LaserPecker 2 Pro Handheld Laser Engraver with Third Axis

May 1, 2024

Introducing the LaserPecker 2 Pro Handheld Laser Engraver, a revolutionary device that makes laser engraving accessible to beginners, hobbyists, and professionals alike. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, this sleek and compact tool is designed to set up in seconds, allowing you to start engraving with just a few clicks on your smartphone.

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FeaturesLaserPecker 2 Pro

When it comes to engraving capabilities, the LaserPecker 2 Pro does not disappoint. It offers different ranging methods and engraving modes, allowing for versatile use in various scenarios. Whether you need to engrave small items on demand or engage in batch production, this device delivers reliable performance. One of the standout features of the LaserPecker 2 Pro is its impressive engraving speed, which is boosted to 600mm/s compared to its predecessor. This significant improvement opens up new possibilities for faster and more efficient engraving. Additionally, users can choose from three engraving resolution options to achieve the perfect level of detail for their projects.LaserPecker 2 Pro

With the optional LaserPecker 2 Auxiliary Booster, users can expand the maximum engraving size up to 100*2000mm, enabling effortless engraving of larger items. This versatility allows for a wide range of creative possibilities, from small-scale projects to larger customizations. The LaserPecker 2 Pro excels in its ability to engrave a variety of materials, including metal, glass, ceramics, wood, leather, and more. Its compatibility with a wide range of materials makes it a versatile tool for any engraving project. For added convenience, the LaserPecker2 Pro can be powered by an exclusive power bank, allowing for flexible engraving anytime, anywhere. With up to 200+ minutes of work time, this device provides reliable support for endless creativity on the go.


In conclusion, the LaserPecker 2 Pro Handheld Laser Engraver is a game-changer in the world of laser engraving. Its combination of powerful features, easy-to-use interface, and compact design make it a standout choice for both beginners and professionals. Whether you’re working on small-scale projects or need the flexibility to engrave on the go, this device delivers impressive performance.

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