be quiet! introduces Pure Wings 3 White Series: A Stylish and Powerful Addition to PC Cooling

January 30, 2024

be quiet! has introduced a fresh and visually striking addition to its mainstream fan series with the Pure Wings 3 White. The new fans series not only boasts an elegant color update but also brings enhanced performance features, making it a versatile choice for a range of applications, from demanding workstations to entry-level gaming builds.

Exceptional Performance with Enhanced Design

The Pure Wings 3 White is engineered to provide a balance of performance and aesthetics. With a low minimum rpm and high top-end speed, it caters to the diverse needs of PC users. The optimized fan frame contributes to outstanding performance on radiators! while the redesigned fan blades and adjusted angles deliver extraordinary air pressure, ensuring efficient cooling.

In comparison to its black counterpart, the Pure Wings 3 White series is available in four versions! 120 mm PWM, 120 mm PWM high-speed, 140 mm PWM, and 140 mm PWM high-speed. The color scheme of the fan sticker has been revamped to grey-on-white, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Stability and Reliability

All Pure Wings 3 White high-speed models feature an innovative closed-loop motor designed to maintain a stable rpm regardless of resistance. This innovation ensures not only outstanding reliability but also positions the fan series as a long-lasting companion for gaming systems, providing peace of mind for users.

Optimized for Air Pressure and Airflow

The newly designed fan frame outlet minimizes air leaks, particularly benefiting radiator performance. The fan blades are strategically optimized for air pressure, resulting in exceptional performance within its class. The Pure Wings 3 White series is not limited to radiator use; it excels as a case fan with optimizations for maximum airflow, making it suitable for configurations demanding high cooling performance and excellent air circulation.

The airflow-optimized fan blades not only reduce noise-generating turbulence but also guarantee efficient performance, even in demanding setups. Staying true to the be quiet! brand, the Pure Wings 3 White fans operate silently, thanks to a low starting rpm and proven rifle-bearing technology! boasting an impressive lifespan of 80,000 hours.

High-Speed Models for Demanding Configurations

The Pure Wings 3 White 120 mm PWM high-speed and Pure Wings 3 White 140 mm PWM high-speed models are tailored for demanding configurations. With maximum speeds of 2100 rpm and 1600 rpm, respectively, and incorporating 9 airflow-optimized fan blades! these high-speed versions deliver remarkable air pressure of up to 2.41 mm/H2O for the 120 mm version and 2.44 mm/H2O for the 140 mm version.

These high-speed models also feature a unique closed-loop motor technology akin to cruise control in cars. Constantly monitoring and adjusting rpm to meet the target, the closed-loop motor ensures the fans operate at the desired speed, regardless of resistance.

Availability and Pricing

The Pure Wings 3 White series is set to hit retail shelves on February 13. For detailed information on suggested retail pricing and main specifications, refer to the table below. As PC enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the release, be quiet! has undoubtedly added another impressive chapter to its legacy of delivering high-performance and aesthetically pleasing PC components.

Source: be quiet!

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