Intel Core i9-14900KS Pre-Release Leaks Reveals Pricing and Packaging Options

February 18, 2024

As the rumored mid-March launch of Intel’s highly anticipated Core i9-14900KS draws near, enthusiasts and hardware sleuths alike are eagerly scouring the web for any nuggets of information regarding the upcoming processor. Over the weekend, prominent hardware detective momomo_us has been diligently following the trail of Team Blue’s breadcrumbs, unearthing intriguing details about Intel’s latest flagship CPU.

The latest discovery by momomo_us sheds light on two intriguing product codes: “BX8071514900KS” and “CM8071504820506.” These codes hint at two distinct packaging options for the Core i9-14900KS, with indications pointing towards a traditional boxed package and a tray option tailored for system integrators. This dual offering strategy by Intel appears to cater to different consumer preferences and market segments.

Notably, the presence of listings on PC21 France’s web shop adds further credence to the leaks. While the appearance of OEM parts in retail channels is not unprecedented, it provides enthusiasts with a glimpse into what to expect ahead of the official launch. The tray option, in particular, is highlighted as a cost-effective alternative for users who prioritize performance over fancy packaging and bundled coolers.

Despite the premium positioning of the Core i9-14900KS, leaked pricing information suggests a nuanced pricing strategy. The boxed variant is listed at €768.34 ($828), while the tray variant comes in slightly lower at €752.62 ($811). While these prices may fluctuate leading up to the release! they offer insights into the potential cost savings associated with opting for the tray option.

Interestingly, the price disparity between the Core i9-14900KS and its predecessors, the Core i9-14900K and 14900KF, is also highlighted. According to comparisons drawn by VideoCardz, the price difference between the “K” and “KS” variants could amount to €146! further underlining the premium positioning of Intel’s latest flagship offering.

PC21 France indicates that both variants of the Core i9-14900KS are currently on order! with no stock available in their warehouses. While these leaks provide enthusiasts with tantalizing glimpses into Intel’s upcoming release, it’s essential to approach them with caution! as pricing and availability may evolve closer to the official launch date.

As the tech community eagerly anticipates the arrival of Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh über-flagship processor! these pre-release leaks serve to stoke the excitement and anticipation surrounding the next evolution in high-performance computing. With mid-March on the horizon! all eyes are on Intel as they prepare to unveil their latest innovation to the world.

Sources: momomo_us TweetPC21 France

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