LIAN LI Launches HydroShift LCD 360 AIOs: New Design Offers Tube Routing For a Clean Minimalist Look

June 28, 2024

LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a pioneer in the manufacturing of high-quality PC chassis and accessories, has unveiled its latest innovation in liquid cooling technology: the HydroShift LCD 360 AIO series. The new series includes three distinct models designed to cater to various user preferences and needs: the HydroShift LCD 360S, HydroShift LCD 360R, and HydroShift LCD 360TL. These models promise a nearly tubeless aesthetic once installed, adding a sleek, modern look to any PC build.

Revolutionary Design with Minimal Tubing

The hallmark of the HydroShift LCD 360 series is its innovative tubing design that minimizes visible tubing for a cleaner, more streamlined appearance. The tubes are cleverly concealed to the side of the radiator, utilizing durable and flexible ribbed tubing commonly seen in water-cooled servers. This design not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures optimal performance and longevity. The tubing sits flush against the radiator, facilitated by two pre-installed retention brackets that help with routing. Additionally, the system includes a full-length brushed aluminum plate and left/right tube cover plates, along with a pump mounting hardware cover, to ensure a polished and professional look.

HydroShift LCD 360S: Silent Yet Powerful

The HydroShift LCD 360S is equipped with a newly designed pump that operates at 3800 RPM. This upgraded pump design includes enhanced propellers and water channels, which improve performance while reducing noise levels. The pump features two main cables: one for motherboard synchronization using PWM and another main cable that splits into SATA, PWM for the fans, and USB 2.0 for L-Connect communication. To maintain a tidy appearance, two tube clips are provided to route the main cable along the back of the tubes.

The radiator, measuring 27mm in thickness, comes pre-installed with 28mm non-RGB fans designed for quiet operation without sacrificing performance. These fans can reach speeds of up to 2500 RPM and are compatible with the UNI FAN P28’s side ARGB kit, offering users the flexibility to customize their cooling setup.

HydroShift LCD 360R: Enhanced Performance

The HydroShift LCD 360R takes cooling performance up a notch with a slightly larger propeller than the 360S, allowing it to operate at speeds of up to 3200 RPM. This model features a single cable solution that combines SATA for power, PWM for fan daisy-chaining, and USB 2.0 for L-Connect communication, simplifying installation and cable management.

The 360R includes a 31mm thick radiator and pre-installed 28mm thick ARGB and PWM fans, which can reach speeds of up to 2400 RPM. The ARGB cable for the radiator fans is discreetly routed inside the tube braiding, connecting inside the pump block for synchronization via L-Connect, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing setup.

Lian Li HydroShift LCD variants

Lian Li HydroShift LCD 360TL: The Ultimate Solution

For users seeking the ultimate in cooling and aesthetics, the HydroShift LCD 360TL offers a top-of-the-line solution. This model features the same 3200 RPM pump and radiator as the 360R but includes three pre-installed UNI FAN TL fans, providing a distinctive look. The cable from the pump can be routed behind the tubes and connects to the daisy-chained TL fans and the included TL hub, offering a single cable solution. This setup allows full control over the pump and fans through L-Connect 3, providing a user-friendly and highly customizable experience.

Availability and Pricing

The Lian Li HydroShift LCD 360S, 360R, and 360TL AIOs are available in both black and white and come with a comprehensive 6-year warranty. These cutting-edge AIO coolers are available for pre-order starting June 28th, 2024, with the following MSRPs:

  • HydroShift LCD 360S: $179.99
  • HydroShift LCD 360R: $199.99
  • HydroShift LCD 360TL: $259.99

For more detailed information about the HydroShift LCD AIO series, please visit the LIAN LI product page.


LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd. has been at the forefront of PC chassis and accessory design and manufacturing since 1983. Known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and design, LIAN LI continues to set industry standards with its range of high-performance and aesthetically pleasing products.

With the launch of the Lian Li HydroShift LCD 360 AIO series, LIAN LI reaffirms its dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that cater to the needs of gamers, PC enthusiasts, and professionals alike.


ModelHydroShift LCD 360SHydroShift LCD 360RHydroShift LCD 360TL
ColorBlack / White
LCD Type2.88” IPS
LCD Resolution480 x 480 pixels
Screen Brightness500 Nits
Block Dimensions72 x 72 x 59mm72 x 72 x 58.6mm
Pump Speed1500-3800RPM ±10%1500-3200RPM ±10%
Radiator Dimensions403 x 124.5 x 27mm403 x 124.5 x 31mm
Fan Dimensions124 x 120 x 28mm
Fan Speed200-2500RPM300-2400 RPM200-2600RPM
Bearing TypeFDB Bearing
Rated VoltageDC 12V
Operating VoltageDC 10.8-13.2V
Starting VoltageDC 6V (ON/OFF)
Fan Airflow73.14CFM79.9CFM90.1CFM
Fan Static Pressure5mm H2O3.26mm H2O3.94mm H2O
Fan Noise Level29.8dB(A)30dB(A)33dB(A)
Locked Current≦650mA


Operating Current250mA (max 280mA)
Compatible CPU SocketsIntel: LGA 1700

AMD: AM5 / AM4

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