GameSir T4 Cyclone & T4 Cyclone Pro Wireless Controller Review

January 30, 2024

Modern young people have higher and higher demands for gaming experience equipment and pursue a more immersive gaming experience. Of course, a professional game controller is indispensable, a controller that supports multi-platform games and can switch freely between multiple devices. For multi-platform gaming devices, saves a lot of money. As a wireless controller specially designed for young people, GameSir’s T4 Cyclone Series highlights the characteristics of both its appearance design and functional configuration. For those who often play FPS, racing, football, and action games, it is very necessary to choose a game controller with excellent configuration. You can have fun playing by yourself, and it will be even more exciting when friends come to visit your home in a group.

The recently introduced T4 Cyclone Series by GameSir, featuring both the standard and Pro versions, has garnered positive attention for its performance. We got both models for comprehensive review testing, this article delves into the practical user experience to provide insights into how these controllers fare in real-world scenarios.

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First of all, what catches our eyes is the outer packaging boxes of the GameSir’s T4 Cyclone Series Controllers. The packaging is very simple and intuitive, with a pure white paper box, brand name, and a physical picture of the controllers in the center, making it easy for buyers to directly check their appearance. The black model is the T4 Cyclone Pro, and the white model is the ordinary model.

Turning to the back of the box, there is a further introduction to the special selling points. In addition to the different colors, you can see that the PRO version has an additional 2.4G receiver in the introduction, while the standard version needs to be purchased separately. Of course, if you don’t need a 2.4G connection, the white version is just fine and cheaper.

After opening the boxes, the accessories include GameSir’s T4 Cyclone and T4 Cyclone PRO game controllers, TYPE-C cable, and various papers (instruction page, three-guarantee certificate, LOGO sticker, etc.). The black PRO model also comes with a 2.4G receiver, while the white model needs to be purchased separately.


The T4 Cyclone series Controllers boast a timeless aesthetic by embracing the classic color palette of black and white. Mirroring the enduring appeal of these colors, black exudes a sense of restraint and stain resistance, while white embraces a more fashionable allure. Staying true to the iconic design philosophy of GameSir Controllers, the T4 Cyclone series adopts the classic ID design, maintaining uniformity across hardware configurations.

In terms of connectivity, both versions support three methods: 2.4G/Bluetooth wireless and wired. Notably, the white standard version necessitates the purchase of an additional 2.4G receiver. Both iterations feature the Jh16 Hall joystick, effectively addressing drift concerns, and integrate GameSir’s proprietary Hall joystick IC. Algorithm optimization, coupled with compatibility with the “GameSir APP,” enables users to fine-tune the joystick’s 0 dead zone and peripheral radius.

While the white standard version embraces the SWITCH button layout, the PRO version aligns with the XBOX configuration. The PRO version distinguishes itself further with trigger vibration, utilizing fully mechanical micro-movement. In contrast, the standard version offers grip vibration and employs conductive rubber buttons. Despite these differences, both controllers offer a satisfying tactile experience and share a commendable lifespan of 5 million clicks.

The surface of the controllers features frosted particles, enhancing anti-slip properties. This design consideration is particularly advantageous for players prone to sweaty palms, ensuring a secure grip during moments of heightened excitement.

Beyond aesthetics and tactile considerations, the T4 Cyclone series controllers offer technical enhancements. Notable features include a 500Hz polling rate for improved sensitivity, reduced jitter, and lower power consumption. Additionally, the controllers house a six-axis body-sensing gyroscope, dual back keys, and support bursts and macro definitions. With broad platform compatibility spanning mainstream PC, STEAM, NS Platform, Android, and IOS, these controllers cater to a diverse gaming audience.

Both black and white variants incorporate a vibration function. However, the white standard version provides grip vibration only, while the black PRO version introduces trigger vibration with an asymmetrical vibration motor. The PRO version further enhances gameplay with a 256 linear change Hall trigger, enabling the activation of Quick trigger mode—an ideal feature for FPS gaming enthusiasts.

