Google’s Tensor G4: Early Benchmark Leak Reveals Potential Disappointment

February 9, 2024

Google’s Tensor series, powering its Pixel lineup of smartphones, has so far struggled to impress users. The latest leak regarding the Tensor G4 chipset suggests a continuation of this trend. While the leaked benchmarks indicate room for improvement, they also raise concerns about the chip’s performance compared to its predecessor, the Tensor G3.

Early Benchmark Leak: Recent benchmark leaks of the Tensor G4 chipset have surfaced, indicating a potentially disappointing performance trajectory. The leaked results, while not final, suggest that the Tensor G4 may follow in the footsteps of its predecessors in terms of underwhelming performance. However, it’s essential to note that these benchmarks represent early testing phases, leaving room for optimizations and improvements in the future.

CPU Configuration Comparison: A significant aspect highlighted by the leak is the CPU configuration of the Tensor G4. Unlike the Tensor G3’s 9-core cluster, the Tensor G4 features a traditional 8-core CPU arrangement in a ‘1 + 3 + 4’ formation. Additionally, the highest-clocked core in the Tensor G4 is listed at 3.10GHz! slightly surpassing the Tensor G3’s Cortex-X3 core running at 3.00GHz.

Optimization Challenges: While all cores in the Tensor G4 operate at higher clock speeds! the leak suggests the need for intensive optimization to realize the chipset’s full potential. The configuration also hints that the Tensor G4 might not utilize Samsung’s Exynos 2400, a 10-core part. Instead, speculation arises regarding Google’s adoption of Samsung’s newest 4LPP+ node and ‘Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging’ (FOWLP) to enhance efficiency and multi-core capabilities, similar to the Exynos 2400’s fabrication process.

GPU Concerns: Despite an improved CPU cluster, concerns linger regarding the GPU performance of the G4. Reports indicate that the new chipset retains the same ARM Immortalis-G715 GPU as its predecessor! potentially impacting graphical performance compared to competitors like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and Dimensity 9400. Early benchmark comparisons with the Tensor G3 suggest a potential performance lag of up to 19%.

Conclusion: As the leaked benchmarks offer only a snapshot of the Tensor G4’s performance in its early stages! it’s premature to form definitive opinions. While concerns exist regarding CPU configuration and GPU performance, future optimizations and updates may alter the trajectory. As the official launch nears, consumers eagerly await further details to gauge Google’s latest endeavor in the competitive smartphone chipset market.

Source: Geekbench 5

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