ultra 9 AI Mini PC with Dynamic Screen

May 8, 2024

MINISFORUM set the stage for a groundbreaking release with the AtomMan X7 Ti, heralded as the world’s premier Intel Ultra 9 AI Mini PC featuring a dynamic screen. This revolutionary device has been officially showcased on the MINISFORUM website, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of high-performance tech products. The AtomMan X7 Ti is poised to redefine user experiences with its cutting-edge features and innovative design.

Scheduled to commence pre-sales at 19:00 PST on May 20th via the MINISFORUM official store, the AtomMan X7 Ti represents the pinnacle of MINISFORUM’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries. Under the AtomMan brand, dedicated to pioneering next-generation advancements, the X7 Ti stands tall as a testament to relentless innovation and uncompromising performance.

At the heart of the AtomMan X7 Ti lies an Intel Core Ultra 9 processor, leveraging Intel’s cutting-edge 4 nm process technology. Boasting an impressive array of specifications including 22 threads, 16 cores, a peak frequency of 5.1 GHz, 24 MB of L3 cache, and a power-efficient TDP of 65 W, this powerhouse processor sets new benchmarks for computational prowess. Complementing the CPU, the integrated Arc Iris Xe graphics with 8 Xe cores and 8 ray tracing units deliver unparalleled visual fidelity and gaming performance.

What truly sets the AtomMan X7 Ti apart is its integration of a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) chip, enabling advanced AI functionalities with minimal power consumption. Capable of running large language models with up to 200 billion parameters, the X7 Ti facilitates lightning-fast text-to-image conversion and AI-generated presentations with its 365 Copilot feature.

In a bold move towards enhancing user interaction, the X7 Ti features a 4-inch touch screen directly embedded into the chassis. This dynamic display offers intuitive system monitoring, timekeeping, and customizable theme options, enriching the user experience like never before. Moreover, the inclusion of a 1080p camera with a physical switch and dual digital microphones elevates video conferencing to new heights, ensuring crystal-clear communication in any scenario.

To tackle the demands of intensive workloads and gaming sessions, the X7 Ti incorporates an innovative “Cold Wave” cooling system. With a silent cooling fan and three copper heat pipes, this thermal solution ensures optimal performance even under the most demanding conditions.

Storage options abound with the AtomMan X7 Ti, featuring two DDR5 SODIMM memory slots supporting up to 96 GB of high-frequency DDR5 RAM, along with dual M.2 PCIe 4.0 SSD slots accommodating up to 4 TB of storage. Additionally, an SD expansion card slot offers further flexibility with speeds of up to 100 MB/s.

Connectivity is no afterthought with the AtomMan X7 Ti, boasting dual full-blood USB4 ports, HDMI 2.1! and DP 2.0 ports for seamless multi-display setups. Notably, the inclusion of dual 5G Ethernet ports with support for link aggregation ensures stable and high-speed networking! setting a new standard for connectivity in the mini PC segment.

As the flagship offering under the AtomMan brand, the X7 Ti represents a bold leap forward in mini PC technology. With a steadfast commitment to innovation! MINISFORUM promises to continue delivering cutting-edge products that exceed user expectations and redefine industry standards.

Jani Dushman
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