Compact and ergonomically designed, the controllers are suitable for users with smaller hands and offer portability with the convenience of backpack storage. The bottom of the controllers features a pairing button, facilitating Bluetooth and 2.4G receiver pairing operations.

The top of the controllers reveals four shoulder buttons and a centrally positioned Type-C charging port, which also supports wired connections. Equipped with an 860 mAh lithium battery, the controllers boast impressive battery life. Notably, special bracket grooves at both ends of the interface anticipate future bracket accessories, offering the option for users to stand up and play when such accessories become available on the market.

Key Differences:

  • Button Layout:
    White Standard Version: Adopts the SWITCH button layout.
    PRO Version: Features the XBOX button layout.
  • Vibration Functionality:
    White Standard Version: Offers grip vibration.
    PRO Version: Introduces trigger vibration using an asymmetrical vibration motor, enhancing tactile feedback during gameplay.
  • Trigger Mechanism:
    White Standard Version: Utilizes conductive rubber buttons for triggers.
    PRO Version: Employs a fully mechanical micro-movement for triggers, enhancing responsiveness and feedback.
  • Additional Features – PRO Version:
    Trigger vibration with a 256 linear change Hall trigger, enabling Quick trigger mode, ideal for FPS games.
    Supports bursts and macro definitions, providing advanced customization options.
    Incorporates a 500Hz polling rate for improved sensitivity, reduced jitter, and lower power consumption.
  • Color Options:
    White Standard Version: Offers a classic and fashionable white color.
    PRO Version: Embraces a restrained and stain-resistant black color.

APP and Customization

The GameSir T4 Cyclone Series sets itself apart from conventional controllers by incorporating a mobile app—GameSir—that serves as its driving force. This innovative app not only facilitates the adjustment of the controller drive but also offers additional features such as game recommendations and access to the GameSir Store.

Once seamlessly connected to the T4 Cyclone Series via Bluetooth, users gain the ability to fine-tune various aspects of the controller through the app. Adjustable options encompass a wide range, including Xbox and Switch key settings, back key mapping, dead zone adjustments, trigger range customization, and control over vibration intensity. This comprehensive suite of customization options makes the GameSir T4 Cyclone Series exceptionally practical, catering to the preferences and requirements of diverse gaming experiences.

After successfully pairing and connecting with the APP, you can intuitively see the remaining power and upgrade the firmware. What’s more important is that it can identify the games installed on the phone and provide a connection plan. Some games can be directly connected and played, while other games require key mapping to be controlled smoothly using the controller.

In the button setting interface, users have the flexibility to toggle action buttons between the Xbox and Switch layouts, catering to the specific platform of their gameplay. However, it’s important to note that the two back buttons are restricted to mapping controller buttons exclusively and do not support key assignments on the keyboard or the configuration of macro commands. For those seeking enhanced joystick sensitivity, a simple adjustment can be made by dragging the right point of the effective range toward the left. Furthermore, users have the option to enable joystick and cross-key swapping or switch the left and right joysticks to customize their gaming experience.

The effective range can be adjusted in the trigger button setting interface. If you play some fighting action games, then enable the quick trigger to quickly trigger the release skill. In the vibration setting interface, you can adjust the vibration mode and intensity. If you want to get a better vibration feedback experience, Try to increase the motor intensity as much as possible, but the motor vibration intensity and frequency will have a significant impact on your needs. When playing racing games, it is recommended to enable trigger pressing vibration.

When playing PC games with the GameSir T4 Cyclone Series, if you need to adjust the above settings through the driver, you need to switch to Bluetooth mode and connect to your phone, which is a bit inconvenient. At this time, it would be more convenient if there was a PC version of the software. In addition, there is a lack of configuration file function in the settings. Since the settings such as key positions may be different in different games, I hope to add multiple configuration files to the settings and switch quickly.

Experience and Performance

In terms of the actual grip of the game controller, the GameSir T4 Cyclone Series is medium-sized, full, and comfortable to hold, and the surface details are well-handled. The areas where the palm and fingers come into contact are designed with anti-slip textures, such as covering the entire handle and Extending to the trigger button, it is quite friendly to players with sweaty hands and avoids slippage due to sweaty hands when holding for a long time.

