GameSir G8 Galileo Mobile Gaming Controller Review

January 30, 2024

In my journey as a gaming enthusiast, I have traversed through various handheld console eras, from the classic Game Boy (GB) to the more recent PlayStation Vita (PSVita). As a current mobile game enthusiast, I find myself engaged in daily gaming sessions with friends. However, the prolonged use of touch screens can sometimes lead to discomfort, and the absence of physical buttons and joysticks diminishes the pleasure of gameplay.

Mobile gaming has evolved with the advent of high-performance smartphones, yet the pure touchscreen experience lacks the immersive feel of using a dedicated controller. Recently, I got the GameSir G8 Galileo Mobile Gaming Controller, a device that seamlessly transforms my smartphone into a handheld gaming console. This controller not only replicates the tactile sensation of a traditional console but also offers compatibility with Nintendo Switch emulators, allowing users to effortlessly convert their phones into portable gaming devices. 

With its sensitive controls, ergonomic grip, and powerful configuration, the GameSir G8 Galileo provides a captivating console-like experience in handheld mode. In the following paragraphs, I will delve into my firsthand experience with this mobile game controller and explore its capabilities for enhancing the gaming experience on mobile devices.

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In terms of packaging, the GameSir G8 Galileo adopts an environmentally friendly paper packaging box, the packaging design is characterized by its simplicity, with a clear display of the product’s image and name on the front. Meanwhile, the back of the packaging provides a comprehensive introduction to the handle’s distinctive functions and parameters. This layout ensures that users can quickly grasp the key features and specifications of the GameSir G8 Galileo, facilitating a straightforward understanding of the controller’s capabilities.

The contents of the box include a set of uncomplicated accessories to complement the GameSir G8 Galileo game controller. Alongside the controller itself, users will find three additional thumbsticks: a Small Thumbstick (1), a Tall Thumbstick (1), and a Dome Thumbstick (1). Complementing these components are logo stickers and instructional manuals. Notably, the Thumbstick features a detachable design, enabling users to interchange it effortlessly in alignment with their individual usage preferences. This thoughtful design element enhances user customization, promoting a tailored gaming experience.


In terms of appearance, The GameSir G8 Galileobody adopts a gray handle background color, and the upper right corner is a combination of light blue and dark blue function keys. Compared with previous generations, the materials used in the G8 have been greatly improved. The overall texture and feel are quite comfortable and have a high-end feel. This is mainly due to the new console handle shape, the grip feeling has been greatly improved, it is very close to the hand, and you will not feel tired even if you play for a long time.

The key layout of the controller is the same as that of the G7. It is the classic key layout of the official XBOX controller, which is very friendly to console gamers. It is particularly worth mentioning that although the ABXY keys are not detachable, users can switch to the Switch layout through APP key value exchange.

As the largest integrated mobile phone handle currently produced by GameSir, there are no screw holes on the entire surface of the fuselage, making it clean, beautiful, elegant, and simple. The GameSir G8 is compatible with devices between 110-185mm. I tried several mobile phones of different sizes in my hand and it can be perfectly adapted when inserted directly with a protective case. The back panel in the middle has a fine texture, which can fit the back well when connected to the mobile phone and achieve good heat dissipation performance. Its Type-C connector can be flexibly adjusted according to the thickness of the phone, which is very practical.

There is also a Type-C charging port and a 3.5mm audio jack in the middle of the bottom of the handle. Through the charging port, the mobile phone connected to the handle can be charged while playing. The headphone port can be used for external wired headphones.

On both sides of the top of the handle are shoulder keys and trigger keys, with the left and right sides being the LT key, LB key, RT key, and RB key respectively. This design is consistent with most current game controllers. The trigger keys (LT, RT) use 256-step Hall linear triggers, which can switch between Hall trigger and fast trigger modes, allowing users to freely choose according to different games.

The back of the G8 uses a pure gray background with a GameSir logo in the middle and two back buttons on the left and right sides, which is very simple. The linear triggers and buttons on the top are also made of the same model as the large handle. It is very comfortable to hold the buttons and can be seamlessly transferred from the large handle to the G8.

The face shells on the left and right sides of the GameSir G8 Galileo are detachable and magnetically fixed, making them easier to disassemble and assemble. Users can replace them at any time as needed to create their own personalized handles.


The GameSir G8 Galileo boasts the exclusive use of the JH16 Hall rocker, a customized innovation by GameSir. Engineered with a wear-resistant ring, this rocker not only guarantees an optimal tactile experience but also ensures long-lasting durability. Adding to its versatility, the Thumbsticks are designed to be easily removable and replaceable.

The controller comes standard with three distinct rocker caps, providing players with the flexibility to customize their gaming experience based on individual operating habits and preferences. This thoughtful and user-friendly design sets the GameSir G8 Galileo aart, offering gamers a personalized and immersive gameplay experience.

When it comes to the controller’s buttons, a sophisticated hybrid design seamlessly integrates mechanical buttons and conductive silicone. Specifically, the ABXY keys boast a design featuring conductive silicone, providing a comfortable and tactile feel in the hand. On the other hand, the cross keys employ a mechanical micro-motion design, facilitating swift actions and delivering a satisfyingly crisp rebound with each press. The ALPS switch located on the shoulder adopts a Hall trigger structure, meticulously engineered to simulate a linear elastic output through electromagnetic induction. This innovative design allows precise identification of the player’s pressing force, enabling millimeter-level touch actions for a heightened gaming experience.

