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EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station Deal: Save $350 on Amazon

The EcoFlow DELTA 2 is a portable power station that can power your home, RV, camping, and more. It is one of the best power stations for home backup power. Especially during winter storms that can cause power outages. And now, you can get it at a special price of only $649 on Amazon by applying the available $350 coupon. It is 35% off the original price of $999. Not only this, but there is also a $350, $400, $500, and $550 coupons that you can apply on Amazon for getting DELTA 2, with 220W portable solar panels, two 220W solar panels, or with extra battery respectively.

The EcoFlow DELTA 2 solar power station is not just a backup battery. It has a large capacity of 1024Wh, which can be expanded up to 3072Wh with extra batteries. It can power more than 90% of your home appliances, thanks to its 1800W AC output. In addition, it also has the X-Boost technology that prevents overloading from devices up to 2200W. There are also 15 outlets, including four UK power sockets, four USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, and two 12V car ports.

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But the most amazing thing about the EcoFlow DELTA 2 home backup generator is its fast and smart charging. It can charge from 0-80% in just 50 minutes with AC input, which is 7x faster than other power stations. It can also charge with solar panels, up to 500W, in as fast as 3-6 hours. With its MPPT smart algorithm, it can optimize the solar charging efficiency and save you time and money. Moreover, it has a built-in battery management system that ensures the safety and longevity of the battery, which can last up to 10 years.

The EcoFlow DELTA 2 is also compatible with the EcoFlow app. So, you can monitor, control, and customize your power usage intelligently. You can view the battery status, turn on/off the output and the connected appliances, and get regular updates for optimal user experience. You can also optimize your home’s energy use and reduce energy bills by smartly leveraging power from the sun, grid, and batteries during peak and off-peak hours.

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Don’t let the winter storms ruin your day. Get the EcoFlow DELTA 2 portable power station today and enjoy the comfort and convenience of having a reliable, versatile, and fast-charging power station that can power almost anything. For coupon deals, you can directly apply the coupon before purchasing on Amazon. If you are interested in the $649 offer, you can purchase DELTA 2 power station with a $350 coupon on Amazon, the coupon is available for a limited time.

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