Remarkably, the controller’s weight is a mere 228 grams, contributing to its overall ease of use. Gamers can enjoy extended gameplay without experiencing discomfort or soreness in their palms, making the GameSir T4 Cyclone Series an excellent choice for immersive gaming experiences.

The King of Fighters 97 should be the most classic fighting game. Playing it through both controllers, whether it is combo moves or amplified moves, seems more comfortable. I secretly tell you that you can preset the ultimate move at L4/R4. In terms of keys, this controller brings me back to the arcade feel. Unfortunately, King of Fighters 97 does not support controller vibration.

Need for Speed stands as a timeless classic among racing games, and its gameplay is seamlessly complemented by an ideal controller experience. The controller’s responsiveness eliminates the need for forceful maneuvers; a mere glide suffices thanks to the well-lubricated movements. Navigating the track feels effortlessly smooth, and executing precise drifts becomes second nature. The Hall rocker, designed for optimal comfort, enhances the overall gaming experience. The fully mechanical ABXY buttons contribute to a tactile explosion with each press, exhibiting a crispness reminiscent of a mouse click. Whether speeding through straightaways or executing intricate drifts, the controller’s accuracy ensures a masterful level of control.

Recently, I’ve immersed myself in the captivating worlds of God of War 4 and Devil May Cry, two gaming masterpieces that offer unique experiences. Devil May Cry entices with its lightning-fast and fluid movements, providing a thrilling gaming experience. In contrast, God of War opts for a slower pace but compensates with stunningly realistic effects that enhance the overall immersion. Both games serve as excellent outlets for decompression, yet they present subtle differences.

Notably, maneuvering Kratos in God of War demands a somewhat delicate touch, as the joystick’s pressure feels precarious during intense gameplay. To alleviate this, I promptly adjusted the controls, finding a setup that complements the game’s efficiency. The precision of the buttons, strong rebound mechanics, and customizable burst settings contribute to a seamless gaming experience, making God of War particularly stress-free, even within the fast-paced realm of FPS games.

This is a Metal Slug game that I control using key mapping. With the Hall controller developed by Gamesir, the control is smoother and smoother. The key mapping process is simple and convenient and can be completed once according to the guide tips.

This is an Asphalt 9 game that can be played directly connected. You can control the throttle and brake through the trigger button on the handle. The trigger button has a long keystroke and strong feedback. It also has a vibration motor. You can also set the trigger to synchronize the grip vibration. There is an obvious sense of control.

GameSir will also officially release a mobile phone holder, which can be used to clip the phone directly onto the handle later, making gaming more integrated.


In conclusion, the GameSir T4 Cyclone Series Controllers stand out as a versatile and sophisticated gaming accessory. The design seamlessly blends classic aesthetics with modern features, offering a timeless black-and-white color palette that not only appeals to the eye but also serves practical purposes such as stain resistance. The controllers cater to diverse preferences, featuring a variety of connectivity options, ergonomic design for comfort during prolonged use, and technical enhancements like the 500Hz polling rate and six-axis body-sensing gyroscope. The inclusion of both a standard version and a PRO version with distinct layouts and functionalities ensures that gamers can choose the controller that best suits their gaming style.

Moreover, the integration of the GameSir mobile app adds a layer of customization and convenience, allowing users to fine-tune various aspects of the controller, access game recommendations, and stay updated with firmware upgrades. The controllers’ performance in various gaming scenarios, from classic fighting games to immersive racing experiences, demonstrates their adaptability and responsiveness. The lightweight build, anti-slip design, and thoughtful details, such as special bracket grooves for potential future accessories, contribute to an overall satisfying gaming experience.

8.6Expert Score

With an emphasis on user customization, comfort, and performance, the GameSir T4 Cyclone Series Controllers prove to be a valuable addition to the gaming landscape, catering to a wide range of players and gaming genres.

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