Early Lunar Lake Processor Prototype Leaked, Raises Questions About Cache and Hyper-Threading

February 18, 2024

In a surprising revelation on the Chinese community site Zhihu, a user identified as XZiar, purportedly a CPU expert, has unveiled a blurry screenshot from the Windows Task Manager, hinting at the existence of an early engineering sample of Intel‘s Lunar Lake processor. This leak has sparked intense speculation among tech enthusiasts and analysts, particularly regarding its cache configuration and the absence of Hyper-Threading.

The Leak Details

The leaked screenshot displays a processor labeled as “Genuine Intel(R) 0000 1.0 GHz,” strongly suggesting it to be an early version of the Lunar Lake architecture, possibly an ES1 variant. XZiar, the source of the leak, confirmed the pre-release nature of the chip and hinted at its impressive performance potential, boasting a 2.8 GHz clock speed with only A1 stepping.

Speculation and Analysis

Enthusiasts and analysts have scrutinized the leaked information, focusing on key aspects such as the chip’s core configuration and cache designations. The leaked sample is believed to feature an 8-core + 8-thread setup without Hyper-Threading, leading to speculation about Intel’s future CPU architectures.

Cache Configuration Conundrum

One of the most perplexing aspects of the leaked sample is its cache configuration. While the L1 and L2 cache sizes align closely with previous architectures like Meteor Lake, the L3 cache size of 12 MB raises eyebrows. Typically, a higher cache level indicates a larger capacity, making the discrepancy between the L2 and L3 cache sizes highly unusual.

Hyper-Threading Absence and Future Implications

Another point of contention is the absence of Hyper-Threading, which has been a staple feature in Intel’s previous hybrid architecture CPUs. The leaked sample’s lack of Hyper-Threading raises questions about Intel’s future design choices and the direction of its CPU roadmap. Some speculate that Intel may be moving away from Hyper-Threading altogether in its upcoming architectures.

Expert Opinion and Industry Response

Tech publication Tom’s Hardware has delved into the leaked specifications, offering insights into the potential implications of the discrepancies observed. While acknowledging the speculative nature of the analysis, experts have raised concerns about the cache configuration and the implications for Lunar Lake’s performance and efficiency.


The leaked Lunar Lake processor prototype has ignited a flurry of speculation within the tech community, with analysts dissecting its specifications for clues about Intel’s future CPU lineup. As the industry awaits further official announcements from Intel, the leak serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the company’s ongoing developments and the evolving landscape of CPU architecture.

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