Cooler Master Launches X Mighty 2000W and 2800W Platinum Power Supplies

January 30, 2024

Cooler Master, a renowned global leader in the field of PC components, has unveiled its latest innovation, the X Mighty Platinum power supply unit (PSU). Engineered to meet the demands of the most power-intensive computing tasks, the X Mighty Platinum promises to combine practical functionality with efficient performance, ensuring reliability for even the most demanding applications.

Jimmy Sha, CEO of Cooler Master, expressed the company’s commitment to addressing the evolving needs of advanced computing. “With the X Mighty Platinum, we’re delivering a power supply that not only meets but exceeds the reliability and performance requirements for power-intensive applications,” said Sha. “This PSU is a practical and efficient solution that our users can depend on, both now and in the future.”

Key features and benefits of the X Mighty Platinum include:

80 Plus Platinum Efficiency

The X Mighty Platinum is certified to achieve more than 92% efficiency at typical loads in a 115 V test. This efficiency rating ensures that the power supply operates at optimal levels, minimizing energy waste and maximizing performance.

Active Bridge Rectifier

Cooler Master has replaced traditional bridge diodes with an active bridge rectifier in the X Mighty Platinum. This enhancement is designed to improve overall performance, contributing to a more reliable and efficient power supply unit.

ATX 3.1 Support & Two Durable 12V-2×6 Cables

The PSU includes ATX 3.1 support and features two 90-degree 12+4pin (12V-2×6) PCIe 5.1 cables. These cables not only support lower temperatures but also offer enhanced durability and improved safety, meeting the demands of high-performance computing setups.

Digital Monitoring with MasterCTRL

Cooler Master introduces the MasterCTRL software, allowing users to monitor temperature, current load, and other performance metrics digitally. This feature provides users with real-time insights into the PSU’s performance, enabling better control and management.

Long-lasting Reliability

Built with Infineon industrial-grade IC chips, the X Mighty Platinum ensures high-quality performance and long-lasting reliability. This commitment to durability aligns with Cooler Master’s reputation for delivering products that stand the test of time.

2000W Power Capacity

The X Mighty Platinum boasts an impressive 2000W power capacity, making it a powerhouse PSU capable of handling the most intensive applications. Whether it’s machine learning tasks or server support, this PSU promises to deliver the required power for next-generation computing needs.

Cooler Master invites users to experience the might of next-generation power with the X Mighty Platinum. For more detailed information on specifications and features, interested individuals can visit the product page on Cooler Master’s official website.

As technology continues to advance, Cooler Master’s commitment to innovation ensures that users have access to cutting-edge solutions for their computing needs. The X Mighty Platinum stands as a testament to this commitment, offering a reliable and powerful solution for the most demanding computing applications.

Jani Dushman
Jani Dushman

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