ARCTIC Liquid Freezer III 360 AIO Liquid Cooler Now on Amazon (7% OFF)

April 26, 2024

The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer III 360 AIO Liquid Cooler enters the market as an upgrade to its predecessor, the Liquid Freezer II, boasting notable features to complement its performance. This review delves into the 360mm A-RGB variant, highlighting its design, features, and overall efficacy. While the focus is on the A-RGB model, ARCTIC offers various configurations with differing radiator sizes and fan counts, catering to diverse user needs.

DesignARCTIC Liquid Freezer III

Packaged in distinct components, the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer III presents a thoughtful design. Pre-assembled fans on the radiator simplify initial setup, although customization may necessitate their removal. Notably, the CPU water block integrates a separate cap housing attached via magnets, facilitating convenient cable management. The inclusion of a VRM fan, uncommon among AIO liquid coolers, enhances cooling efficiency, particularly for components adjacent to the CPU socket.

FeaturesARCTIC Liquid Freezer III

Key features of the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer III include its compatibility with Intel’s LGA1700 and LGA1851 sockets, and optimizing contact pressure distribution for efficient heat transfer. Additionally, the native AMD offset mounting caters to Ryzen processors’ multi-die chipset design, enhancing heat dissipation effectiveness. The PWM-controlled VRM fan further cools components in the base area, such as voltage converters, contributing to overall system stability. Integrated cable management streamlines aesthetics by concealing radiator fan PWM cables within hose jackets, minimizing visible motherboard connections.ARCTIC Liquid Freezer III

However, compatibility issues with certain motherboards, particularly concerning oversized coolers obstructing M.2_1 slots, pose limitations. ARCTIC provides resources for compatibility checks, but users should exercise caution to avoid potential conflicts.


The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer III 360 AIO Liquid Cooler presents an attractive option for users seeking efficient CPU cooling solutions. With commendable thermal performance facilitated by its sizable radiator and integrated VRM fan, it effectively manages heat dissipation even under sustained loads. Installation is relatively straightforward for both AMD and Intel systems, though some users may find AMD installation slightly cumbersome due to required force during screw compression.

Competing against established brands like NZXT, Corsair, and Thermaltake, the Liquid Freezer III offers compelling value, especially considering its price range. While not immune to drawbacks such as limited motherboard compatibility and potential noise issues, its overall performance and affordability make it a viable choice for budget-conscious consumers.

The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer III 360 AIO Liquid Cooler is available on Amazon for just $139.99, providing an enticing proposition for users in search of an effective cooling solution without breaking the bank. With its combination of performance, features, and affordability, it represents a competitive option in the AIO liquid cooler market.

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