Meizu Set to Make Waves in Malaysia with Innovative Product Lineup

June 19, 2024

Meizu, the prominent Chinese smartphone manufacturer, is preparing to make a significant impact in the Malaysian market with the launch of its latest suite of products. This move symbolizes a robust commitment to innovation, quality, and user experience, marking a new chapter in Meizu’s journey within Malaysia.

A Legacy of Innovation: Meizu’s Malaysian Journey

Meizu first entered the Malaysian market with considerable acclaim, captivating both tech enthusiasts and everyday consumers with its advanced technology and sleek designs. The company’s dedication to innovation has always been at the forefront, earning it a loyal following. After the successful release of the Meizu 21 in March 2024, the company is poised to introduce a series of new products throughout the year, aiming to solidify its presence and rejuvenate its brand in Malaysia.

Meizu 21: Redefining Connectivity and Performance

The centerpiece of Meizu’s latest offerings is the Meizu 21, a smartphone designed to meet the demands of the modern era. Equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, the Meizu 21 features four ultra-narrow bezels measuring just 1.74mm, and it boasts an industry-first all-white panel. Running on the Flyme AI Large Model Engine, the device ensures smooth performance with its Flyme 10.5 operating system.

The Meizu 21 seamlessly integrates into the Flyme ecosystem through Flyme Link, enhancing connectivity and user experience. The phone’s Samsung screen delivers vivid visuals, while the mEngine Ultra provides precise haptic feedback. Security is reinforced with the Ultrasonic mTouch 2.0 under-display fingerprint sensor. The device supports 80W Super Charge and houses a 4800mAh battery, promising long-lasting performance and an aesthetically pleasing design.

The Meizu 21 will be available in two configurations:

  • Meizu 21, 12GB RAM, 256GB storage – RM2,999
  • Meizu 21, 12GB RAM, 512GB storage – RM3,299

Enhancing User Interaction with FlymeOS

Meizu’s operating system, FlymeOS, is at the heart of its user experience, enhanced with advanced AI capabilities. FlymeOS offers a seamless and intuitive user experience, featuring tools like AI Gallery for natural language image searches and creative tools. New additions such as AI Portal and AI-Assisted Input streamline user interactions, integrating AI smoothly into everyday tasks. This focus on AI underscores Meizu’s dedication to driving innovation and creating unparalleled user experiences.

Connecting Everything, Enriching Every Experience

Flyme Auto: Advancing In-Car Connectivity

Flyme Auto, a product of Meizu’s collaboration with Geely Auto, represents a significant leap in intelligent vehicle systems. This advanced cockpit system enhances user interaction during travel by seamlessly integrating smartphones and vehicles via Flyme Link. Flyme Auto facilitates effortless unlocking, navigation, and cross-platform application usage, ensuring a cohesive experience between smartphones and cars. With improved chip performance and rapid system response, Flyme Auto merges cutting-edge technology with comfort, fostering deeper connections among users, landscapes, and vehicles. This system introduces the pioneering “Phone Domain” concept, enabling seamless multi-terminal connectivity without data consumption or downloads.

Creating Seamless Connectivity with DreamSmart

Meizu’s DreamSmart ecosystem offers consumers a connected experience across a variety of smart devices. DreamSmart, a leader in smart terminals, spans industries from smartphones to smart AR glasses and smart cars, all integrated within the FlymeOS ecosystem. This collaboration ushers in a new era of intelligent connectivity, epitomizing Meizu’s commitment to enhancing digital experiences.

MYVU: Trailblazing Wearable Technology

Expanding its ecosystem, DreamSmart leads in wearable tech innovation with MYVU. As the lightest dual-display full-color AR smart glasses, MYVU offers users an unparalleled augmented reality experience. These glasses not only enhance productivity but also elevate user convenience, setting a new standard in wearable technology.

Embracing AI: DreamSmart’s “All in AI” Strategic Plan

Central to DreamSmart’s vision is its “All in AI” strategic plan, which focuses on developing AI devices, redesigning the Flyme operating system, and building an AI ecosystem. These AI-driven devices feature advanced design and global hardware computing capabilities, offering users a more intelligent experience. The redesigned FlymeOS will extensively integrate AI to enhance user interactions. DreamSmart also plans to collaborate with leading international AI teams, including OpenAI, to drive innovation. The “All in AI” vision will gradually be implemented, starting with the launch of an AI-driven mobile operating system in 2024, laying the groundwork for the AI era.

Revolutionizing User-Device Interaction with DreamSmart

DreamSmart Group stands as a comprehensive platform for smart terminals, merging hardware and software across smartphones, smart AR glasses, and smart cars within the FlymeOS ecosystem. This integration propels the industry towards an era of intelligence and ecosystem 3.0, revolutionizing how users interact with their devices. Beyond smartphones and smart cars, DreamSmart’s innovation extends to smart eyewear and IoT devices, offering users a diverse range of smart solutions that enrich their technological experiences.

Expanding Horizons: DreamSmart’s Commitment to Innovation

DreamSmart Group’s “Smartphone + XR + Smart Car” initiative underscores its commitment to integrating consumer electronics with the automotive industry. This initiative aims to provide users with seamless experiences across multiple devices and scenarios, establishing a global ecosystem of smart mobility technologies. With a history spanning 21 years and over 30 million loyal fans, Meizu continues to combine cutting-edge technology with exceptional design, maintaining its position at the forefront of the technological revolution.


As Meizu continues to redefine innovation and connectivity in Malaysia through DreamSmart, consumers can expect nothing short of excellence. With a steadfast commitment to pushing technological boundaries and delivering exceptional products, Meizu remains a leader in the tech industry. Anticipation is building for the launch of the highly anticipated Meizu Smartphone, boasting advanced mobile capabilities and cutting-edge design, and the MYVU AR Smart Glasses, which promise to revolutionize user interaction with innovative AI functionalities. Stay tuned for an experience that redefines innovation and elevates daily interactions to new heights.

About Meizu

The Meizu brand, under DreamSmart Group, boasts a rich history of 21 years and a devoted fan base of over 30 million. DreamSmart Group is a full-stack platform of smart terminals across various industries, seamlessly integrating smartphones, smart AR glasses, and smart cars around FlymeOS. This ecosystem of smart mobility combines software and hardware, leading the industry into an era of intelligence and ecosystem 3.0. With profound technological expertise across multiple industries, DreamSmart Group is a representative enterprise in smart ecosystems, dedicated to driving innovation and delivering exceptional user experiences.

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