TEAMGROUP Sweeps Four Red Dot Design Awards with T-FORCE and T-CREATE Products

April 26, 2024

TEAMGROUP Inc., a leading provider of memory products renowned for its commitment to innovation, has clinched four prestigious awards at the Red Dot Design Award 2024. The awards recognize TEAMGROUP’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and technology in the memory product space. The honored products include the T-FORCE DARK AirFlow I SSD Cooler, T-FORCE SIREN GD120S AIO SSD Cooler, T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 Desktop Memory, and T-CREATE CinemaPr P31 External SSD.

The Red Dot Design Award, one of the world’s foremost accolades in industrial design! attracts submissions from across the globe, with thousands of entries from over 60 countries in 2024. Products are evaluated by an international panel of experts on criteria such as innovation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. TEAMGROUP’s sub-labels, T-FORCE and T-CREATE, distinguished themselves amidst fierce competition, underscoring the company’s prowess in both R&D and design excellence.

Addressing the critical challenge of heat dissipation in high-speed PCIe Gen 5 SSDs! TEAMGROUP unveiled two groundbreaking solutions: the T-FORCE DARK AirFlow I SSD Cooler and the T-FORCE SIREN GD120S AIO SSD Cooler. The AirFlow I leverages TEAMGROUP’s proprietary ultra-thin graphene heat sink technology and advanced thermal materials to ensure optimal performance and reliability during extended usage. Meanwhile, the T-FORCE SIREN GD120S introduces an innovative all-in-one water cooling system with precision aluminum alloy dual-tube water blocks and an ARGB PWM fan, providing efficient cooling and customizable lighting effects.

The T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 Desktop Memory sets new standards in memory overclocking! boasting frequencies of up to 8200 MHz thanks to its exclusive patented IC grading verification technology. Featuring a 2 mm aluminium alloy heat spreader adorned with a distinctive design inspired by basalt and black sand beaches! coupled with the iconic T-FORCE emblem, this memory module combines performance with aesthetics to satisfy the demands of discerning gamers.

Catering to the needs of professional photographers and content creators! the T-CREATE CinemaPr P31 External SSD offers seamless integration with various camera setups! thanks to its twelve patented screw holes that facilitate secure attachment to cages. Equipped with USB Type-C interfaces for high-speed data transfer of up to 2,000 MB/s and ample storage capacity for diverse coding formats! this external SSD empowers creators to capture and store their creative endeavors with unmatched efficiency.

In a statement, TEAMGROUP reaffirmed its commitment to driving innovation and meeting the evolving needs of consumers and industries. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies and delivering superior design solutions! TEAMGROUP continues to elevate the standards of excellence in the memory product market, garnering acclaim on the global stage.

Jani Dushman
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