DT No.1 DT Ultra 2: Get the Ultimate Dual System Experience For Only $68

May 19, 2024

One of the latest and revolutionary smartwatches in the market is the DT ULTRA 2, which DT NO.1 company has created with a premium display and advanced features. It is nothing less than a mobile phone except supporting a SIM card. Based on its specs, and features, it is the most advanced watch ultra-clone in the market. See the specs, and features of this premium smartwatch.

Buy in Just $68

Key Features

As mentioned, the DT NO.1 DT ULTRA 2 is exactly like your mobile phone, with the difference that it does not support a SIM card, but do not worry because by connecting the watch to your mobile phone, you can make calls through the watch, answer incoming calls, receive SMS messages. See and even reply to them.

This smartwatch has a high build quality and a beautiful appearance (similar to the Apple Watch Ultra) and its frame size is 49 mm. In this frame, a 2.06-inch Super AMOLED screen with a pixel density of 502 x 410 is used. The main chip of this smartwatch is MTK6739, which can have a smooth use for you with 2+16GB memory to provide a high speed and excellent performance.

A dual-core CPU that can switch automatically and its frequency will be up to 1.5 GHz. The direct connection of this smartwatch to Wi-Fi is another key feature of this smartwatch. You can even use your mobile phone’s hotspot and connect your smartwatch to your mobile phone’s hotspot.

Also, in addition to the high build quality and beautiful appearance, the DT NO.1 DT ULTRA 2 has an IP67 certificate, making it easy to use the watch in wet places, under rain, and in places full of dust.

DT ULTRA 2 smartwatch can be used as a normal smartwatch whenever you want to change the operating system of the watch, in this case, you can save more energy. And its 880mAh battery is almost double the battery of other smartwatches. This battery is charged with a wireless charger that is placed in the box, and this charging process takes about 3.5 hours.

The operating system of this smartwatch is Android 9.0 and it also supports Wi-Fi. This means that you can install any program you want on your watch, surf the web, play games, control your health programs, track your location with the help of a powerful GPS sensor, and many other functions that you can do without a mobile phone. Access them from your wrist and your watch.

Where to Buy

The DT NO.1 DT ULTRA 2 is the latest and most revolutionary smartwatch in the current market which you can find right on the official website in the early bird offers with a special discount. The normal price of $79.99 can be slashed by 15% using the discount coupon ETNFG6ZRFKAN. So the final price will be only $68, which should be valid up until 31 May. So make sure to check it all in time.

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