Acer Releases Predator XB273K V3 Gaming Monitor in Europe, Packed with Cutting-Edge Features

February 18, 2024

Acer, a global leader in technology solutions, has once again raised the bar in the gaming monitor arena with the launch of the Predator XB273K V3 in the European market. Priced competitively at €500, this latest addition to the Predator lineup promises to revolutionize the gaming experience with its impressive array of features tailored specifically for gamers and tech enthusiasts alike.

At the heart of the Predator XB273K V3 lies a 27-inch 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) IPS display, boasting a pixel density of 163 PPI. This ensures that gamers are treated to razor-sharp visuals with vibrant colors and a wide color gamut, enhancing immersion and realism in every gaming session.

The Predator XB273K V3 has a remarkable refresh rate of up to 160Hz, delivering buttery-smooth gameplay and drastically reducing motion blur even in the most fast-paced scenes. With a typical brightness of 400 nits and VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification, the monitor promises exceptional contrast and brightness levels, elevating gaming visuals to new heights with enhanced depth and realism.

Gamers will also appreciate the lightning-fast 0.5ms VRB (Visual Response Boost) response time, which virtually eliminates ghosting and blur, providing a competitive edge in intense gaming scenarios. Moreover, the monitor is compatible with both AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync technologies! ensuring a tear-free gaming experience by synchronizing the display’s refresh rate with the GPU output.

In terms of connectivity, the Predator XB273K V3 offers flexibility with two HDMI 2.1 ports! a DisplayPort 1.4 input, and a headphone jack. Additionally, it comes equipped with two 2W speakers for basic audio needs. The design of the Predator XB273K V3 strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality! featuring a sleek, modern look with a slim bezel for a more immersive visual experience. Its anti-glare matte finish reduces reflections, ensuring clear visibility in various lighting conditions.

Recognizing the importance of comfort during extended gaming sessions! Acer has incorporated flicker-free technology and a low blue light filter into the Predator XB273K V3! minimizing eye strain and fatigue. Moreover, the monitor offers extensive ergonomic features, including a removable stand! height adjustment with a range of 150mm, and the ability to swivel left and right up to 25 degrees. It also supports VESA mounting with a 100 x 100 mm interface, allowing for wall installation. Additionally, it offers a forward tilt of up to 5 degrees and a backward tilt up to 25 degrees! catering to individual preferences and setups.

In conclusion, the Acer Predator XB273K V3 sets a new standard for gaming monitors with its cutting-edge features! immersive visuals, and ergonomic design. Packed with technology aimed at enhancing the gaming experience! it is poised to become a top choice for gamers seeking the ultimate competitive edge.


Jani Dushman
Jani Dushman

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