VALKYRIE GL36 AMG VK AIO Liquid Cooler Now on AliExpress

April 28, 2024

Introducing the Valkyrie GL36 AMG VK AIO Liquid Cooler, a powerhouse cooling solution designed to keep your PC running smoothly under heavy loads. Let’s delve into what makes this cooler stand out, starting with the unboxing experience.

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Designed with both form and function in mind, the Valkyrie GL36 AMG VK AIO Liquid Cooler boasts a striking design that will complement any gaming rig or workstation. Its base material, constructed from pure copper, ensures efficient heat transfer, while the aluminum cold row material dissipates heat effectively. The FEP black corrugated sleeve adds a touch of elegance to the aqueduct, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the cooler.

One of the standout features of the Valkyrie GL36 AMG VK AIO Liquid Cooler is its powerful water pump. Operating at a voltage of 12V and with a pump speed ranging from 800 to 2500 RPM, this pump delivers exceptional cooling performance while remaining whisper-quiet. The 4-pin PWM power interface allows for precise control over pump speed, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency for your system.

In terms of size and power consumption, the Valkyrie GL36 AMG VK AIO Liquid Cooler strikes the perfect balance. With a cold row size of 400mm120mm38mm and a cold head size of 83mm78.6mm58mm, it fits comfortably into most PC cases without obstructing other components. With a TDP of 350W, this cooler is more than capable of handling the heat output of high-performance CPUs and GPUs.


The Valkyrie GL36 AMG VK AIO Liquid Cooler comes equipped with six high-performance fans, consisting of three X12-3000 fans and three X12R-3000 fans. These fans deliver impressive airflow of up to 101CMF (MAX) and maximum wind pressure of 5.2mmH2O, ensuring efficient heat dissipation even under heavy loads. Despite their powerful performance, these fans operate quietly, with a maximum noise level of 36.5 dBA.

Furthermore, the S-RGB lighting effects on both the cold head and fans add a touch of flair to your PC build, allowing you to customize the lighting to match your preferences. With adjustable fan speeds ranging from 800 to 3000 RPM and a 4-pin PWM power interface, you can fine-tune the cooling performance and lighting effects to suit your needs.


In conclusion, the Valkyrie GL36 AMG VK AIO Liquid Cooler is a top-tier cooling solution that combines exceptional performance with striking design. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a professional content creator, this cooler will keep your system running cool and quiet even under the most demanding workloads. And now, for a limited-time offer, you can get the Valkyrie GL36 AMG VK AIO Liquid Cooler on AliExpress for just $240. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your PC cooling system at an unbeatable price!

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