Dreame L10s Ultra: A Most Advanced Smart Vacuum Cleaner For $630

June 27, 2024

Among the many offers for the spring home, one more than others deserves to be highlighted. It’s the one on the Dreame L10 Ultra home robot which costs now $629.99 instead of $899.99. Let’s explore more details about this Dreame robot vacuum cleaner product with us in this article!

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Dreame L10 Ultra Key Features

First of all, this robot vacuum cleaner is an advanced robotic vacuum that guarantees thorough and efficient cleaning of your home. Utilizing AI-powered navigation, it reduces missed spots, repetitive cleaning, and the annoyance of getting stuck or lost.

Equipped with an RGB camera and 3D structured light technology, this vacuum quickly learns the layout of your home, adjusts its cleaning strategies, and creates paths around obstacles and room configurations. This smart mapping feature enables the robot to start cleaning promptly and create a detailed 3D map of your living spaces for precise navigation.

Dreame L10s Ultra For just $630

With an impressive suction power of 5,300Pa, the Dreame L10s Ultra can effectively extract dirt from deep within carpets, rugs, and hard floors. Its innovative brush design efficiently stirs up fine particles and detangles long hairs, making maintenance a breeze.

Setting itself apart from other robot vacuums, the L10s Ultra features dual rotary mops that spin independently at 180 RPM with firm pressure to thoroughly scrub floors. This, along with the ability to use a cleaning solution, ensures a deep clean for all hard floor types.

One of the standout features is its self-emptying charging station, which not only makes the vacuuming and mopping tasks easier but also takes care of waste disposal, refilling water, and cleaning solutions automatically. This innovative feature helps to streamline the cleaning process and reduces the need for manual intervention.

Additionally, the large 2.5L water tank allows for extensive coverage of up to 2,152ft² (200m²), ideal for larger homes. The vacuum seamlessly transitions between hard floors and carpets, avoiding wetting the carpet by lifting or avoiding the mop pads. This attention to detail ensures a tailored cleaning experience for each surface without risking damage to delicate carpet fibers.

The L10s Ultra takes automation to the next level with its self-cleaning and self-drying mop system! automatic dust collection, and autonomous water and solution refill capabilities. This level of automation allows you to set it and forget it! making the Dreametech L10s Ultra a truly autonomous home cleaning solution.


The advanced management app allows you to control the system, monitor the status of operations! and even view the camera remotely. Compatible with Siri, this app adds an extra layer of security by allowing the vacuum to function as a home surveillance device.

As we mentioned, the Dreame L10s Ultra, originally priced at $899! is currently available for purchase at a discounted price of $629.99 on its official store. This special promotion marks the lowest price ever offered for this product, exclusively available during the Spring offers.

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