Creality CR-Scan Otter 3D Scanner Is Now Available at $900

June 27, 2024

The Chinese 3D printer specialist Creality has presented several new products on its 10th anniversary celebration. In addition to 3D printers, the company also introduced 3D scanners, including the Creality CR-Scan Otter.

Creality CR-Scan Otter Pre-Order

This new product is the ideal aid for solid modeling, allowing you to create three-dimensional references that can then be processed and printed if necessary. Sounds interesting? Below you will find the key features that will surely attract you and encourage you to buy the Creality CR-Scan Otter.

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On the occasion of the launch, you can purchase this amazing 3D Printer from their official stores or Amazon. The original price of the product is $899.00. But you can get a 10% discount if you use the coupon code “OTTER100” while checking out . It is expected to ship between May 8 and May 11.

Features of the Creality CR-Scan Otter

Creality CR-Scan Otter is a particularly compact device, as it measures just 165 x 37 x 59 mm and weighs 390 grams, making it easy and simple to always carry with you on any occasion.

With an accuracy of 0.02 mm (equal to 20 microns, less than a third of the average thickness of a hair), Creality CR-Scan Otter can capture details accurately, creating a realistic and detailed model, thanks also to a new structured light system with a stereo coupling algorithm capable of perfectly reconstructing the texture and contours of objects.

The One-Shot 3D technology allows you to scan very quickly without compromising the accuracy of the detections, with anti-vibration functions and instant repositioning. The scanning speed can reach 20 fps, saving a lot of time compared to previous-generation scanners.

The new 3D scanner can be used on objects with dimensions between 10 x 10 x 10 mm and 2,000 x 2,000 x 2,000 mm, from coins to cars, therefore offering a wide range of uses. The scanning distance can vary from 110 to 1,200 mm to capture objects of various sizes in detail.

The 2MP camera used for the scans allows you to capture three-dimensional color models, thus allowing you to obtain a scan that highlights the original colors with an algorithm that takes care of best reconstructing even the smallest details. All with technology that makes scanning fluid, increasing the percentage of perfect scans on the first try.

No spray is required to scan black objects or cars, which was required with previous models, making it easier to scan dark objects such as car tires. Much of the credit can be attributed to the Creality software, which offers different models to use to scan different types of objects with a friendly and very intuitive interface even for novice users.

So, that’s all we have for you about the Creality CR-Scan Otter. I hope that the details we have mentioned have helped you decide whether you need this or not. For more information, comment below.

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