UK-based Tulpar Joins Race with First Handheld Featuring Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs

February 14, 2024

Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs have surged into the spotlight as they find their way into the handheld industry, intensifying competition with rival AMD’s offerings. The debut of Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs signals a significant shift in the handheld market dynamics, potentially posing a challenge to AMD’s dominance, particularly with its “Phoenix” APUs.

In a noteworthy development, Tulpar, a UK-based firm known for its strides in peripheral markets! has announced its entry into the handheld industry with a device featuring Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs. While not globally renowned, Tulpar’s decision to adopt Intel’s latest CPUs underscores the growing interest in Intel’s offerings and the competitive landscape in the handheld market.

Images shared by Intel Gaming on X provide a glimpse of Tulpar’s upcoming handheld, featuring an industry-standard design with an 8-inch display, joystick, and D-pad input layout. The device incorporates subtle RGB accents on the joysticks, coupled with a black and green color scheme! adhering to a conventional yet stylish aesthetic. However, specific details regarding display specifications and onboard storage options remain undisclosed, as the unveiling was more of a teaser.

Despite the excitement surrounding Tulpar’s handheld, details regarding the specific Intel Meteor Lake CPU model remain undisclosed. Speculation suggests potential candidates such as the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H and Core Ultra 7 125H, based on market trends! although official confirmation is awaited. Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs have already found integration in prominent handhelds like OneXPlayer’s X1 and MSI’s Claw! indicating a growing trend toward Intel’s offerings in the handheld segment. The competitive landscape between Intel and AMD is poised to intensify! with the success of Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs playing a crucial role in shaping future market dynamics.

As the handheld industry continues to evolve! the adoption of Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs by manufacturers like Tulpar signifies a paradigm shift! potentially altering the dynamics of the market and posing a formidable challenge to established players like AMD. The coming months will be pivotal in determining the success and impact of Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs in the fiercely competitive handheld market.

Source: Videocardz, IntelGaming

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