TEAMGROUP C175 ECO Net-Zero USB Flash Drive Review

January 26, 2024

In recent times, there has been a rapid evolution in mobile storage development. As a digital blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to explore various mobile storage products, starting from the early USB 2.0, Portable HDD, USB 3.0 USB, PSSD (Portable Solid State Drive), and more. Despite the plethora of mobile storage categories available today, each product caters to specific usage scenarios and target demographics. Today, I introduce to you a USB 3.2. Gen 1 TEAMGROUP C175 ECO Net-Zero Flash drive with a capacity of 256GB.

TEAMGROUP is a well-known brand that has a wide range of products. I have personally used many of its products, and they have very good performance in terms of quality and performance. The TEAMGROUP C175 ECO USB flash drive I share with you this time is a good product that takes into great performance, capacity, and price.

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The C175 ECO USB packaging adopts a common elevator design and the packaging is made of paper and can be disassembled and used without tools. This is also a consistent design feature of TeamGroup’s flash drive products. The transparent window on the front allows you to directly see the product body, and the simple graphic and text arrangement makes it visually simpler.

The main features and specifications of the product can be seen on the front of the package. In addition to the ergonomic curved design, the C175 ECO USB body is also made with 75% post-consumer recycled material. There are more product specifications on the back of the package.


The design of TEAMGROUP’s C175 ECO Net-Zero USB showcases a commitment to environmental sustainability through the incorporation of eco-friendly materials and thoughtful design features. TEAMGROUP has implemented a significant step towards sustainability by adopting a recycled material strategy in the production of the C175 ECO Net-Zero USB. The USB is composed of 75% post-consumer recycled material, a commendable effort in reducing the demand for new plastic and contributing to the circular economy. This design choice aligns with the global push for responsible resource management and reinforces the importance of recycling in electronic product manufacturing.

The C175 ECO Net-Zero USB goes beyond the use of recycled materials; it is designed with recyclability in mind. The materials employed in the USB are not only sourced from recycled content but are themselves recyclable. This comprehensive approach to material selection aligns with industry standards and environmental certifications, including RoHS, REACH, and ESG. These certifications signify the USB’s compliance with strict environmental protection guidelines, further bolstering its contribution to sustainability initiatives.

An innovative design aspect of the C175 ECO Net-Zero USB is the concealed click fastener mechanism, specifically implemented to address the issue of cap loss. The removable cap, a common feature in USB designs, is notorious for being misplaced, contributing to unnecessary waste. The inclusion of the click fastener design ensures that the cap is securely stored when not in use, minimizing the likelihood of loss. This seemingly simple yet effective feature not only enhances user experience but also aligns with the broader goal of Earth conservation by reducing the need for replacement caps and lowering overall product waste.

Performance and Benchmarks

In daily use, the C175 ECO Net-Zero USB can be directly connected to mobile phones, PCs, and other devices. If the device is compatible with the USB 3.2 GEN1 protocol, you can get a full-speed reading and writing experience. The C175 ECO Net-Zero USB I am using is a 256GB version, and the available space shown on Windows is 232GB, which is more than enough for backing up photos and videos.

Through the CrystalDiskMark test, we can see that the reading speed of the C175 ECO Net-Zero USB can reach 119MB/s, and the writing speed is as high as 95MB/s. It’s indeed in line with expectations and reaches the official standard. It is indeed no problem to use it as a system disk. It passed It will also be very smooth to directly read and write files on the USB flash drive with your mobile phone.

For small files commonly used in daily life, through ATTO testing, it can be seen that the reading speed of C175 ECO Net-Zero USB can be stabilized at 117MB/s, and the writing speed can reach 89MB/s, which is also very fast. When backing up documents and photos, it can be done quickly. When actually transferring files, the writing speed can be stable at 80MB/s.

Next, I conducted a test for TxBENCH. Under this software, the reading speed of 175 ECO Net-Zero USB was 122MB/s, and the writing speed was 22MB/s. The results were almost consistent with the test software above. It is almost the same as the officially advertised reading speed.

Next is the actual large file transfer test. Here I copied some files of about 8GB to see how long it takes to copy it to the computer. At this time, we can see that its speed is stable at about 90MB/s throughout the process, with no slowdown in the middle, and the transfer rate is very stable. It seems that although this USB flash drive is small in size, its heat dissipation and performance stability are still great.


TEAMGROUP’s C175 ECO Net-Zero USB exemplifies a commendable commitment to environmental sustainability through its thoughtful design and innovative features. The incorporation of 75% post-consumer recycled material demonstrates a significant stride towards reducing the environmental impact of electronic products. This not only aligns with global efforts for responsible resource management but also contributes to the circular economy by decreasing the demand for new plastic.

In terms of performance, the C175 ECO Net-Zero USB impresses with its compatibility and efficiency. With a reading speed of 119MB/s and a writing speed of 95MB/s, the USB meets and even exceeds official standards. Its stability in various benchmark tests, including CrystalDiskMark, ATTO, and TxBENCH, showcases its reliability for both everyday use and large file transfers.

The results of the large file transfer test further demonstrate the USB’s excellent heat dissipation and performance stability! with a consistent speed of about 90MB/s throughout the process. This reinforces the C175 ECO Net-Zero USB as not only an environmentally conscious choice but also a reliable one! and efficient storage solutions for users seeking both performance and sustainability in their electronic devices.


The TEAMGROUP C175 ECO Net-Zero USB Flash Drive offers a commendable combination of sustainability and performance. The drive’s eco-friendly features take center stage, showcasing its commitment to reducing environmental impact. With a sleek design and efficient data transfer speeds, the C175 ECO impresses not only environmentally conscious users but also those seeking reliable storage solutions.

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