In terms of details, the width ratio of GameSir G8 Galileo matches the current mainstream mobile phones. There is no sense of disobedience after installation, showing the appearance of a handheld machine. The length is a traditional tensile clamping and fixing structure solution. The inner and back panels are made of non-slip rubber, and coupled with the original clamping force, the fixing effect is excellent. Moreover, the gap after opening is just enough to put down the camera of the mobile phone, and there is no need to worry about the camera being worn out. GameSir has done a good job in this detail, and he is worthy of being a detail maniac.


Setting up the GameSir G8 Galileo is an effortless process, making it a user-friendly gaming accessory. This versatile controller seamlessly works with both the iPhone 15 series and Android smartphones, providing wide compatibility. Connecting the handle to your mobile phone is as simple as plugging it into the flexible Type-C socket. With compatibility spanning mobile phones ranging from 110 to 185mm in length, it accommodates a variety of devices. During testing, the Nubia Z50 was employed, showcasing its adaptability to modern smartphones. Notably, with the Nubia Z50’s full-screen design, the GameSir G8 Galileo transforms the mobile gaming experience, giving the impression of a dedicated handheld gaming console post-installation.

Of course, if you want to use the full features of the controller, you also need to use it with the “GameSir” APP on the mobile phone. After the application is installed, the main interface of the system will automatically pop up a prompt after connecting the mobile phone and the controller, making it more convenient for users to use. Entering the “Peripheral Management” interface, you can quickly start the corresponding game, and also perform firmware upgrades, corrections, controller testing and button function settings. Users can set up the controller as needed.

For console games, game resources can be said to be very important. The game resources that GameSir G8 Galileo can support are still very rich. It has a wealth of adaptable game resources in the “GameSir” and supports mobile games, emulator games, streaming games, Remote Play, and Xbox Games. Pass games and other games can be more convenient for users to freely choose to try out according to their needs.

Not only that, the GameSir G8 Galileo also supports the Yuzu NS Emulator. Games in the Yuzu NS Emulator can be played permanently through the handle, allowing users to easily access the world of console games.

Through actual experience, the GameSir G8 Galileo is comfortable and stable to hold, basically consistent with the handles of most game consoles. In terms of grip, it is even better than professional game consoles. However, there is no built-in motor in the grip of the handle and it cannot provide vibration feedback, which is slightly lacking.

Although the game resources supported are relatively rich, in simple terms they are mainly divided into direct connection and direct play games and activation mapping games. Among them, direct connection and direct play games have a relatively complete adaptation of buttons, and users can directly log in to the game to play freely.

Through the actual test of the “Genshin Impact” game, after entering the game, the skills, backpack, settings and other buttons have been set accordingly. You only need a little familiarity to play the game, which is indeed a bit like a game console.

For most mainstream mobile games, GameSir G8 Galileo can run smoothly by activating the mapping function. Moreover, for popular mobile games such as King of Kings and PUBG: Mobile, the system has preset configurations and can be directly used without manual mapping. Start the game. If you feel that the mapped keys are not suitable, you can manually adjust them in the game.

Through the “League of Legends: Wild Rift” test, after entering the game, you can directly use the default mapping keys provided by the system. The key mapping positions are quite accurate. After a simple familiarization, I can easily get started. Compared with direct touch screen operation, using the handle to control Finally, I personally feel that my positioning is more flexible and my skills can be released faster.

Test it through the “PUBG: Mobile” game. You can also enter the game and use the default mapping keys. However, it is still a bit difficult to use the handle to control. You need to be familiar with and practice the keys. After all, this game still has high control requirements.

The GameSir G8 Galileo also supports manual parameter adjustment, allowing you to easily implement the configuration plans of many experts. Through the “Button Function Settings” function, you can set the button layout and back buttons, and adjust the parameters of the rocker and trigger to make the handle more playable.

Since the GameSir G8 Galileo does not have a built-in battery, it needs to be powered by a mobile phone, and large-scale games also consume a lot of power. However, the controller supports charging and playing at the same time, which can avoid users’ anxiety about battery power. Even if they play for a whole day, there will be no problem.

Of course, this kind of game controller can only be regarded as an auxiliary device. The key to playing games smoothly depends on the performance of the smartphone. Only the hardware configuration and performance are strong enough to bring a better gaming experience.


In general, after using the GameSir G8 Galileo for a period of time, I personally prefer this kind of stretched design handle compared to the traditional game handle. The mobile phone can be directly clamped in the middle of the handle, which not only eliminates the need for It has built-in counterweights and looks more like a PSP handheld machine. Among them, the comfortable grip, Type-C interface wired connection, rich button configuration, support for charging and playing, etc. are the characteristics of this controller, and it also comes with the right to play the NS emulator forever.

Coupled with the rich game resources of the GameSir Center, I believe it is enough for most users. As for the shortcomings, the stretching rod of the handle is made of plastic material. If it is made of metal, it will be stronger and more durable. There is no built-in vibration motor, so vibration feedback cannot be provided in the game.

9.5Expert Score

If you have a limited budget and want to get the experience of a Switch handheld console and an Xbox console, the combination of GameSir G8 Galileo and a smartphone is a good choice.

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